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Where does cannabis come from?

DISCOVERED THE ORIGINS OF HEMP, WHICH WAS CULTIVATED AS EARLY AS TWELVE THOUSAND YEARS AGO FOR MEDICINAL PURPOSES A new study suggests that the first cultivation of hemp would have originated in eastern Asia more than twelve thousand years ago. But before we find out where cannabis originated, let’s take a look at the history of this […]

Prohibition is ineffective: this is the study of the University of Messina

WITH LEGAL CANNABIS, 6 BILLION ARE TAKEN AWAY FROM CRIME: THAT’S WHAT THE STUDY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MESSINA FOUND OUT! The term prohibition refers to a particular ideological and legislative orientation that prohibits the use of certain substances based on their presumed or proven dangerousness. It is a limitation of individual freedom justified by the idea […]

Exploring the definition and origin of Cannabis Sativa!

IN THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE, WE WILL DELVE INTO THE DEFINITION AND ORIGIN OF ONE OF THE MOST VERSATILE AND CONTROVERSIAL PLANTS IN HUMAN HISTORY: CANNABIS SATIVA Definition: Native to Asia Minor, Cannabis (Linnaeus, 1753), indicated in Sanskrit by the terms bhanga, Vijaya and ganjika, in Hindi ganja, is a plant belonging to the genus Angiospermae […]

Are trichomes not maturing?

WHAT SHOULD BE DONE WHEN THE TRICHOMES OF CANNABIS PLANTS DO NOT RIPEN? HERE IS WHAT CANNABIS GROWERS DO TO IDENTIFY PROBLEMS AND SOLVE THEM Hemp growers know how much work goes into a marijuana plant, from planted seeds to the flowering period. So, to avoid harvesting at the wrong time, they monitor the maturity of […]

Cannabis and its lesser-known active ingredients

MARIJUANA CONTAINS NOT ONLY THC AND CBD BUT ALSO MANY OTHER ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: HERE ARE THE MAIN ONES AND THEIR (KNOWN) EFFECTS Although marijuana is most renowned for its THC (the active psychotropic) and CBD (present in high amounts in legal weed), it also has many other active ingredients with exciting properties. We are talking about the many […]

Cannabis resin: here is what it can be used for

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE RESIN OBTAINED FROM MARIJUANA: DISCOVER ITS MAIN USES AND HOW IT IS EXTRACTED When CBD flowers plants reach full maturity, many trichomes begin to develop on the surface of their calyxes and the flowers: they are responsible for resin production. The resin of cannabis is the sticky substance (resembling honey) that is […]

Hemp and the environment: all the ecological benefits

CANNABIS IS A PLANT THAT CAN BRING MANY BENEFITS TO OUR PLANET IN NUMEROUS AREAS: HERE, YOU CAN DISCOVER THE MAIN ONES Cannabis is not just a plant from which to extract CBD oil or make inflorescences and hashish, nor is it limited to being a raw material for making paper, fuel, plastics, and textiles (although that is […]

Hemp in textiles: properties and main uses

DISCOVER THE COUNTLESS ADVANTAGES OF HEMP IN THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY AND IN WHICH CONTEXTS THE PRODUCTS ARE USED The use of hemp in textiles has a history stretching back thousands of years. It seems that the cultivation of cannabis plants to produce textiles was already widespread more than 13,500 years ago. Of course, for a long time, […]

The revenge of hemp paper: characteristics and curiosities

FIND OUT WHY HEMP PAPER HAS RECENTLY BEEN REVALUED AND WHAT ARE ITS VERY INTERESTING FEATURES Have you ever heard of hemp paper? In the past, paper made from CBD cannabis fibers was widespread. Over time, however, due to industrial needs and the characteristics of the paper itself, it has been almost completely replaced by paper […]