How many types of marijuana exist?

Discover all different types od Marijuana

Modified on: 18/04/2024


Cannabis plants are famous for their adaptability to different climates and for the extension of use which, by now, can be made from substances derived from their inflorescences.

Before specifically knowing the most loved varieties by growers and CBD Buds users, we must distinguish the three main subspecies of the identified plant.

Cannabis: three different species

Cannabis culture describes cannabis as a plant that has three physically distinguishable subspecies:

  • Sativa;
  • Indica;
  • Ruderalis.

These species can be crossed in order to obtain hybrids to reach a specific content of cannabinoids or to obtain more consistent yields, so that the plant is best suited to specific climatic conditions and to obtain excellent yields from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.

Types of cannabis: Sativa cannabis

Typical of tropical zones, warm and humid areas such as Mexico, Colombia, India and north Africa, Cannabis Sativa (we suggest you to try cbd oil Sativa) can reach up to five meters in height.

It has abundant, large leaves and long, thin “fingers”.

Sativa has mainly cerebral effects. It is in fact widely used in the medical field to calm anxiety, panic and fight depression.

Unlike other types of cannabis, in fact, it has a stimulating and euphoric effect, generally known as “high”, which turns out to be perfect when combined with activities that involve creativity.

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Indica cannabis

The Indica Cannabis grows in cold areas such as the Himalayas.

The plants, despite everything, are lovers of intense sunlight and tolerate drought.

It is a squat plant with knots and branches that intertwine around the stem which usually reaches a meter and a half in height.

The CBD Flower tend to concentrate in dense clusters at the nodes, giving the plant a thick bushy appearance.

As for the leaves, instead, they overlap each other and appear bulbous with deep serrations.

The Indica variety mainly affects the body, so that it is used for therapeutic purposes to relieve bone pain, migraine or chronic pain.

The effect that characterizes the Indica variety is much more sedative and relaxing, generally known as “stoned”, particularly suitable for relaxing even with other people, in closed and comfortable environments.

Ruderalis cannabis

Ruderalis Cannabis, typical of Siberian areas, is distinguished from the other two types by its short stature and small palm-shaped, serrated leaves.

Ruderalis has proved to be particularly resistant to very harsh climates, showing a marked propensity to spread massively in the absence of competitors.

Reason why in nature it can be found grouped in dense and thick expanses.

It is the most used variety to obtain hybrids with high CBD contents, therefore legal CBD weed and natural products, whose field of use is really vast for the concrete beneficial effects that it releases on our body.

The low THC contents and the strength of the strain made it particularly suitable as a basis for hybridization with Sativa or Indica.

In fact its resemblance to fiber cannabis has meant that its use for therapeutic or recreational purposes is reduced: usually at Ruderalis the hybrids obtained with Sativa and Indica are preferred.

What are the best types of hemp?

What are the best types of hemp?

It is not difficult to draw up a list based on the preferences of cannabis users who are looking for a specific aroma rather than a specific effect to treat a disease.

Among the most sought after among the varieties of light marijuana, Amnesia Haze is a CBD Bud with a pine smell, containing a high percentage of CBD, therefore perfect for those seeking to relax.

One cannot fail to mention the historic Northern Lights, the queen of the Indica variety, a magnificent choice to deal with anxiety, depression and stress.

Even the flavors are pleasant, since desserts mixed with particular earthy fragrances.

Another legendary variety for the more experienced is the White Widow described by compatible CBD Flowers and a strong spicy smell.

There are also typically Italian varieties that should not be underestimated, such as the Carmagnola of Piedmontese origin that is considered to have a higher content of cannabinoids.

All that shows that the current market offers customers a wide choice of products for any need and adapt to any problem.

Everyone, therefore, can choose the variety they prefer most after making sure that it is certified, natural and of quality, like the one sold on Justbob.

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Why use legal marijuana?

After having listed some of the best types of CBD cannabis to choose from, it is good to list the benefits this may have for consumers.

This is a subject that is still much debated and that is still whatched with suspicion, although several studies have attested what are the beneficial properties of cannabis on our body.

It is not just about relaxing, as it is usable as:

  • Anti-inflammatory: reduces inflammation due to its analgesic effect;
  • Antipsychotic: CBD can counteract problems related to schizophrenic states and bipolar disorders;
  • Anticonvulsant: it is also effective in case of epileptic seizures and in general involuntary muscle spasms, such as those of Parkinson’s disease.

There are still many fields of application of cannabis with a high percentage of CBD, especially if we consider the various possible intake modalities: CBD oil, drops, lotions, crystals …

Cannabis is therefore a real revolution for the mind and the body!