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IS IT POSSIBLE TO INVEST IN MARIJUANA? IT IS HOW THE CBD CANNABIS COMPANIES BECAME PUBLIC. The pursuit of such a profitable financial activity requires the selection of companies with sufficient future growth margins. In this case, the legal marijuana market proves to be one of the most interesting, not least because of the various […]

Marijuana and Resin

WHY IS RESIN IMPORTANT IN MARIJUANA AND HOW DOES IT AFFECT SMELLS AND TASTES? Marijuana resin is one of the main elements that conventional and CBD cannabis farmers seek to preserve during the growth of their crop. The resin plays a fundamental role in the growth of the plant itself, whether it is traditional or CBD weed, and keeps it […]

Do Si Dos: genetics and origins

KUSH BREATH: THE “MOTHER” STRAIN OF THE DO SI DOS! The CBD flower Do Si Dos is a popular variety of all cannabis connoisseurs. It is a hybrid variety with indica predominance, whose origin strain (OGKB, also known with the simpler term Kush Breath) is apparent among its characteristics. The appearance of Do Si Dos is distinguishable […]

Marijuana flowering stage

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE FLOWERING OF CBD CANNABIS. When growing CBD weed, expert-growers know very well which phases they cannot go wrong in the vegetative stage and the flowering phase of marijuana. Today we will focus on the CBD cannabis flowering phase, while we will devote a separate discussion to the vegetative stage in another study. […]

Marijuana Games: here are the best ones.

5 MARIJUANA (ONLINE) GAMES TO TRY TODAY! Are you fed up with the usual online games, and you no longer know what to do during moments of boredom? Netflix makes you bored, and you have seen all the documentaries about cannabis possible and imaginable … Here is a brilliant idea: why not look for Marijuana […]

At Justbob, you REALLY buy legal CBD cannabis.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MARIJUANA IN AMSTERDAM. It is known throughout the world that Amsterdam is rather ‘liberal’ when it comes to legal CBD cannabis. In this city in the Netherlands, you can go into the famous coffee shops and buy soft drugs, including high-THC cannabis, hashish and, in some cases, hallucinogenic mushrooms. There are also lots of marijuana […]

Buy marijuana safely on internet

WHERE AND HOW TO BUY MARIJUANA ON THE INTERNET IN A 100% LEGAL WAY? One of the biggest questions for those who want to buy CBD online is: “How to buy marijuana on the Internet? “. You have probably asked yourself the same question and decided to read this article to answer your doubts. Today we would […]

Synthetic cannabis: 3 reasons to stay away

SYNTHETIC CANNABIS: RISKS AND PROBLEMS. Synthetic cannabis, also called fake marijuana, is a very different product from CBD cannabis, which is closer to cannabis with high THC levels. It has been classified as a new psychoactive substance (NPS) since its introduction in 2002. It is an unregulated substance that alters the mind and produces the same […]

Franco Loja & Lemon Cheese

FRANCO LOJA. THE UNIQUE STORY AND QUOTES FROM THE MARIJUANA MAKER OF THE LEMON CHEESE. Are you looking for a variety of CBD weed with an exceptional aroma, very different from all other types of cannabis? Then Lemon Cheese is the one for you. It has a powerful smell, with bright citrus tones among which, of course, lemon stands out. […]