Official: CBD cannabis is 100% legal!

Official: CBD cannabis is 100% legal!

Published on: 20/04/2024


It took 15 hours to the Budget Commission to finally approve the pro-CBD cannabis amendment in Italy, changing the rules and laws for Europe and Switzerland.

After months of instability, mostly wanted by the ex-Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, finally made hemp, or CBD cannabis, officially legal!

Or, better, explicitly legal! Even before today, December 12th, 2019, our products did not violate any law. Still, the regulatory vacuum allowed many to lash out against the light grass ignoring the real drugs and other far more critical problems than a non-psychotropic inflorescence.

But what led to the sub-amendment promulgated tonight?

Let’s go in order, starting from the rejection of 2 weeks ago.

Changes to CBD cannabis products

The November 30th flop: the CBD cannabis amendments were withdrawn before being discussed.

A few weeks ago, it seemed that the government was “afraid” of attacks and controversy, presumed by Salvini, and did not want to express more about the issue of legal marijuana. Two particular amendments in favour of weakened hemp, which precisely had to be presented to the Budget Commission, were withdrawn even before becoming the subject of discussion.

On that day, November 30, 2019, Matteo Mantero was not even present. The senator then publicly apologized on Facebook, also writing the following words:

While the rest of the world is sailing on the route of the legalization of “marijuana”, we are afraid to face the issue of industrial hemp, to regulate the sale of a flower without any “amazing effect” but which would allow thousands of people, farmers and traders, to continue working and pay taxes.

The most quoted hypothesis of this partial front is undoubtedly yet another political propaganda against the government that would have triggered the amendments.

But Mantero did not give up and, as promised to thousands of traders, he tried again (this time with success). In fact, on December 4 he declared that, following his intervention, the government decided to deepen the topic and to re-submit the amendments to the Budget Law.

The “battle” to defend legal CBD buds has gone very well; it shows the turning point of this night.

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12 December 2019: goodbye uncertainties, CBD cannabis is legal.

We can finally say goodbye to the doubts and say that, since December 12, 2019, hemp inflorescences with THC lower than 0.2% are officially legal. No more regulatory gaps, no more wars against a healthy, harmless product that feeds over 12,000 workers in Italy.

The sub-amendment on legal CBD cannabis was approved by the Budget Law, signed by Loredana De Petris and Paola Nugnes (Liberi e Uguali), by Monica Cirinnà and Daniela Sbrollini (PD), and by Francesco Mollame and Matteo Mantero (M5S).

This amendment allows the trade of legal weed (THC <0.2%) without possible misunderstandings or positions contrary to CBD cannabis!

Starting from 1 January 2020, hemp biomass composed of the whole plant or its parts (including inflorescences) will be subject to manufacturing tax.

The percentage rates of 12 € x 1000 kg will, therefore, be applied to the sale price for each percentage point of cannabidiol (CBD) present in the biomass.

The amendment makes clear the full faculty to transform every part of the hemp plants, including the following components:

The situation regarding CBD at European level

  • flowers
  • roots
  • leaves
  • roots
  • resins (consequently not only CBD cannabis is legal, but also hashish, obviously with THC lower than 0.2%)

The production of cannabidiol products (such as CBD oil) with THC percentages according to the law is also approved.

The hemp law no. 242/2016 has finally been completed and no longer leaves doubts and misunderstandings. We have always fought for the legality of CBD weed to be recognized once and for all, and so it was.

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Why isn’t legal marijuana a drug and can it be considered legal?

The answer is simple: a THC percentage lower than 0.2% (but even higher, if we only think that in some States like Switzerland the percentages must be lower than 1%) does not create states of psychic alteration if was hired.

These quantities are, in fact harmless. As if this were not enough, the high percentages of CBD contained in the inflorescences of legal herb further mitigate the THC (already irrelevant) of CBD buds, altogether cancelling its effects.

It is precisely the null effect of THC contained in the weakened cannabis that makes the inflorescences and all the other parts of the plant completely legal, and which allowed the amendment to be approved.

It seems that Italy (or rather, the current Italian government) is gaining awareness of the impossibility of harming the Sativa CBD flower, and we are confident about further positive developments, perhaps concerning its consumption.

Now you can buy our products without any doubts whatsoever!

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