Marijuana Silver Haze: all you need to know

Marijuana Silver Haze

Modified on: 18/04/2024


For some time you have been interested in the world of CBD cannabis, you have put together a little experience and learned to understand more at a first glance, but you are not happy and you want to increase your knowledge.

For example, to know if there are different types of marijuana, how they differ in taste, characteristics and effects.

Today, in this regard, we will talk about the Silver Haze Marijuana and its peculiar features.

What is the Silver Haze marijuana

When we talk about Haze, we are dealing with a plant of a hybrid nature that cannot be born and germinate naturally.

Generally this intersection involves different varieties of cannabis sativa from different parts of the world. The reason that led the growers to think about this crossing can be found in the extremely slow flowering times of the plant, and with an absolutely uncontrollable growth in case of Indoor cultivation.

What makes its consumers immediately fall in love are its peculiar characteristics: a strong, decisive and pungent taste, a fruity, sweet and delicious aftertaste. You can smoke with pleasure this CBD weed, without creating annoyances or irritations to those who usually suffer from it. No wonder that a lot of connoisseurs consider it their favorite one.

What is the Silver Haze marijuana

A pure Sativa, the Silver Haze, which requires very long direct cultivation times and which give us at the end of the growth cycle a plant with a very high shape, abundant and with such a high yield that inflorescences end up also covering the tops and the branches.

On the other hand, we are talking about one of the most successful intersections, created through the combination of three main cannabis strains: the Skunk, the Northern Lights and the Haze. These three types are also called “queens” because their intrinsic quality is of a high and incontrovertible level.

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The time and work of many farmers has allowed us to produce a selection of Silver Haze created with the best genetic processes and the selection of the best strains among those available … Up to create a product with a high commercial impact, which can make both happy and experienced consumer who simply seeks a new type of high-quality CBD weed to try like the ones you can buy online on our CBD flowers online shop.

How long does the Haze take to grow?

The Silver Haze, so called because in observing its plantations we see a triumph of gray and silvery trichomes, has rather varied times of growth and harvest, depending on the type of cultivation we choose to adopt.

The Silver Haze is suitable for both indoor and outdoor crops and each one follows a completely different and dedicated timetable.

In case of Outdoor, it is advisable to sow in the summer months if you are in the northern part of the world, with a flowering scheduled for October, or in the winter months in the southern hemisphere with a flowering that will arrive at the end of April.

If we choose to opt for an indoor cultivation, things change. In the Indoor, times are getting shorter: we are talking about achieving a full flowering over 8/10 weeks. Since it has a very strong and pungent smell, it may be necessary to arrange an excellent ventilation system for those who follow this choice.

the effects of the Silver Haze

What are the effects of the Silver Haze

The Silver Haze gives powerful effects to its consumer, especially regarding the mental aspect of the substance, without letting it fall into unnecessary and harmful risks.

It can be consumed safely during any time of the day, especially if you need to concentrate on studying or working. Its high CBD level creates a strong sense of instant relaxation.

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If, on the other hand, you have trouble sleeping, managing the restlessness of the evening or sleep disorders, the Haze comes once again to the aid of those who use it, since it possesses in itself a great relaxing power that can help the mind to relax and find a deep sense of peace.

Although always with the advice of a doctor, it should be noted that the Silver Haze could be used to alleviate many small psychophysical disorders or muscle pains that recur throughout the day.

What gives the Silver Haze all these skills are its extraordinary genes, nothing short of powerful. Precisely for this reason, even if we talk about CBD buds, we must always make a responsible and sensible use of it.

The Silver Haze is so extraordinary that we could easily continue to talk about it again and again, given the increasingly high quality that can be achieved in its cultivation.

A product of excellent workmanship, ready to be used appropriately both by those who try to cure some annoying and persistent disorders of the body and mind, and for those who only want at the end of a long day of work, to relax a little and fall into a peaceful and clean sleep.

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