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The damage caused by the non-legalisation of marijuana

COSTS AND CONSEQUENCES OF BANNING MARIJUANA. The cannabis legalisation has been one of the most debated subjects in recent years, both in Switzerland (particularly with the advent of CBD weed) and worldwide. Among the most common reasons put forward by those who do not want to legalise cannabis is the damage caused by marijuana, or rather the THC […]

Indoor marijuana: what are the main characteristics?

ALL THE INDOOR MARIJUANA CHARACTERISTICS. One of the most commonly used growing techniques for CBD weed is indoor growing. The main reason for this choice is simple: if a farmer grows marijuana indoors, he can better monitor the plants and subject them to extremely favourable conditions, to obtain an excellent product and a good yield. Besides, if you grow […]

Bonsai marijuana: what you need to know

GROW A BONSAI MARIJUANA PLANT? IS IT POSSIBLE? If you have ever heard of bonsai marijuana you must be a big fan of legal pot, as few people are familiar with this fascinating cannabis version. Yes, like other plants, CBD weed can also be made into bonsai, as the ancient Japanese tradition teaches us. It is a type of […]

California & Marijuana: the origin

MARIJUANA FROM CALIFORNIA: HERE ARE THE BEST STRAINS FROM THE GOLDEN STATE. Marijuana in California has been fully legal since 2018, but cultivation was widespread long before cannabis was legalised. Unsurprisingly, the Golden State is home to some of the best marijuana varieties, from which the legal and high CBD weed strains you find on JustBob are also born. […]

Cannabis deficiencies: how they are solved

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CANNABIS NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES. CBD weed and cannabis growers know that the identification of nutritional deficiencies in cannabis is essential to ensure the survival of the plants. Early diagnosis of marijuana’ symptoms, diseases and deficiencies, helps farmers to have a good harvest and prevent their plants from dying. Besides, you need to be […]

Cbd cannabis and marijuana history

THE ENTIRE CANNABIS HISTORY IS DIVIDED INTO 5 EPIC PHASES AND MOMENTS. If you’re wondering what the real cannabis history, you’ve come to the right place to find the answer! The cannabis plant is an ancient product, used by man in the most varied ways: from ceremonies to sacred rituals, from the creation of ropes, fuels […]