About Us

JustBob selects only the best CBD weed productions in Switzerland.

We have decided to provide only Organic Light Marihuana productions grown in protected environments, especially designed and located in the Swiss territory.

We guarantee the control of every product by obtaining the best quality of CBD flowers and its derivatives (such as CBD oil) and their certification along the entire production chain.

JustBob guarantees the quality and monitoring of its products (especially CBD buds) thanks to a self-control system very similar to that used in Europe for food. The entire JustBob system, in fact, is inspired by the principles of the European HACCP system, which guarantees the control and safety of products.

Our producers use the best low-THC marijuana genetics that have been improved day-by-day to suit the customer’s needs, making the most of the qualities of this wonderful plant.

JustBob collaborates with the Guttentag Solutions GmbH Laboratory (CBDTest) which is ISO 9001: 2015 certified, bear the Swiss Certified Cannabis (SCC) label and works in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard for the analysis of every batch sold.

Our goal is to make our products accessible to everyone: the best quality at a very competitive price. We are against people and companies looking to get rich over such a wonderful product, which should be accessible to everyone.

You can trust justbob.ch!

JustBob not only guarantees you the best shipping service in just 24 hours, but our CBD online shop also offers exclusively CBD weed and flowers with percentages of THC <1% and CBD established by Swiss law.

In addition, the CBD cannabis we sell is excellent: it comes from organic, biodynamic, and organic hydroponic crops, so it is strictly controlled and for sure healthy marijuana.

Sometimes buying CBD weed, CBD oil and other related products is a complicated journey, for example, buying legal weed in a physical store is still something that does not respect anonymity. In fact, there are many other drawbacks; This is why Justbob turns out to be the best CBD choice online.