The Cannabis Cup 2024 in Amsterdam

The Cannabis Cup 2024 in Amsterdam

Modified on: 18/04/2024


Are you passionate about CBD cannabis and want to go to the Netherlands to join the Cannabis Cup 2024 in Amsterdam?

While there will undoubtedly be no low THC products, today we will give you all the information you wish about this historical event, whose full name is the High Times Cannabis Cup. As you can imagine, the term “high” is precisely to indicate the euphoria that is generated by the use of conventional marijuana.

The world’s largest cannabis festival usually takes place in November, but the programme had changed since the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 2018. The event was held in the summer (July 13-15, 2018). It seems that this year the High Times will maintain this trend, as it will take place in June, but the official dates will probably only be known a few weeks before.

Do you want to know all the details of this event? Keep reading this article!

High Times Cannabis Cup: festival preview

High Times Cannabis Cup: festival preview

The High Times Cannabis Cup is the world’s largest cannabis festival, designed in 1988 by Steven Hager, a well-known writer, journalist and cannabis rights activist.

The event allows judges from all over the world to taste all types of marijuana they want. Then they can vote for those who loved him the most. And there are a lot of judges because anyone who buys an entry ticket can then buy cannabis CBD Buds, try them out, and then vote for them.

You can also not buy the ticket and take advantage of the free entrance. This way, you have access to the festival, you can buy and taste the varieties you prefer, but you can’t evaluate and vote for the best cannabis.

Going back to the subject, judges around the world have the entire decision on the various awards. Here are the main ones:

  • Cannabis Cup (the final winner of the event).
  • The best new product.
  • The best stand.

Besides, a team of “VIP” judges awards the following main prizes:

  • The best indica, sativa and hybrid varieties.
  • The best Nederhash (hashish produced from cannabis plants that come exclusively from the Netherlands).
  • The best cannabis concentrates.
  • The best-imported hashish.
  • The best marijuana-based foods.

But also many others, like the best coffee shops and others.

The High Times Cannabis Cup also includes live music, educational seminars, and a trade show for marijuana-related products from cannabis-focused businesses.

All cannabis-based products are also tested for their THC and CBD content by independent testing laboratories.

You were wondering where the High Times Cannabis Cup is happening? We will give you an answer in the next paragraph very soon.

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Amsterdam Cannabis Cup 2024: where will it take place?

It should be noted that the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup is based in Melkweg, Amsterdam’s famous cultural centre, concerning the exhibition of varieties of grass and various derivatives (including food and hemp clothing), are concerned.

The Melkweg also offers concerts, exhibitions and lectures, which, of course, focus on marijuana and its current status in the world. There is not only that but during the festival, farmers will talk about different farming methods. You can then learn a lot about it, and maybe apply them with your CBD flower plants.

As for tasting CBD flowers in competition, you should be very careful. In the past, there have been several raids during the event, as tourists have often failed to comply with the smoking ban outside coffee shops.

Well, yes. If you didn’t know, in Amsterdam, you can only buy and consume marijuana flowers on these premises (with a limit of 5 grams per person). As a result, judges and spectators can purchase and smoke inflorescences exclusively inside coffee shops. These, given the high participation of participants, are not disclosed until just before the event.

As you can read in the previous paragraph, the coffees themselves are rewarded, and they choose marijuana to present to both judges and visitors! They must, therefore, decide very carefully which species could potentially win during the festival.

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Amsterdam Cannabis Cup 2020


Cannabis Cup Hall of Fame

Every year during the Cannabis Cup event in Amsterdam, an important person connected to the world of cannabis is chosen to enter the High Times Counterculture Hall of Fame. Many famous people have made it into the Hall of Fame including people like Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Tommy Chong, Peter Tosh and many others.

And who do you want to see enter this relevant Cannabis Cup Hall of Fame in 2024?

Some of the winners of the last Amsterdam Cannabis Cup

As you may have imagined since the High Times Cannabis Cup is a festival of more than 30 years, the cannabis varieties that have won previous editions are numerous.

Among the most important, however, we can cite some examples, such as:

And if you can’t attend the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup 2024… Do not worry! You can recreate the atmosphere of the festival at home. By clicking on the varieties above, you will find the winning flowers (but the CBD weed version) on Justbob!