Are you looking for the best legal cannabis, also called CBD marijuana? here are the most popular varieties and their characteristics

best legal cannabis

Modified on: 19/04/2024


CBD cannabis, defined by many as “marijuana that doesn’t bust”, is a product that has received a huge success, as it is lighter and has no psychotropic effects.

A legal alternative to classic marijuana with a high THC content is, therefore, becoming available on the market, without forgetting that CBD weed produces pleasant and relaxing effects.

Now we will find out which of the different varieties is the best legal weed on the market, but starting from a general description of the weakened cannabis sativa.

CBD Cannabis: properties

CBD flowers is obtained from the female inflorescences of depotentiated cannabis sativa, then carefully selected to obtain compounds rich in CBD (cannabidiol) and low in THC.

It is an active ingredient as opposed to THC, which has no influence on the psyche. CBD cannabis, in fact, consists of a THC level that must be less than 1% for it to be considered legal.

This percentage is so low that it does not cause any drug effects.

CBD produces muscle relaxant effects, leaving the person taking it always alert and conscious.

Of course, despite these positive characteristics, consumers need to know that there is a link between the substance, the characteristics of the consumer and the way of taking it, so it is convenient not to underestimate the intrinsic properties of CBD cannabis.

In fact, the consumption of CBD flower requires the heating of the substance, which is essential for the activation of cannabinoids that, otherwise, would not be able to enter the metabolism of our body.

In other modes of consumption, such as the preparation of herbal tea with cannabis, it is necessary to add fatty food to the water.

Are you wondering why? Well, CBD is fat-soluble, not water-soluble: it does not bind to water but to fats. To enjoy all the benefits of CBD, it is therefore essential to add milk, butter, CBD oil, or other substances to the infusion water.

But how can you tell if a batch of CBD bud is of high quality?

the best legal cannabis in Switzerland


High-quality CBD cannabis: how to recognize it

Before discussing in detail the possible varieties to buy in our country in specialized stores such as, you should read some tips on how to recognize the best varieties.

In this way, you will be able to go beyond simple personal taste and be satisfied with your purchase.

First of all, you have to take into account some of the intrinsic characteristics of the inflorescences, such as the percentage of cannabidiol contained.
In Europe, the percentages range from 1 to over 20%, and this depends on the way the plant has been grown and how it has been treated.
The characteristics of the quality inflorescences to be assessed are as follows:

  • The scent: the fragrance emanating from the best plants will be very intense and with an excellent aroma;
  • Colour: good quality CBD weed have a bright color which indicates the freshness of the product, as a dull, opaque color shows an incorrect drying process;
  • Before buying CBD cannabis, it is also advisable to research the manufacturer, as one of the most important things is transparency. On legal weed  labels, in fact, the law requires that the variety of  weed seeds used, the percentage of CBD and the percentage of THC be indicated.

Finally, it is natural that the best CBD marijuana to smoke, or in any case to consume, must be free of chemicals or pesticides in general, in order not to cause damage to your body.

You can get this information from the labels or from the distributor’s website. At Justbob, for example, we only sell organic lots that have been analyzed in various laboratories (including the one at the University of Milan).

CBD cannabis in 2023

In 2023, light cannabis is becoming increasingly popular and famous, both thanks to online CBD shops and in cities thanks to physical growshops. this is also due to its growing social acceptance and potential therapeutic applications.

Legislation regarding light cannabis is evolving, with many countries reviewing their policies to ease restrictions and promote a regulated and safe market. Scientific studies on legal herb are advancing, paving the way for new discoveries on its medicinal properties and responsible use for general well-being.

Obviously, like any other product, there are types of legal cannabis that are more loved by buyers than others. For example, any “fan” of legal cannabis cannot miss California Haze CBD, a cannabis that is loved both for its many awards won around the world, and for the fact that it belongs to the Haze category, and for the fact of coming from the very famous hills of one of the most loved states of all the United States

Master Kush, another famous variety with a powerful and high percentage of CBD in it, stands out for its reddish pistils, the fact that it is 100% organic and the fact that it has won the award of best Kush weed several times (ie, originally from the Hindi Kush mountains).

Obviously they are not the only two that fascinate the market of CBD enthusiasts and collectors, in fact, we can find other famous inflorescences such as the Bubblegum, much appreciated despite its mysterious origins, or the DO-SI-DOS directly from Spain and which very much in love with the United States market, or even the Moonrock with a very pretty appearance, resembling a moonstone, and so on.

If you are also a legal cannabis enthusiast, then you cannot miss our best CBD selected for our customers by the Just Bob team!