How can I contact Justbob?

You can contact our customer service, available from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 17:00, in the following ways:

Other information

The products are distributed by:


Via Somaini, 10

6900 – Lugano


Where does JustBob ship to?

Just Bob is constantly looking for only the best genetics with a high-CBD content, selecting the best CBD flowers production from the Swiss territory and only for the Swiss market.

It is therefore not possible to order and ship the products beyond the borders of Switzerland.

If you live outside Switzerland and want to take advantage of JustBob products you can visit our sister-sites JustBob.it – JustBob.es – JustBob.shop

Who is JustBob?

Just Bob is the CBD flowers online shop that selects the best CBD Weed production in the Swiss territory.

We are constantly researching only the best high-CBD genetics. Our goal is to make the best qualities accessible to everyone at a competitive price. We are against people and companies trying to get rich over a wonderful product that should be accessible to everyone

How can I check and track my parcel?

After a few minutes from receiving the order, you will receive an email confirming that the order has been received. This means that we are preparing your parcel!

The order will then be entrusted as soon as possible to the Express Courier (24h).

You will receive the “Tracking code” on the evening of the first working day after placing the order.

90% of shipments are delivered in 24h, or in one working day.

We remind you that couriers work from Monday to Friday, so no deliveries are received on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

You can contact our customer service, available from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 17:00, in the following ways:

How can I pay for CBD flowers and Cannabis based products on JustBob?

Justbob online shop provides the following payment methods:


– Credit / debit card

– PostFinance card

– E-finance Account

– Payment slip

How do you pack your products?

All the products at Justbob shop are packaged in sealed bags, branded and labelled with the product Lot number.

The design has been specially studied to bring out the qualities and characteristics of the different qualities of CBD flowers to allow the conservation and protection of the product.

How do you guarantee the safety and quality of your product?

We guarantee the traceability and certification of products along the entire production chain, from selection to delivery, taking care to carefully check all phases.

We have decided to select only natural products from protected and specially designed environments in order to provide our customers with the best quality at competitive prices.

In collaboration with accredited laboratories, we constantly analyse every aspect of every batch of flowers and samples that we market in order to make sure that all the products in our CBD shop comply with the legal requirements and that they do not contain substances that can make the product harmful to health, ensuring its safety.

Is it legal to buy marijuana online in Switzerland?

Yes, in Switzerland as in other countries, it is completely legal, as long as it has a certified THC content <1%, so that it has no psychoactive effect.

Likewise, hemp-based products, such as oils, which contain a THC level <1% are legal in Switzerland.

To ensure the levels permitted by law, JustBob struggles to ensure that these levels fall within the legal requirements by analysing, through accredited trusted laboratories, every lot and product intended for sale.

How can I order Light cannabis products?

Everything here is simple, fast, discreet, and secure.

JustBob has created a simple and intuitive platform; what you need to do is choose the CBD flowers and other products on the JustBob site pages and add them to your shopping-cart.

For each product you will find important references and information, useful to make a better choice, selecting and facilitating your order.

Once your products are in the cart, simply enter the shipping details and proceed with the payment.

A few steps and everything will be done!

You will have completed your order, and the JustBob team will do the rest to send it to you within 24 hours, discreetly in total respect of your privacy.

Express shipping 24h is free (for orders of at least 60CHF).

What is CBD?

We often hear about CBD. In summary, “Cannabidiol” or CBD, is one of the most abundant cannabinoids found in hemp, or CBD cannabis.

It has long been reported that this molecule has several therapeutic properties, including the ability to relax the body.

Although CBD offers significant benefits for the well-being of the body, it is always good to remember that it does not have psychoactive properties, like its closest relative, THC.

The active ingredient of cannabidiol was also analysed by the publication of the World Health Organization (WHO) which states that “CBD is not addictive”, “does not cause negative psychoactive or cardiovascular effects”, and that CBD has “promising properties therapeutic “.

If we look in the past for a moment, just think that in China, the first cannabis crops date back to more than 6,000 years ago… Hemp and cannabis in fact contain more than 400 natural compounds.

CBD cannabis offers all the beneficial effects of a classic THC-rich marijuana but without the side effects.

All “classic” marijuana strains in fact contain high levels of THC which can have too strong an effect, even if they contain the benefits of CBD.

So just to remove the problems associated with high THC concentrations, JustBob CBD flowers offer the full spectrum, derived exclusively from the high-quality hemp plant. CBD cannabis is in fact the only Sativa cannabis variety with a natural trace level of 1% or less of THC and this condition makes it suitable for consumption in the total absence of psychotropic effects.