Pre-rolled Joints

The best selection of CBD weed in our pre-rolled joints

  • packaging pre rolled cbd cannabis Master kush


    GreenHouse | CBD – CBDA < 15%

    Starting from: 2,80CHF/pz
    1 3 5 10 20
  • packaging pre rolled cbd bud california haze


    GreenHouse | CBD – CBDA < 19%

    Starting from: 3,20CHF/pz
    1 3 5 10 20
  • packaging pre rolled cbd flower Mango Haze


    GlassHouse | CBD – CBDA < 16%

    Starting from: 3,50CHF/pz
    1 3 5 10 20
  • packaging pre rolled cbd bud Zkittles CBG


    GlassHouse | CBG – CBGA <10%

    Starting from: 3,50CHF/pz
    1 3 5 10 20
  • packaging pre rolled cbd weed do si dos


    Indoor | CBD – CBDA < 17%

    Starting from: 4,30CHF/pz
    1 3 5 10 20
  • packaging pre rolled cbd cannabis Gorilla Glue


    Indoor | CBD – CBDA < 20%

    Starting from: 4,70CHF/pz
    1 3 5 10 20
  • packaging pre rolled cbd flower Bubblegum


    Indoor | CBD – CBDA < 19%

    Starting from: 4,70CHF/pz
    1 3 5 10 20

Justbob: The pre-rolls selection of our best CBD Flower strains!

From our shop, directly to your home, individually packaged for you in super thin king-size slow-burning cones and not treated with chemicals, here are our CBD joints, chosen from our various kinds of CBD weed to guarantee you an amazing product and an extraordinary experience.

This was made for a real collector’s audience; we want the experience of each single genetics of our Cannabis CBD to represent a unique moment for the customer.

With express shipping, you will get your delivery in just 24 hours. Keep in mind that you can pay with your currency and if the order is over 60 CHF you will not pay the delivery fee!

You will always be able to check the status of the shipment with the tracking code we provide you within 24 hours from your purchase.

Your order will be completely anonymous, with no indication of its contents.

Can I trust Justbob?

The main goal of our CBD Flower Shop is to offer you high quality products. We do this by paying particular attention to all stages of production, from the choice of genetics to the packaging of our CBD Cannabis.

Our joint pre-rolled variety goes from known buds to the most sought after and particular types of genetics.

On our site, by clicking on each single category, you will find all the information you are looking for along with the comment of an expert.

We firmly believe that CBD cannabis must be affordable for everyone and not just for many and also that quality must be preferred above quantity.

This is why we carefully select Swiss farms known for using exclusively biologic techniques, without fertilisers or pesticides of any kind.

Before reaching us, Hemp Sativa passes through independent specialised laboratories, which analyse its chemical composition, in order to monitor and ensure absolute respect for the environment, regulations, legality, safety and every other aspect of relevance in each individual process.

What does Indoor, GreenHouse, GlassHouse and outdoor growing mean?

When it comes to CBD cannabis we must distinguish the different cultivation methods:


This form of cultivation includes the crops that take place on the “inside”, as suggested by the literal translation from English.

This cultivation method, allows you to recreate the environmental conditions you prefer, as well as a wide range of different

Generally, when the CBD Bud grows indoor have truly high quality because the energy can be conveyed to better follow the hemp flower even in the winter months, when the outside temperature, in another place would not allow it to grow.


This methodology involves the cultivation of CBD Cannabis plants inside greenhouses, using only natural light. Using this method, we can exploit 2-3 cycles throughout the year but it is almost impossible to grow during the winter months.


Plants grown using this technique follow a process that combines natural and artificial light, so it is possible to grow all year round.

Greenhouses are often built in glass  and use a combination of artificial and natural light so that production goes on throughout the year.


Cultivating the plants outdoor, this method let you be free to check the life status of the plant way less than others. In this way, some flowers develop a lower amount of CBD, for this and other reasons Justbob does not use this cultivation method.


What is a CBD flower?

CBD or “Cannabidiol” is one of the most abundant cannabinoids found in hemp.

For many people, CBD flowers have a relaxing effect and several studies support this molecule’s therapeutic abilities to relax the body and mind.

Even though CBD flowers offer significant wellness benefits, it’s always good to remember that they don’t have any psychoactive
properties, unlike the traditional hemp strain blunts.

The World Health Organization (WHO) claims that “CBD is not addictive” and does not cause negative psychoactive or
cardiovascular effects.”

So, just to avoid the problems associated with high concentrations of THC, JustBob use full-spectrum CBD-based joints,
the results of a high performance CBD Buds.

