Cannabis CBD in Italy

Cannabis CBD

Modified on: 23/10/2023


The fate of selling and consuming CBD flower in Italy is currently uncertain. Indeed, the regulations seem unclear, and as you know,  some part of the Government has declared war on legal cannabis.

Nevertheless, production has increased significantly in recent years, leading to the sale of cannabis grains grains and legal CBD buds.

Research and studies in the medical field have contributed to the popularity of CBD weed, which has shown the concrete benefits that can come from its use.

But which law allows the production and trading of this product?

Legal cannabis law 242 of 2016 in Italy

Law 242 of 2016, officially in effect January 14, 2017, provides for the liberalization of the production and sale of CBD cannabis.

This legislation promotes support for sustainable hemp cultivation, which is used in various sectors and can reduce the environmental impact.

The easy cannabis trade was a huge success, to the point of counting the birth of many physical stores and online … including Justbob.

For example, in our online shop, you will find many varieties of legal marijuana, as well as cannabis CBD oils in various concentrations.

Would you like to know what the best legal hemp is?

Besides, several cannabis growers have spun into the country, including all types of cannabis seeds and, of course, legal CBD Shops in Italy, hemp clothing, and more.

These activities are protected by Law 242/2016, which weakens the production of cannabis in THC. But the same law does not provide for recreational use.

That means you can buy CBD marijuana, but theoretically, you can’t smoke it. Besides, we always have to rely on the varieties certified from the European register to be able to do everything legally.

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What does the Italian Medicinal Products Act say?

What does the Italian Medicinal Products Act say?

Another case concerns cannabis for therapeutic purposes, which has been legal since 2006.

From 2016, production will be entrusted to the pharmaceutical plant in Florence.

It can only be obtained by prescription to combat chronic pain, serious illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, and to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

It is a psychotic plant due to the high THC content it offers.

But CBD marijuana also offers several advantages for our body. Indeed, dodgy studies have confirmed the potential for anxiety, stress, and symptoms of other diseases like schizophrenia and depression.

Can CBD cannabis be grown in Italy? Do you need a permit?

According to Law 242 of 2016, it is possible to grow cannabis without encountering any legal problems if the statutory THC level is complied with and if the seeds are used in the European Union register.

The legislation does not give special permission (except for general commercial permits) to start a legal CBD flower harvest, but there are pre-established rules to follow.

In the event of a control, the farmer must show the seed labels to indicate that they are certified types and the

Keep purchase invoices for at least one year. It is always good to report the harvest to local authorities to avoid unpleasant surprises related to doubts about the legality of your products.

In the event of a violation, the judicial authority can organize the seizure and destruction of the culture.

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Legal cannabis use

It is important to remember that following the law, the use of pre rolled cbd for recreational purposes is not considered. Nevertheless, the hemp market is in full development.

It is possible to get cultivated hemp, CBD, for different things:

  • Food
  • Beauty products
  • Oils: CBD oil, can also be used by dogs and other animals
  • Fuels

It means that current legislation allows hemp to be grown and marketed for horticultural purposes, opening the door to the CBD online shop.

This law is also essential from an ecological perspective: hemp significantly reduces the effects of intensive agriculture on the soil of our territories.

Legal cannabis use

CBD Cannabis Act 242/2016 in Italy and the regulatory laws

The Regulation 242 is vague in many ways.

The first relates to the use of the CBD Bud for personal use. The law explains the industrial applications of hemp and CBD cannabis

in detail, but there is no direct mention of personal consumption.

In Italy, however, the use of cannabis for recreational purposes is illegal because the laws set out above are observed.

There is a kind of overlap between the regulations.

On the one hand, we want to expand the legal market for hemp and its derivatives; on the other hand, it is still tricky to buy inflorescences, except for technical or aromatic use.

It is advisable CBD weed packets while keeping sealed transport, not to prove that they have been used if the authorities are suspicious.

CBD cannabis: finding the balance

Italy is currently in a difficult phase in terms of marijuana.

Of course, we hope for greater openness to legal CBD cannabis, given the various studies that confirm the favourable properties that we can benefit from.

We should also not underestimate the economic growth that Italy is subject to with Legislative Decree No. 242, which reintroduces the cultivation of industrial hemp, supports local industry and paves the way for improvements and innovations.

It is also an essential step for all of Europe.