Bediol: what you need to know about this medical cannabis strain

Bediol: what you need to know

Published on: 05/07/2024


Interest in natural remedies is growing year on year. As a result, the web is full of people searching for alternatives to traditional medicines to treat themselves without the risk of unpleasant side effects.

Cannabis has succeeded in attracting the interest of many admirers in this field, and CBD cannabis products are enjoying considerable success.

However, some are not satisfied with the benefits of CBD and are looking for products that allow them to enjoy the properties of tetrahydrocannabinol as well, coming across strange terms such as ‘Bediol’.

It sounds like a drug name! But what is it? Is it really a medicine in its own right? What can it be used for?

These questions are answered in the following article.

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Bediol: what is it and what are its medical applications?

Bediol is the trade name of a particular quality of cannabis Sativa produced by the Dutch company Bedrocan, specialising in medical hemp. It has been on the market since 2009 and is characterised by a relatively balanced ratio of THC to CBD: the concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol is 6.3%, while that of cannabidiol is 8%.

Most patients well tolerate Bediol, and its composition is such that it is ideal for those who have never taken medical cannabis, as it is designed to limit side effects as much as possible.

This product can also be purchased on medical prescription only and prescribed by any registered medical practitioner.

It is generally thought that medical hemp can only be used to treat a few ailments, including glaucoma, Tourette’s syndrome and multiple sclerosis. In reality, the possible medical applications of this plant are much more numerous, as stated in the legislation itself.

According to law 94/98, known as the ‘Di Bella law’, “medical cannabis may be prescribed and used in any pathology for which there is accredited scientific literature”.

Studies on Bediol and Bedrocan

Results of scientific studies on Bediol

The properties of Bediol have been examined by numerous scientific studies highlighting the benefits of consuming this product. This paragraph will present the results of two of the most critical medical studies on this medicinal cannabis strain.

The first was carried out by researchers at the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan on 100 patients with fibromyalgia. This disease-causing severe chronic pain often resists treatment with traditional drugs like hashish or pre rolled joints.

Participants were given two different types of medical cannabis (Bediol and Bedrocan) for six months. In the first days, a relatively low dosage was suggested to reduce the possibility of adverse effects. Then, the number of active ingredients was gradually increased during therapy until the optimal dose was reached.

At the end of treatment, patients were asked to complete evaluation questionnaires analysed for effectiveness. The results showed no significant side effects and improved sleep and quality of life in 30% of participants.

Dr Tine Van de Donk carried out another important study at the Leiden Medical Research Centre. Again, the study involved fibromyalgia patients who received medical cannabis therapy by inhalation.

At the end of the study, perceived pain was reduced by about one third, but the most exciting finding was the difference in the effectiveness of the different products administered. The beneficial effects were more pronounced in patients given Bediol than those given Bedrocan and Bedrolite.

Following these results, the team of researchers led by Dr. Van de Donk hypothesised that the analgesic potential of cannabinoids is maximised when their concentration is not unbalanced in favour of one of them. In Bedrocan, the THC content is significantly higher than the Cannabidiol content, whereas, in Bedrolite, the opposite is true.

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In conclusion

We have explained what Bediol is, what diseases it can be used against and the most important scientific studies that have shown the effectiveness of its therapeutic properties on the human body.

If you would like to use medical cannabis to protect your health, remember that you can only buy it with a referral from a registered doctor.

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