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Is marijuana hallucinogenic?

Published on: 25/11/2023

POSSIBLE EFFECTS THAT YOU NEED TO GET INVOLVED IN WHEN USING IT. If you have ever talked to someone who has used marijuana, you may have heard about his ability to change the sensory perception of those who have consumed it. But to what extent can one speak of hallucinations? Can the most common hallucinogens […]

Depotentiated marijuana. What it is and what it is used for

Published on: 21/11/2023

THE ‘GOOD’ MARIJUANA VARIANT, WITH MULTIPLE BENEFICIAL EFFECTS Recently, the emergence of cannabis derivatives, such as CBD flowers, has accelerated dramatically. So let’s take a closer look at what it is and the reasons for its success. What is CBD cannabis? CBD cannabis, or legal weed, refers to a variety of marijuana that has been genetically modified to lower its […]

How much marijuana does a hemp plant produce?

Published on: 18/11/2023

EACH VARIETY OF HEMP PLANT IS PREDISPOSED TO PRODUCE A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF MARIJUANA But if some have an excellent yield (there are types that can reach up to 1,500 grams per plant!), others need a lot of attention to obtain discrete results, while still others are inevitably unproductive. In this article we see what […]

Cannabaceae plants: all types and benefits

Published on: 08/11/2023

DISCOVERING CANNABACEAE PLANTS: HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Cannabaceae plants are characterised by sexual dimorphism, i.e., there are female and male varieties. The former can be recognised by their white filaments, the latter by their green protuberances. However, depending on external conditions, the plant may become hermaphroditic or semi-autoflowering (a variety resulting from a […]

Alcohol and cannabis together? Here are the effects on the body

Published on: 04/11/2023

INSIGHT ON THE CONSEQUENCES OF TAKING MARIJUANA AND ALCOHOLIC It is not uncommon for young people and adults to consume alcohol and marijuana at the same time. In this article we try to understand what the effects may be on the body and what risks are involved. Mix of alcohol and cannabis, better known as […]

The current progress of cannabis legalization in France

Published on: 31/10/2023

CANNABIS LEGALIZATION: A COMPLEX AND TWISTING PATH WHERE FRENCH PEOPLE CLASH WITH THE GOVERNMENT The legalization of cannabis has been an ongoing battle in many European countries. France is known for having one of the harshest political crackdowns on cannabis consumption and sales. According to data from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug […]

Cannabis and hemp: here are the main differences

Published on: 28/10/2023

HAVE YOU WONDERED WHETHER CANNABIS AND HEMP ARE THE SAME THINGS? LET’S GET THIS STRAIGHT In the collective imagination, there is often confusion between cannabis and hemp. As a result, the two words are used indistinctly. However, on a commercial level, there is no shortage of differences in terms of cultivation and appearance. In this article […]

Hemp supply chain: why it is important that it is certified

Published on: 25/10/2023

CLARIFICATIONS ON THE HEMP SUPPLY CHAIN: LET’S FIND OUT WHAT ITS ROLE IS AND HOW IT IS REGULATED In the production of CBD cannabis, one of the most important aspects is the certification of the hemp supply chain. Precisely for this reason, the institutions have strongly fought for the creation of the National Consortium which […]

Hempwood: origins and benefits of this material

Published on: 21/10/2023

THE DISCOVERY OF HEMP WOOD, AN EXCEPTIONAL MATERIAL WITH A THOUSAND OF POSSIBILITIES Did you know that hemp can also be used to make wood? Exactly! The more time passes, the more surprises the cultivation of CBD weed plants in the industry has in store for us. In addition to bioplastics, biofuels, textiles and paper, […]

Wie man eine MaHow to care for a marijuana plant: the 3 crucial momentsrihuanapflanze pflegt

Published on: 18/10/2023

HOW DO YOU CARE FOR A HEMP PLANT? HERE ARE THE MAIN STEPS FOR SUCCESSFUL CULTIVATION In Switzerland the cultivation of cannabis is prohibited; only EU certified CBD cannabis can be grown with prior authorisation. Precisely for this reason, both many admirers of the plant and many gardening enthusiasts – not being able to experiment […]