JustBob now accepts Bitcoins: features, advantages and how to use them.

JustBob now accepts Bitcoins

Modified on: 11/07/2023


You may have recently heard more about cryptocurrencies … Bitcoins in particular, because they are the most popular cryptocurrency of all times.

They are a virtual currency with a variable value, which can be used to buy more and more services and products such as clothes, travel, hotel stays …

Now there is something new: You can also use Bitcoins to buy CBD Weed on Justbob.shop!

We have chosen to introduce this payment method in addition to the many ones already available in our CBD Cannabis shop. Why? Because it is becoming very popular and because it guarantees privacy, security and fast payment.

Want to know more about Bitcoins?

If you are still not very familiar with this currency, you can find a short introduction below. Otherwise, if you are already a veteran of the crypto world, you can find out how to use it in the last paragraph.

It is how Bitcoin and CBD Buds meet!

Bitcoin: What is it?

Bitcoin: What is it?

Bitcoins are probably the most famous cryptocurrencies in the world. They are virtual coins (one of about the 2000 ones already on the net) that allow you to exchange money online in safely without having to use a bank or other credit institution as an intermediary.

These are revolutionary currencies that do not involve physical banknotes or coins, and their value is ‘volatile’.

Wondering what that means?

Basically, the more users decide to buy Bitcoin, the more the value of the coin increases and vice versa. 

Over the past years, the value of Bitcoin has quadrupled and then suddenly collapsed. Its value often goes up and down, but industry experts believe that this currency has a real future and that by 2031 we will witness hyperbitcoinization the mass adoption of Bitcoin.

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Why use cryptocurrencies? Here are the advantages.

Using cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins in particular, has several advantages that can be mainly summarised in:

  • security;
  • privacy;
  • speed.

It is why we chose to introduce them as a payment method for the purchase on our store of legal cannabis, CBD oil and legal pre rolled joint.

But what makes these features apply?

What guarantees security transactions is the Blockchain, a truly revolutionary technology that basically consists in an interconnected database of “network nodes” or “blocks”. This system ensures that all the other blocks are involved in verifying, checking and validating all the data to make sure each transaction is successful.

Why use Bitcoins?

Cryptography gives this control system even more security, because it makes every transaction unchangeable, traceable and transparent.

To simply explain, each transaction is not validated by a bank but by many users worldwide, so the system can be considered genuinely secure and payment traces cannot be ‘erased’.

In addition to this, privacy matter comes into play.

To make payments or cryptocurrencies transfers, nothing but anonymous individual codes are used (there is no use of name and surname). A feature loved by many users who do not like to share any kind of purchase with banks.

…. and the icing on the cake: speed!

Cryptocurrencies transactions take very little time! 

It takes a few minutes or even only seconds for the cryptocurrency amount you’ve been sent or paid to reach the recipient (even if we’re talking about high amounts).

A significant difference if you consider that sometimes you have to wait for more than a day before a bank transfer is successful.

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How to use Bitcoins on JustBob?

Using cryptocurrencies to buy legal cannabis and CBD Flowers on our online store is very simple.

Of course, you need a wallet and a Bitcoin address, and then you can make your payment via the Bitcoin application.

Once you have placed your order in the shopping cart, please contact us by email at info@justbob.ch and we will provide you with payment details.

From now on, not only can you receive our products at home in anonymous packages, but also payments can be made in total privacy.

At JustBob.shop, you can count on quality, security and privacy in every respect!

Visit our store Justbob.shop today and make your first purchase in Bitcoin – we are waiting for you!