CBD cannabis concentrates: what they are and what types exist on the market

CBD cannabis concentrates: what they are

Modified on: 19/04/2024


More and more cannabis enthusiasts are deciding to try cannabis concentrates.

But for what reason?

If you are also curious, in today’s article we will see what the most common types and what their benefits (if purchased in the right place) are

What are cannabis concentrates?

Concentrates are a popular way to consume cannabis and are produced by stripping the marijuana plant of its psychoactive properties and cannabinoid resin (trichomes).

The most popular and well-known cannabinoids are THC, for its psychoactive properties, and CBD, known for its therapeutic effects. However, cannabis contains more than 60 cannabinoids, each with unique properties and effects.

Pros and cons of cannabis concentrates

During the extraction process, the cannabinoids present in the plant profile are extracted and reach the final product, the hashish. Fresh plant material at the time of extraction produces superior quality hashish.

But why are more and more people buying CBD cannabis concentrates?

Using cannabis in concentrate form allows users to receive a strong dose of cannabinoids without inhaling burned plant material.

Additionally, concentrates continue to grow in popularity as more consumers seek an alternative to smoking marijuana.

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These are the most common types of cannabis concentrates


Budder, also called badder wax, is a wax-like cannabis concentrate that is softer, oilier, and more viscous than most waxes. It is produced at a higher temperature than similar waxes and is churned during the extraction process, giving it a unique texture. Budder is low in cannabinoids but is much higher in terpenes than other hash oil extractions.


The crumble can be considered a friable version of the budder. While the latter is prepared at a high temperature and beaten, the crumble is left on low heat so that the solvent evaporates little by little. In this way the product retains all its flavor.


Shatter is an extremely common cannabis extract that can be found at any local marijuana store. It is popular because it is one of the purest cannabis concentrates on the market. It looks like a piece of colored glass or hard candy, but has no discernible flavor. It can be difficult to work with, but there are several ways to use the final product.

Sugar wax

Sugar wax is produced by the butane extraction process. It resembles brown sugar, that is, shiny, slightly sticky, and friable. To achieve a quality end product, sugar wax is often made from cannabis strains that tend to retain water. Sugar products are rarely uniform and can be any color from light yellow to amber.


Crystals are the purest form of cannabis available at any marijuana dispensary. In the crystals, the THC or Cannabidiol is extracted and isolated from all other cannabinoids. In this way, pure isolated crystals are obtained, devoid of color, flavor or aroma.

THC oil

THC oil, which is different from the CBD oil,  is a common name for all types of THC-rich cannabis oil concentrates. These oils are intoxicating and can be administered via tincture, capsule, or vaporizer for euphoric effects. They are one of the most common forms of cannabis concentrates.

What are cannabis concentrates?

Pros and cons of cannabis concentrates

Many consumers defend the effects and benefits of cannabis concentrates. Some consider smoking concentrates to be healthier for the lungs than weed due to the lack of combustion.

So, let’s discuss some of the pros and cons.


  • An article published in the Journal of Cannabis Research explains how extracting and isolating the chemical compounds found in cannabis allows us to assemble different concentrates that appeal to various demographics in the cannabis community;
  • During the extraction and isolation process, the beneficial and psychoactive compounds are separated and purified;
  • Unlike flowers, concentrates usually include the composite profile. These profiles allow us to better understand what chemicals we put into our bodies.


  • The psychoactive compounds in the concentrate are much more potent than those in the herb. The potency level can lead new or inexperienced smokers to overconsume THC and other psychoactive cannabinoids;
  • Concentrates often contain residual contaminants. The contaminants are due to the pesticides used in the cultivation process and the solvents used in the extraction method;
  • The most common downside to smoking concentrates is that the extreme heat used to vaporize them often causes accidental burns.

However, by choosing to shop consciously, these issues are easily resolved. By choosing CBD bud concentrates, you will be guaranteed to consume products that are safe for your health and legally tested, reducing the aforementioned risks and side effects to zero.

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In this article, we’ve talked about cannabis concentrates, the most common types, and the pros and cons if you’re considering using them.

As you may have read, by buying THC-free marijuana concentrates only from authorized dealers like Justbob, you won’t risk any unpleasant consequences.

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