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JustBob: best CBD Oil from Organic plants

Extracted from legal cannabis plants grown organically (without the use of any pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers) and exclusively in Switzerland, JustBob CBD hemp oil, with high cannabidiol content, is synonymous with quality.

Indeed, the company has set up many controls on each phase of processing and cultivation of the CBD products, as well as using the most advanced cold pressure technologies, to better preserve the properties of the hemp plant even through the oil extraction from seeds and flowers.

To ensure a high level of CBD, JustBob has chosen to extract oil from one of the best legal marijuana varieties that offers a high concentration of cannabidiol.

With a constant focus on offering perfect CBD oil products, JustBob has enriched the CBD extracts with natural components in order to reach the best aromas, in line with customers’ tastes. For this reason, the CBD oil has been diluted either with MCT coconut oil, or, depending on the case, with Italian-made olive oil, for a balanced and pleasant result.

For what is more, with our free shipping service in Switzerland your Justbob CBD products orders will arrive in 24h or 48h depending on the circumstances, provided that the total price of the Justbob CBD articles in your cart exceeds 60 CHF.

Here’s the question: what are you waiting for? Try JustBob CBD Oil.

JustBob CBD oil is entirely organic and is extracted from legal cannabis plants grown exclusively in industrial non-gmo European hemp  cultivations, using the most advanced technologies which are constantly updated, to always ensure the highest quality of our CBD products.

Even the extraction method of cold pressure of Sativa species, used to get CBD hemp oil from the cannabis plant, does not involve the use of any chemical elements. Amongst the different extraction methods and in particular, this has been preferred to the CO2 extraction, since the first has the ability of better preserving the natural condition and the properties of the plant, with optimal results. That’s why this processing technique is the most widely spread around the world

JustBob cannabidiol oil’s strength is that it’s extracted from the best variety of legal marijuana with high CBD content, so that the CBD extract in our website comes from top category ingredients

In addition to trying to gain your reliance regarding the quality of our products, in an effort to meet the consumers’ tastes the result of the extraction is then diluted with MCT coconut oil or with Italian olive oil, which give it a delicate and extremely pleasant taste to our CBD product, loved by everyone.

High CBD oil extracts are one of the most marketed forms of legal cannabis products. The main reason is the versatility of use, which allows CBD oil to meet the different needs of the consumer. 

Also, CBD products come in the market in distinct formats and sizes, so that the dosage of the bottles and the CBD percentage can be easily chosen by the person, depending also on the options of prices. 

Since CBD has many uses and may help with several health conditions, these differences may be relevant for the treatment of each individual’s health problems. For example, a lighter approach may be suggested when CBD consumption is needed just for relaxation or ailments, while it is general advice to choose a higher CBD percentage for a range of more serious conditions.

Besides, the packaging is convenient to use, because the dose can be measured with the dropper.

High CBD oils have been used in many different ways, due to their particular consistency, and the ease of use with the droppers, allowing the customer to customise and control the dosage. This is why many people appreciate them, as they can fully enjoy all the benefits of CBD oil, without THC to have any relevant effect, since the content in the the oil bottle is almost absent.

Following the regulations in place in Switzerland, it is not still not possible to promote and sell, JustBob’s high CBD oils as a food supplement.

Indeed, JustBob oils high in cannabidiol are extracted from legal cannabis, entirely compliant with current legislation, organically grown, which means that they are cultivated without the use of any pesticides or fertilisers. However, the extraction of our legal cannabis oil means that some traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) remain in JustBob CBD oil. Even if they don’t affect the users, is therefore not possible, at this time, to promote the sale of this product for oral intake. 

However, a recent lifestyle trend is to use CBD products, such as oil, flower and seeds, as food supplements, provided that the THC levels lie below certain limits. This has been very important for vegan and whole plant based diets, since CBD oil is rich in proteins. Reactions to this new habit have been generally positive, since many reports that the chemicals even in few drops of the CBD oil are extremely beneficial. As a matter of fact, CBD oil provides the entire range of enzymes that our body requires; its antioxidant effect works as an anti-age for our cells; it constitutes a great support in losing body weight and helps heart and bloodstream to correctly function. At the moment, though, the matter rests in the hand of England’s government to decide on the issue. 

In any case, we undertake each batch of product to a thorough check to ensure its absolute compliance with legal rules and quality standards, in order to give evidence of the high quality of both the products and the raw materials used by our company.

