The price of legal hemp in Italy and in the world

The price of lCBD weed

Modified on: 19/04/2024


Legal CBD Marijuana, or legal hemp in Italy, is a variety of the Sativa cannabis selected to have very low concentrations of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, or the psychoactive metabolite), lower than 0,2 (lower than 1% in Switzerland)

The metabolite present in larger quantities in legal weed is CBD (cannabidiol), which is why it is also commonly known as a CBD hemp.

For legal hemp we usually mean the inflorescences of legal CBD marijuana, which do not have psychoactive effects, for which only the properties of CBD weed, mainly relaxing and analgesic, are sensitive.

Cannabis use in the world is not often associated with legality: in fact, there are very few states where cannabis is totally legal.

Many more, however, the nations that tolerate it and have decriminalized their use, although, especially in Asia and Africa, there continue to be countries where the consumption, sale and possession of marijuana are punished very severely.

But, in countries where its use is permitted, how much does the hemp cost?

Based on the studies of the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), we were able to present you with a ranking of the average price per unit weight of marijuana in the 5 cities with the highest estimated consumption of this product, and in the 3 cities with the lowest consumption estimated, calculated in tons per year.

It must be considered that the consumption can only be a rough estimate precisely because, as marijuana is sold illegally, the precise quantities circulating thanks to the black market cannot be estimated with certainty.

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The price of legal marijuana in 5 cities

The price of legal marijuana in the 5 cities with the highest consumption

The city with the highest marijuana consumption is certainly New York City, with an estimate of 77.44 tons a year, for an average price per gram of 10.76 dollars.

Cannabis is partially legal in the Big Apple, as the state of New York only recognizes its use for therapeutic purposes.

The second largest city in the world is Karachi, in Pakistan; in this city the use of marijuana is illegal, and the estimated consumption in Karachi is around 41.95 tons, while the price per gram is on average 5.32 dollars per gram.

At the third place there is the indian New Delhi, with an estimated consumption of 38.26 tons per year and an average price per gram of $ 4.38. In India marijuana is partially legal: its consumption is admitted for religious reasons while for the rest it is generally tolerated, strongly decriminalized.

At the fourth place there is the capital of the entire legalization process: Los Angeles, with a consumption of 36.06 tons and a price of about $ 8.14 per gram. In California, marijuana is totally legal and many of the most sought-after CBD cannabis species have been selected in this state.

At the fifth place there is, surprisingly, the Egyptian capital. In fact, Cairo has an estimated annual cannabis consumption of 32.59 tons, for a surprising price of $ 16.15 per gram.

The price is surprisingly high if we consider the proximity to other Maghreb countries where it is instead extremely economical.

On one side we must take into account the errors of assessment related to the fact that in Egypt marijuana is completely illegal, on the other it must also be said that in the Maghreb countries the consumption of hashish far exceeds that of CBD Buds.

The price of marijuana in the 3 cities with the lowest consumption

The last city in the world for marijuana consumption is Singapore, with an estimated annual consumption of 0.2 tons, and an average price of 14.01 dollars per gram.

Singapore is the city of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, with an estimate of 0.16 tons per year and a price per gram of $ 6.93.

Both in Singapore and in the Dominican Republic marijuana is absolutely illegal and its use and possession are strongly pursued.

At the third place for minor consumption there is Kyoto, with 0.24 tons a year and an average price of 29.65 dollars per gram. In Japan as in no other nation the demonization of marijuana has led to a prohibition shared and approved by the entire social body.

But what can we say about Italy? Go to the next paragraph and find out what is the price of the legal hemp in our country!

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The price of legal hemp in Italy

The price of legal hemp in Italy

The legalization of CBD flowers in Italy has led to a relative standardization of prices which, however, do not deviate too much from those of psychotropic marijuana that can be found on the black market.

Specifically, legal hemp, based on the quality and variety of inflorescences, costs from 8 to 15 euros per gram base.

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Would you like some examples?

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For example 5 g of product cost € 6.8/g, while 100 g cost € 4.40/g. Very convenient especially if bought in a group!

Furthermore, it is necessary to consider a very important peculiarity: unlike the marijuana that can be purchased on the black market, a CBD bud uses official, certified and guarantors of product quality channels.

You know what you are buying, who produced it and you are sure of the legality of your purchase.

By buying the best legal hemp you are sure that you will never take a badly cut substance with substances that are harmful to your health … Which, to be honest, negate the positive effects of cannabis on the body and mind.

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