CBD cannabis is in fact the only sativa cannabis variety with a maximum level of natural traces of 1% established by Swiss law.

Each strain on our shop has different flavours and scents, within each single pre-rolled you can taste a unique and amazing product.

 How can I order my pre-rolled CBD blunts directly from Justbob?

Our site is a simple and intuitive platform, you just have to choose from the CBD flowers, your favourite Joint and other items you prefer and add them directly to your cart.

The price of our offer may also vary depending on the quantity and quality of pre-rolls you select.

For each product you will find important references, informations and details you can use to learn more about the product you want
to buy.

Once your order is complete, click on add to cart and then give us your consent to proceed with the payment.

The JustBob team will eventually pre roll and ship your items in a completely anonymous package and in total respect of your account, your privacy and your security. Also, we can make the delivery in just 24h!

Where does Justbob deliver to?

Our Brand is constantly looking only for the best cannabis light genetics with a high CBD percentage, selecting the best CBD Hemp
strains of the Swiss territory.

This results in bringing you the experience of a product designed exclusively for the Swiss market.

Therefore it’s not possible to order and select the delivery of the pre-rolled products for sale beyond the borders of Switzerland.

If you live elsewhere and want to take advantage of JustBob products, visit our sites!

From our site we do delivery hemp joints almost everywhere in Europe – ​​ – – –

Can I check the delivery of my pre-rolls directly from the menu on this Website?

Our express shipping will not give you time to wait for the delivery of the products you have ordered. Just search for the name, type of hemp flower, joints or KIT that inspires you the most from our categories, click on the quantity you want to receive and
then on “add to cart”.
We will send information about the order you made and the related delivery via tracking code sent directly to your email address.

On delivery day, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you of the arrival of your CBD joints package.

For any doubt or problem you can contact our customer service available from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00 via:

• email:

Facebook / Messenger

 What are the Buds of CBD Cannabis?

Our local producers select only the best CBD Weed strains directly from chosen genetics of feminized plants. The CBD Buds of our hemp pre-rolls varieties are treated so that they contain a high percentage of cannabidiol or CBD and a low THC content.

If pollinated, Cannabis plants produce seeds that make the bud unusable, for this reason, our CBD Bud come from the so-called “feminized” seeds.

The cultivation method and the type of flower are all factors that greatly affect the percentage of CBD you can find in the CBD Flowers. Already in nature there are hemp plant species with a high cannabidiol content, such as the Ruderalis strain for example.

All the time we check the THC content of all our inflorescences to be sure that it always be under the legal limit.

How to better store your pre rolled Joints?

According to several studies, the properties of the cannabinoids contained in CBD flowers remain unchanged for a long time if stored correctly.

For optimal long-term storage it is necessary to create a perfect environment.

Many factors can cause the flowers of your pre roll to degrade, the most important factor of all being the light. Another element that can lead to the degradation of your pre rolls is the level of oxygen which, if in high percentages, can lead to the depletion of the effects of the plant, while if present in insufficient quantity it can affect the level of humidity and lead to the proliferation of mould.

In order to give you one of the best overall experience, our pre-rolls are packaged by expert hands following all the known tips and if kept in their container they can maintain their freshness intact for a long time, without altering their taste, their scents and the quality of the product.

In the same way, temperature can also damage your pre-rolled blunts. Keep them in a wet and dark place if you want to ensure the maximum aroma and taste for a long time.

Is it legal to buy CBD Weed in Switzerland from online CBD Shop? 

The answer is yes, in Switzerland such as in other countries it is completely legal to buy CBD products and to make delivery, so you can buy pre-rolled joints directly on our shop. Specifically, in Switzerland, the THC percentage (responsible for the psychoactive effect) within CBD products must not exceed <1%. Swiss regulations prohibit selling CBD to underages.

To ensure the levels permitted by law, JustBob undertakes to guarantee compliance with the regulations and the law for all the lots destined for sale through analyses by accredited laboratories.

All our CBD Flowers come from the best Swiss hemp cultivation and CBD Buds production because our goal is to search for the best quality to delivery our customers, at very competitive price.

Which ones are the best legal THC free cannabis inflorescences?

Among our selection of CBD flowers you can find delicious varieties such as Bubblegum, Do-Si-Dos, Gorilla Glue weed and Master Kush.

Our offer gives you the opportunity to select some of our best hemp CBD buds, to compose a real pre-rolled collection.

And that’s not all, we have also thought of the most curious and passionate and we have combined the scent, taste and quality of some of our best inflorescences in a kit.

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