It is advisable to keep your JustBob cannabidiol oil extracts in its original packaging.

It is essential to keep JustBob products in a dry and cool place, away from any heating source. Once the packaging is opened, we recommend that the product is consumed within a week, so that the product retains all its benefits, as well as its freshness and quality.

The answer is clear: YES!!

JustBob selects only CBD extracts derived from legal cannabis plants amongst the species indicated by the swiss legislation, which lists the types of hemp plants authorised to be grown for industrial purposes. 

Besides, each batch of CBD oil is analysed and certified by Guttentag Solutions GmbH Laboratory (CBDTest) which is ISO 9001: 2015 certified, bear the Swiss Certified Cannabis (SCC) label and works in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard. It gives us a full guarantee for its safety and its legality, since only those raw materials which from test results present a low percentage of THC are accepted. 

In accordance with the regulations in force in Switzerland, the company cannot sell its oils with a high CBD content as food. You will therefore find indications on the label of our products that cannot be taken orally.

The oils with a high CBD content have been used in very different ways, due to the particular consistency and ease of use of the dropper, so that the customer can easily have the quantity and adapt it to specific needs. For this reason, it is certainly one of the best ways to reap the benefits of CBD for your body and mind.

In particular, the organic quality and full spectrum CBD oil found on JustBob complies with the following regulations:

• Federal Law on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances SR 812.121 LStup

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is the second most common substance in cannabis, together with THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, and one of the cannabinoids present in hemp inflorescences. The main difference with THC is that CBD has no psychophysical effects and is completely non-addictive. It is why it is not considered a narcotic, and its use in the pharmaceutical industry is increasing.

JustBob CBD oil, in particular, is extracted from plants grown organically in Switzerland with advanced technologies. Producers pay specific attention to the irrigation and light cycles, to recreate the natural habitat of the plants as truly as possible. 

JustBob cannabidiol oil is extracted from the best varieties of legal marijuana, strains that all contain CBD in a high percentage. The liquid extract is mixed with coconut oil MCT maintaining its absolute purity, or olive oil produced in Italy, to give a delightful taste and in line with the flavor-profile expected by our customers.

Researchers and scientists at the World Health Organization have shown that the CDB is generally well tolerated and that there is, therefore, a high level of safety in the use of oil high in cannabidiol. Research shows, then, that CBD usage, in any form, doesn’t usually affect human well-being, while bringing along great health benefits. This is one of the factors WHO is taking into consideration in its study on CBD, as an advantageous alternative to other drugs with more and more serious complications.

The reported side effects, that resulted from some medicine studies, were mainly related to interactions of the substance with other drugs used by the patient, or in case of abuse. For this reasons, in case of uncertainty and in order to maximise the effectiveness of your CBD product, it is suggested to consult a doctor before treating your affection with hemp seed oil and also stick to the doses and quantity indicated

 The symptoms that appear in these rare cases of abuse and interaction with another drug active principle are anyway not particularly worrying. Mainly, people are likely to experience fatigue, nausea, weariness, diarrhoea, headache, and dizziness.

Even if is not necessary a prescription to buy CBD tinctures and the compounds in it are not extremely risky, asking questions to doctors about dosing will help you avoid any sort of risk. 

One of JustBob’s strengths is undoubtedly the quality and speed of our shipments and deliveries, of which we are very proud.

Thanks to our express shipping service, we can assure you that orders will be shipped between 24 hours and 48 hours (depending on the area in which to deliver) from the moment you validated your purchase on our online platform. 

If we encounter some problem on the way or if the shipping suffers a delay you’ll be the first one to be informed and you can count on our customer support for more details.

Moreover, free shipping is provided if your basket contains an order for an amount larger than 60CHF. 

With just one click, in no time you will receive your CBD order at your address, without even having to leave your home and to go to a store!

Can I check the delivery status of my JustBob order?

To allow you to track your order, JustBob will send you an email with your tracking code within 24 hours of your order. Besides, you will be notified about your products arrival details, on the day of delivery, by email or by SMS.

For more information or details about the services available, you can get in touch with JustBob’s Customer Service, Monday to Friday from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM, either:

Our team will be ready not only to give you all the answers you were looking for, but will give you product information, help you with your Justbob member account and explain to you our brand policy on the free shipping service. Select the best option to communicate, in your language, with our customer service for any problem that may arise in the course of the online order or the delivery. If you’re satisfied with everything, leave a comment amongst the customer reviews! We really value your collaboration!


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