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Marijuana makes you lose wieght. Discover the correlation between cannabis and metabolism

THE RECIPE FOR MAKING DELICIOUS MARIJUANA COOKIES. Would you like to make legal CBD cannabis cookies? Great idea: together with the marijuana cake, they are the most appreciated desserts by the product lovers. Before writing the recipe, however, we must make a necessary premise. We hear a lot about legal Cannabis and CBD Buds, but not everyone still knows what we […]


HERE ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HASHISH AND MARIJUANA, IN THE EFFECTS AND BENEFITS Often, the terms CBD cannabis, hashish and marijuana are mistakenly used. Many people think that they are the same thing, when in truth it is not at all like that. The goal of this post is to clarify, explaining all the differences between […]

Lemon Haze Marihuana Light: all you need to know about it

CHARACTERISTICS, AROMA, AND EFFECTS OF THE MARIJUANA LEMON HAZE LIGHT Making a culture about the history and the varieties of legal and classic CBD weed involves retracing a path made of passion, tradition and at the same time the desire for discovery and innovation. Since the end of the 1960s, in fact, with the spread of the […]

What is marijuana withour thc, what are its effects and benefits

WHAT IS MARIJUANA WITHOUT THC, WHAT ARE ITS EFFECTS AND BENEFITS. Does Marijuana without THC exist? Actually not, as even legal marijuana has minimal percentages of this active ingredient, such as the CBD Cannabis. But let’s be clear about this product that has developed over time, thanks also to the art world, a fundamental role in the collective imagination: […]

Discover the differences between the two cannabis varieties

MARIJUANA CAN BE INDICA OR SATIVA. DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE TWO CANNABIS VARIETIES. When we talk about Cannabis and Cannabis Light we often focus on its effects and benefits. We talk about both THC and CBD, their properties and we remember to keep our eyes wide open on where to buy CBD weed and how to make sure it […]

What is the legal sative hemp?

WHAT IS THE LEGAL SATIVA HEMP? AND WHAT ARE ITS PROPERTIES AND DIFFERENCES WITH THE INDICA HEMP? The fundamental division between the types of Cannabis was first introduced by the French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in 1785. Lamarck carried out a study in particular on the narcotic effects of cannabis from two different regions, that of […]

who discovered marijuana cbd

THE DISCOVERY OF MARIJUANA: THE “EXTRAORDINARY” PLANT WITH OVER 10,000 YEARS OF HISTORY. Legal marijuana is a great change for us all: we are talking about CBD cannabis, or hemp plant “weakened” with a low THC content. The inflorescences of this plant have a high content of CBD but are devoid of psychotropic effects. Which […]

Types of marijuana cbd

DISCOVER ALL THE TYPES OF MARIJUANA AND LEARN TO DISTINGUISH THEM. The CBD Cannabis and classic Marijuana is obtained from the dried leaves of the female hemp: in fact, the cannabis plant is dioecious, that is, it has two distinct genera, the male and the female. Very often the males are used to cross and […]

Our review about legal cbd cannabis

HAVE YOU EVER TESTED CBD CANNABIS? AS YOU CAN IMAGINE, WE OBVIOUSLY YES: THIS IS OUR REVIEW. Controversy, discussions and little real information, so let’s debunk all the false beliefs: legal CBD marijuana is rich in beneficial effects to be discovered! Aren’t you sure about it? Get more information by reading our accurate review on […]

Buy marijuana light

AUTHORIZED DEALERS, PHYSICAL STORES AND ONLINE. HERE IT IS WHERE YOU CAN BUY LEGAL MARIJUANA IN SWITZERLAND NOW. The CBD weed phenomenon has been very successful in our country, so that specific sales points have been created: head shops, seed shops and websites specialized in selling certified and quality products, such as justbob.it. Buying CBD […]