Documentaries on marijuana

Documentaries on marijuana

Modified on: 23/05/2024


You’re there on your couch while grinding CBD cannabis with your marijuana mincer and you’re just getting bored … But before the boredom gets completely you have an idea: why not watch a nice documentary about marijuana?

Strange but true: despite the prohibition (luckily less and less pressing) you can find really many. Here is our selection of documentaries on the hemp and films about cannabis that you shouldn’t miss!

1) Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution

This is a 2016 documentary about the therapeutic use of marijuana and the campaign promoted with the aim of changing the marijuana law in the United Kingdom.

In fact, after 1973 the Drugs Act, the British law on light (for example pre rolled joints) and heavy drugs was tightened. From then until 2018 cannabis was among the drugs considered dangerous for human health; its sale and use could lead to arrest.

The medical use of cannabis was also prohibited in Britain.

In 2018, thanks also to the campaign for medical use of marijuana – mentioned in the documentary Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution – the legislation on cannabis was modified.

In Britain, cannabinoid-based medicines are now considered real therapies prescribed by the treating physician, and the personal use of cannabis has been decriminalized.

What do you say: is it worth watching the documentary on the great cannabis revolution?

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Cannabis CBD Dokumentarfilm

2) What if cannabis cured cancer?

Most of the studies on cannabis as a cure for cancer were carried out on mice and rats in the laboratory.

There are currently very few research on men: although the results obtained so far promise well, it is not possible to say with certainty that cannabinoids cure cancer.

The documentary What if cannabis cured cancer?, from 2010, talks about these studies and the potential applications of marijuana in oncology.

An excellent opportunity to learn about it!

3) Canapa nostra

An Italian documentary on marijuana divided into three chapters:

  • the first speaks of the history of hemp from prehistory to prohibition, focusing in particular on Italy;
  • the second chapter talks about therapeutic marijuana, its benefits and the application of cannabinoids in the medical field;
  • the third chapter talks about the return of hemp. We are talking about the boom of CBD weed and CBD oil as well as applications of hemp in the industrial sector, from the textile to the food sector.

Watch the trailer for Canova Nostra below: Video

4) The Culture High

The Culture High, shot by Brett Harvey and distributed since 2014, examines the debate on the legalization of marijuana both on the side of those who promote it and from the point of view of those who prohibit it.

Interviews, images and testimonials are the icing on the cake of a documentary that talks about marijuana. You will expand your knowledge of drug trafficking, the interests and contradictions of politicians from around the world, the policy of the pharmaceutical industries and much more.

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5) Medical Cannabis and Its Impacts on Human Health

As you can imagine, this 2011 documentary talks about medical research and discoveries about marijuana.

It is precisely the doctors who express themselves about it, exposing the value of cannabinoids to the well-being of the organism and finally contradicting the false myths that have contributed (and still contribute) to demonizing cannabis.

Dr. Donald Abrams, Dr. Donald Tashkin and Dr. David Bearman are interviewed in order to avert these beliefs.

The documentary is really interesting also because it highlights how often governments and various ministers (as the now ex-Interior Minister Matteo Salvini did) put the problem of hard drugs on a par with CBD buds marijuana consumption.

Bonus: Hemp movies and grass documentaries – Netflix

And here’s a bonus paragraph dedicated to the marijuana films and documentaries you can find on Netflix!

On smartphones, smart TVs and tablets, through the Neflix application, you can watch the following movies and TV series on hemp:

  • Super High Me – documentary film in which comedian Doug Benson uses marijuana for 30 consecutive days and tests the effects. To watch with friends: fun is guaranteed;
  • The Legend of 420: a film on the legalization of cannabis in California and Colorado and its therapeutic and economic benefits for the coffers of the two American states;
  • Cooking on High: What would happen if you had to use a special ingredient in each dish on Masterchef? Here’s to you Cooking on High, a series in which participants challenge each other with shots of marijuana dishes … And of course they taste them. Our CBD Flowers cookies recipe is nothing compared to this!

So, did you choose the program that’s right for you?