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Medical cannabis side effects

DOES MEDICAL CANNABIS HAVE SIDE EFFECTS? Among the most important questions for those who, perhaps like you, intend to use marijuana for medical purposes, there is one in particular that concerns the possible adverse effects of this product: what are the side effects of medical cannabis We are not talking about CBD weed, legal hash or CBD oil consumption, but about marijuana-based […]

Marijuana: beneficial and therapeutic effects

WHAT ARE THE BENEFICIAL EFFECTS OF THE MARIJUANA LIGHT AND HOW TO USE IT AT THE BEST With an expanding market and a greater dissemination of information in this regard, now CBD cannabis  is at the center of debates and discussions to understand what are the concrete benefits it brings to consumers. The active principles of […]

Cannabis bubblegum: characteristics, aroma and effects

WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF CANNABIS BUBBLEGUM AND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT Are you interested in CBD Weed and you would like to try cannabis bubblegum? Great idea: it is a very popular variety all over the world. But before telling you about the characteristics of this light herb we want to introduce you how […]

How much does marijuana cost?

ARE YOU WONDERING HOW MUCH MARIJUANA COSTS? HERE ARE THE PRICES OF THE JUSTBOB CATALOG! CBD cannabis is one of the popular subjects in recent years, both under the scientific studies – that have been carried recently – and for political campaigns. Scientists have discovered the exceptional properties of this plant (cannabis sativa) that might be beneficial to […]

The Cannabis Cup 2020 in Amsterdam

CANNABIS CUP 2020: ALL THE DETAILS OF THE MOST EXPECTED EVENT OF THE YEAR. Are you passionate about CBD cannabis and want to go to the Netherlands to join the Cannabis Cup 2020 in Amsterdam? While there will undoubtedly be no low THC products, today we will give you all the information you wish about this historical event, […]

Purple marijuana: here are all the varieties

DISCOVER ALL THE VARIETIES OF PURPLE MARIJUANA AND WHAT ARE THE EFFECTS OF PURPLE CBD MARIJUANA In the Hindu Kush region, between Afghanistan and Pakistan, a large amount of wild mountain marijuana grows free: the same CBD cannabis that we also find legally in our cities, when it is controlled and has a low quantity of THC. […]

Marijuana Silver Haze

WHAT IS MARIJUANA SILVER HAZE, HOW TO RECOGNIZE IT FROM OTHER TYPES AND WHAT ARE ITS FEATURES For some time you have been interested in the world of CBD cannabis, you have put together a little experience and learned to understand more at a first glance, but you are not happy and you want to increase […]

Black Cannabis and Mould

BLACK CANNABIS: 3 TIPS TO PRESERVE YOUR CBD CANNABIS FLOWERS. If you like CBD weed, you should always treat it the right way, even concerning its preservation. It is a very delicate product. Cannabis flowers are not like conventional dried flowers! They can be easily affected by mould and pests, and in the worst case, you […]

Auto-flowering marijuana CBD

THE MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF AUTOFLOWERING MARIJUANA. When talking about CBD cannabis, you may have often heard the term “auto-flowering marijuana”, and you may have wondered what it means. And you may also be wondering why auto-flowering strains are the most in-demand by cannabis growers. Autoflowering cannabis plants may look like regular marijuana plants, but, when compared […]

Marihuana Mango Kush

MANGO KUSH MARIJUANA: EFFECTS AND CHARACTERISTICS OF THIS UNMISSABLE HEMP QUALITY (TO TRY!) Would you like to try a variety of CBD weed with tropical scents, which you perhaps postpone to … Mango? Then the Mango Kush marijuana is the one for you! Let’s discover all its features together. Introducing the Mango Kush marijuana Mango Kush CBD cannabis is an […]