Hemp and art: the link between painters and marijuana

Hemp and art: the link between painters and marijuana

Modified on: 19/04/2024


It is well known that many world-renowned artists have used cannabis and pre rolled to unleash their creativity.

The reason?

Let’s find out together in this article.

Cannabis and art: what is meant (really) by creativity?

It has long been apparent that marijuana and cbd flowers have a kind of secret relationship with creativity, but the exact correlation between the two is still relatively vague and largely misunderstood.

I want to shed some light on this particularly compelling topic because the benefits of this link can be positively exploited by many, but first we should reveal what exactly happens behind the curtain, so understand why weed has this beneficial effect on artists.


Creativity, in a nutshell, can be defined as the ability to elevate an ordinary concept into a unique and exceptional concept, and highly creative individuals have the ability to react in an unusual (but nevertheless correct) way to any situation that is faced, thus reaching new levels of ingenuity.

It has also been shown that it is not necessary to have a high IQ to be extremely creative, but the IQ is unfortunately considered the most important aspect in modern society, which is not a realistic point of view, especially for those who focus on artistic achievements.

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How cannabis would help to become more creative

There is a widespread belief that some people are naturally more creative than others and that people who have a predominantly analytical mind should not concentrate too much on creative processes, because they would not be able to expand their creativity.

On the one hand, there are differences in the amount of predestined creativity of a person, but all of us can expand our levels of imagination, without any exception.

As Luke Smillie and Anna Antinori write in the article published by Conversation, not all individuals have the same creative capacity and, among the five main personality traits, the so-called openness (or openness to experience) is the most responsible trait of creativity.

These ‘open’ people have a stronger desire to explore both the physical world and the inner and personal plane, which can have really amazing effects since it allows you to see something from all possible angles, automatically causing more associations and a more complete view of the picture, regardless of what you are looking at exactly.

In other words?

The unique traits of each person play a very important role in how we perceive the fabric of reality, and people who have this advanced openness to experience definitely have an advantage over others in terms of creativity.

But fortunately there are ways to influence one’s personality to make it more ‘open’ (to some extent), and these techniques include:

  • various cognitive training;
  • testing with psilocybin (psilocybin is the psychoactive component of magic mushrooms);
  • frequent trips, which is scientifically proven to broaden personal horizons.

And to get to the heart of the matter, one of the ways to increase creativity is also our beloved cbd cannabis.

Wie Cannabis Ihnen helfen würde, kreativer zu werden

What happens in the brain of artists when they take marijuana

THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid in the herb, causes the brain to have longer uninterrupted thought patterns, shortening the time between neuron transmission breaks.

Normally the mind has these little pauses that serve to maintain calm and composure, but THC keeps the flow of neural transmissions more constant, which leads to a ‘faster train of thought’, so to speak, and this can create unusual ideas and concepts, that are the basis of creativity.

With the addition of more dopamine secretion causing blissful euphoria, THC leads to quite high levels of ingenuity and imagination. These two factors inspire and generate new ideas that we would otherwise consider unimaginable, because chemistry and the way the brain operates when it is ‘made’ are very different from the state in which the mind is in normal conditions.

But every medal has its reverse.

It is not strange, in fact, that we forget the brilliant ideas born under the influence of cannabis, once this has waned.

But how? Didn’t we say that marijuana stimulates creative thinking?

Yes, but it is also true that THC hinders the transformation of short-term memories into long-term memories and, for this reason, it is often very difficult to remember what concepts were born in the mind during the effect of marijuana.

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In this article we have seen how the consumption of cannabis can encourage artists to release their creativity, provided that a disproportionate consumption could cause the opposite effect. Visit Just bob and discover the wide range of choice of CBD weed and top quality products.

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