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How cannabis milk is made

Published on: 05/06/2023

THOSE WHO CONSUME IT FIND THAT IT IS EXCELLENT BOTH HOT AND COLD AND REPORT THAT THEY DRINK IT NATURAL OR AS A BASIC INGREDIENT IN NUMEROUS SMOOTHIES The beneficial properties of marijuana have been confirmed by numerous scientific studies worldwide. In light of this, many countries have opted for a policy of legalising cannabis […]

Butane and BHO extraction

Published on: 02/06/2023

ALL TOO OFTEN, CURIOSITY PUSHES THE LIMITS, HELPED BY THE EASE OF FINDING INFORMATION Now, you have to boot up your PC to access any information. But can you make good use of it? Recently, there has been a widespread practice of extracting questionable marijuana oil. However, according to a large segment of marijuana enthusiasts, obtaining […]


Published on: 30/05/2023

THE LATEST CANNABINOID DISCOVERED: THCV. HOW DOES IT BEHAVE? Recently, cannabis products (such as the pre rolled joints) have been enjoying increasing success, prompting a great deal of interest from the scientific community. Despite the substantial prejudice surrounding cannabis, this plant never ceases to amaze us and seems unwilling to settle for the label of a […]

Bedrocan: what it is, what it is used for

Published on: 27/05/2023

MEDICAL CANNABIS BEDROCAN: WHAT IT IS USED FOR AND HOW TO BUY IT By now, the potential of cannabinoids (such as the CBD) has been highlighted by several scientific studies, and even the UN has recognised the therapeutic value of cannabis. For this reason, it has been possible to buy hemp-based medicines in Switzerland for […]

Marijuana and impotence

Published on: 24/05/2023

HOW DOES SMOKING MARIJUANA AFFECT TESTOSTERONE LEVELS? Let’s look at what testosterone is and how taking cannabis interacts with its production, and the main processes it regulates. What is testosterone? Testosterone is the male hormone par excellence, as it is responsible for typically masculine traits, such as a beard and a big voice. It has many different functions […]

Hemp paste: benefits, contraindications and prices

Published on: 21/05/2023

INITIALLY, HEMP PASTE WAS USED AS CATTLE FEED, BUT WHEN ITS BENEFITS WERE DISCOVERED, IT WAS IMMEDIATELY INTRODUCED INTO OUR DIET Gluten-free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and high in protein. It is rich in vitamins, fibre and minerals, and the presence of essential amino acids promotes muscle nutrition. Suitable for sportsmen and women, it helps […]

Hippie communities in Italy

Published on: 18/05/2023

DISCOVERING THE ‘PHENOMENOLOGY OF THE HIPPIE MOVEMENT OF THE THIRD MILLENNIUM’ What comes to mind when you think of the word hippie? Yes, of course, the flower children, the sexual revolution, marijuana, ‘peace and love’… but what if we told you that the hippie movement not only didn’t die at the end of the overwhelming sixties […]

What is the difference between a spliff and a joint?

Published on: 15/05/2023

SOME CLARITY IN THE DIVERSE WORLD OF CANNABIS With the growing popularity of medical cannabis and CBD cannabis, and the increasing interest of the population in this substance, more and more people find themselves dealing with topics that they previously only knew about through ‘hearsay’ or ignored altogether. For example, many wonder whether there is a difference […]

Cannabis cycle: here are all the growth phases of the plant

Published on: 12/05/2023

HOW TO GROW A CANNABIS PLANT THE EASY WAY BY FOLLOWING THE FOUR STAGES OF GROWTH Growing cannabis is not a simple process. To do so, in countries where it is permitted by law (remember that Switzerland – JustBob’s HQ – has law, which allows the purchase of CBD cannabis with a THC of less […]

How to store hashish? Here are the most effective ways

Published on: 09/05/2023

WAYS OF STORING HASH AND PRACTICAL ADVICE Excellent and correct storage of hashish is essential for preserving its properties, a prerequisite for its consumers. We mean legal hashish if it contains less than 0.5% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in Europe, the substance on which the psychoactive effect of cannabis depends. Talking about JustBob in Switzerland —following law -, it states that the […]