3 marijuana books that will turn you into a skilled farmer!

Legal CBD Cannabis and books

Modified on: 19/04/2024


You would like to grow legal CBD Buds and you can hardly wait, yet you don’t know where to start … So many questions are pounding your head: which varieties to plant? Better autoflowering or feminized? What temperatures should you keep to have a great harvest?

Not to mention the land to be used, fertilizers and everything that can promote good growth of your cannabis seedlings.

In short, nobody is born with the infused science, and you will have to start with something before you start hoeing. For example, you can start with excellent books on marijuana and its cultivation.

We especially recommend 3 manuals that you can easily find on the market (also on Amazon). Discover them in the next paragraphs!

Marijuana cultivation books? Read “How to Grow CBD Cannabis” by Carmelo Catalano.

Ok, maybe between the title and the author there are too many “C” … But if you want to approach the world of CBD weed cultivation this is the manual for you!

The full title is as follows: “How to cultivate CBD cannabislearn to cultivate it following the needs of the market and current legislation“. From here you can easily understand that you will be explained not only how you can dedicate yourself to the cultivation of legal weed, but also how to do it in compliance with the Italian law and buyers’ requests.

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Marijuana cultivation books?

You will therefore discover which features the inflorescences must have to attract consumers, which environment to choose to cultivate the best plants and much more.

You will also be explained all the advantages and disadvantages of cannabis outdoor, indoor and greenhouse growing, so that you can choose the method best suited to your needs and to those of the market.

“This Bud’s for You: Legal Marijuana: Selecting, Growing & Enjoying Cannabis” by Ed Rosenthal.

If you know English well, we advise you not to miss this manual on the selection, cultivation and consumption of CBD flowers.

The book “This Bud’s for You” describes in great detail the new varieties of cannabis commercially available.

It is also rich in technical advice from marijuana growers, methods suitable for evaluating plants and inflorescences and comparing different strains as well as in-depth analysis of the preferences of traders.

This manual will serve you to further increase your knowledge about marijuana and its cultivation and to better understand the preferences of retailers (and consumers)!

“The natural cultivation of cannabis. How to keep plants healthy”, a book on marijuana cultivation written by Ed Rosenthal and J. C. Stitch.

The third book on marijuana that we recommend is “The natural cultivation of cannabis. How to keep plants healthy”.

Do not read this manual first but study it after reading the first and / or second book on this list. In fact the title perfectly reflects the contents: you will not find the methods to choose the best weed seeds and the types of cultivation, but the systems to keep your plants healthy and ready for an excellent harvest!

In short: don’t think that the cultivation of CBD Bud is free of problems and events that can put the sticks in the wheels.

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The natural cultivation of cannabis

This book delves into them one by one:

  • hemp parasites;
  • diseases that can affect the plants and bring the crop to its knees;
  • environmental stresses for each cultivation method;
  • nutritional deficiencies of the hemp plant;
  • checks to be carried out regularly to assess the health of plants and inflorescences of marijuana.

Essential problems and solutions if you want to start growing legal CBD cannabis and avoid wasting time and money on treatments that are ineffective or not recommended.

Do you want to evaluate the purchase of other books, perhaps less technical than these manuals? Read our bonus selection in the next section!

Bonus: other marijuana books (less technical, more informative).

Maybe marijuana cultivation is not your dream but you would still like to learn about its history, the regression due to prohibition and the progress made by different nations in recent years.

So here are the books you could read to satisfy your curiosity:

  • “Hemp. An incredible story” by Matteo Gracis. The biography of the author (and founder of Dolce Vita, the Italian magazine on the culture of cannabis) merges with the history of hemp in a truly compelling book.
  • “Marijuana. The forbidden medicine “by Lester Grinspoon and James B. Bakalar. As you can imagine, the authors of this book talk about therapeutic cannabis and related taboos. Among normative / cultural aspects and testimonies, this book will surely win you over.
  • “Hemp oil. The powerful benefits of CBD for health “by Earl Mindell. This book focuses specifically on the benefits of CBD oil, the miraculous cannabidiol extract (the non-psychotropic active ingredient of marijuana). Perfect if you want to get the best information on the effects of CBD and the uses of this product as a treatment for numerous problems.

What if you want to grow marijuana but not for industrial purposes? Then you just have to read “Marijuana in the living room. Guide to DIY cultivation by Luca Marola, ideal if you want to start growing indoors inside the walls of your home!