Purple marijuana: here are all the varieties

Purple marijuana: here are all the varieties

Modified on: 18/04/2024


In the Hindu Kush region, between Afghanistan and Pakistan, a large amount of wild mountain marijuana grows free: the same CBD cannabis that we also find legally in our cities, when it is controlled and has a low quantity of THC.

CBD weed is developing more and more interest, gaining admirers, consumers and curious onlookers every day.

In an attempt to learn about every possible variety of this plant with extraordinary properties, many wonder about its most particular, most sought after aspects, such as Purple Marijuana.

Yes, the same one to which a certain Jimi Hendrix ended up dedicating the title of one of his famous pieces.

But what are we exactly talking about? What is the difference between Purple and normal CBD Buds?

What is purple marijuana?

What is purple marijuana?

When we are interested in something different from the usual, we can immediately run into the classic urban legends.

On how to find what we seek, on how to cultivate it. Disparate methods and often with validity not easily demonstrable, if not entirely in vain.

To obtain a purple cannabis variety it is first necessary to select the type of plant with a genetics that is more prone to the characteristics we are looking for.

Some methods and tricks can then be used to stimulate the intrinsic quality of the plant through the experience in the field of culture, but it is only the genetics of the latter that give it the purple hue that makes it so unique.

So the first step to get a purple cannabis is to choose the right plant.

Among the types of cannabis with a marked genetic tendency to purple marijuana we remember, of course, the California Haze, the Lemon Cheese or the Mango Haze. You will fine each of these varieties in our CBD online shop.

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How to grow purple marijuana

Once the choice of the type of plant has been made, it is necessary to know which are the parameters to be taken into account to increase the typical purple color characteristics.

They are the temperatures that play a decisive role, influencing the expressed nuances. If some types of plants show their purple essence regardless, others need a certain temperatures to show themselves.

In some cases, even the difference between day and night temperature makes the difference.

It takes between 8 and 10 weeks or so to gather the fruits of our cultivation work, whether it is born indoors or outdoors, but it is where the climate is particularly temperate or warm that we see an increase in the quality of the Purple.

The objective therefore is to subject the crops to temperature changes according to the time of day: warmer in the morning, colder at night; it is a winning strategy to stimulate the chromatic variation of the plant.

Lights play a key role in the photosynthesis process, only thanks to them the plants produce the energy they need for their development.

An intense, powerful and direct light source would seem to stimulate the purple color we are talking about.

Another reason why the tops of your plants can take on the peculiar color of violets is due to the anthocyanins, a class of water-soluble pigments, about 400, which can be of different colors, depending on the pH.

In the case of almost neutral pH, the cannabis varieties containing these pigments tend to show purple shades at the top.

These pigments do not show up until the last weeks of the plant’s life, due to the lower flow of chlorophyll in the plant parts.

When the plants are only two weeks away to complete the flowering phase, the temperature of the cultivation room must be changed to keep it below 10 ° C, but above 4 ° C.

How to grow purple marijuana

Most varieties require cold temperatures to best express the color potential.

This is a feature that is still unclear, but there is a connection that largely explains the process.

Although almost all varieties of a CBD bud of marijuana are able to withstand cold environmental conditions, one must try not to lower the temperature suddenly, but gradually, so as not to stress the plant.

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What are the effects of the Light Purple Cannabis?

With a very intense flavor, the Purple light seems to show the same typical effects on the body and on the psyche of CBD flowers consumers.

A sense of euphoria, of lightness, which can be of great help in cushioning daily stress or different non-invasive diseases such as headaches, panic attacks or depressive states.

Also in the Purple we find a strong anti-emetic property, which is not defeats nausea, but helps develop a sense of appetite.

The use of the Purple at night is highly recommended, for those who, for various reasons, suffer from sleep disorders or a real state of continuous insomnia.

The CBD Flower of the Purple variety relaxes, relaxes the nerves and gives its consumer a great help in finally finding a peaceful and regular sleep.