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Discover all different types od Marijuana

HERE ARE THE DETAILS ON THE VARIETIES OF MARIJUANA CULTIVATED IN THE WORLD Cannabis plants are famous for their adaptability to different climates and for the extension of use which, by now, can be made from substances derived from their inflorescences. Before specifically knowing the most loved varieties by growers and CBD Buds users, we must […]

the Swiss experiment on the cannabis

The Swiss Parliament approves an amendment to the narcotics law to study the effects of cannabis. Switzerland is officially entering a new era in the world of cannabis (not just for CBD Weed) In fact, after the approval of a change in the narcotics law by the Parliament, the confirmation of the States came as […]

All the differences between male and female marijuana

HOW TO RECOGNIZE THE FEMALE MARIJUANA PLANT AND DISTINGUISH IT FROM THE MALE AND WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES IN USE Marijuana: all the useful informations on male and female plants Understanding whether a cannabis plant (CBD Weed or not), is male or female, is of fundamental importance for any amateur who approaches the world of light and/or […]

CBD Cannabis: can we bring legal marijuana on the plane?

IN SWITZERLAND, THE USE AND TRADE OF LEGAL MARIJUANA ARE ALLOWED. BUT WHAT IF YOU HAVE TO TRAVEL? IS IT ALLOWED TO BRING LEGAL WEED ON THE PLANE? The  CBD marijuana, or legal cannabis, in Switzerland have to follow the law , is now widespread in our country. Having sealed sachets of inflorescences and containers […]

Is legal to grow hemp?

DO YOU WANT TO GROW HEMP BUT YOU DON’T KNOW IF IT IS LEGAL? DISCOVER EVERYTHING ABOUT IT The CBD weed market has established itself among the most fruitful of recent times, giving a huge boost to the European economy (and beyond). So, is it legal to grow hemp in Europe? The answer is yes, but it […]

How to grow cannabis CBD at home without breaking the law

3 BASICS THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW IF YOU ARE WONDERING HOW TO GROW CANNABIS AT HOME FOR PERSONAL USE. After the sentence of 19 December 2019 of the Court of Cassation in Italy, affecting the whole European countries, in which the cultivation of small quantities of marijuana intended for personal use is decriminalized, it […]

Marijuana butter: the recipe of the famous cannabutter with CBD cannabis

READ THE RECIPE OF BUTTER ON THE MARIJUANA AND USE THE CANNABUTTER TO GIVE A BETTER TOUCH TO YOUR KITCHEN Are you looking for the cannabutter recipe, that is the CBD (and non) cannabis butter? You have opened the right article: today we will explain to you what are the benefits of taking this product, the ingredients and […]