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Is cannabis addictive: hoax or truth?

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW IF YOU WONDER: IS MARIJUANA ADDICTIVE? Marijuana is increasingly discussed globally, especially with the spread of CBD cannabis, CBD oil and other products derived from it. Due to prohibition, however, this plant’s information is confusing, and it is difficult to distinguish between hoax and truth. For example, one of the most common questions […]

CBD as a pain reliever? Yes

CBD IS A NATURAL PAIN RELIEVER AND ANTI-INFLAMMATORY THAT COMES DIRECTLY FROM HEMP. HERE ARE THE STUDIES THAT CONFIRM THE PROPERTIES OF CANNABIDIOL. Since the advent of CBD cannabis and products derived from it, such as CBD oil, cannabidiol has become increasingly famous in Italy and many other countries worldwide. But what is cannabidiol, and its acronym: CBD? It is […]

Is marijuana harmful?

THE ANSWERS TO YOUR DOUBTS ABOUT THE DANGERS OF CANNABIS USE. If you want to quit smoking cannabis or have a son or daughter who uses it, you are probably wondering if marijuana is bad or harmless to human health. Especially with the advent of CBD cannabis, we often talk about the benefits of CBD and the psychotropic effects of THC (of […]

Legal Moonrock: Info about Moonrock

CHARACTERISTICS AND INFORMATION OF THE CANNABIS CBD MOONROCK, RICH IN CBD AND COVERED WITH LEGAL HASHISH. The CBD weed always gives us great emotions and one of these is the Moonrock, literally “moonrock”, a nugget of marijuana with a genuinely unique aspect (and in demand all over the world!). With a very high CBD content, made with a special preparation, Moonrock marijuana is one […]

Introducing Moonrock Ice, the CBD cannabis rock

ICEROCK, ALSO CALLED MOONROCK ICE, IS THE NEW TREND IN THE LEGAL MARIJUANA LANDSCAPE. Have you bought pretty much all cannabis strains online and now would like something different? No problem: the world of CBD weed is continually evolving, and producers are studying hard to please CBD enthusiasts so that you can expect news at any moment! One of the last, […]

CBD Cannabis: our review

HAVE YOU EVER TESTED CBD CANNABIS? AS YOU CAN IMAGINE, WE OBVIOUSLY YES: THIS IS OUR REVIEW. Controversy, discussions and little real information, so let’s debunk all the false beliefs: legal CBD marijuana is rich in beneficial effects to be discovered! Aren’t you sure about it? Get more information by reading our accurate review on cannabis CBD. Cannabis CBD: […]