Die besten CBD-Blüten, alles in nur einem Kit!The best CBD products, all in just one kit!

  • kit summer Silver with 5 genetics of CBD weed


    Summer edition | 30 grams

  • CBD Flowers of legal cannabis

    KIT GH

    15 grams of the best 5 genetics

  • Indoor Inflorescences of CBD weed


    15 grams of light cannabis

  • kit summer Silver with 5 genetics of CBD weed


    Summer edition | 30 grams


JustBob: Try new CBD Products Kit!

From natural and genuine ingredients, the best CBD products joined JustBob’s online shop. 

JustBob wanted to select the best products in the shop in different kits, at discounted prices!

On our online shop, in addition to the classic CBD buds kits, you can also find already packed Pre-Rolled kits, both with a THC content of < 0.2%. 

It’s worth trying them all within one kit, because each one is a whole new mix of aroma and flavour, which will give you completely different sensory experiences. 

This is why JustBob included several CBD flowers Kits in its catalogue that will allow you to range among different varieties of these products and experience all the sensations that each one can give you. You might find your favourite one, but more likely you will be spoilt for choice! 

As far as CBD Oils are concerned, JustBob offers a selection of Sativa Oils, which combine the beneficial properties of the cannabinoid with the pleasant and mild taste of MCT coconut oil, generating a product in compliance with Swiss regulations, as an oil to be used, for instance, before sports practice to soften, nourish and protect the skin

All with JustBob’s efficient services: fast shipping and helpful customer support to solve your every problem. All that’s left is to enjoy a moment of relaxation!