Why the stylised marijuana leaf is a highly sought-after design for tattoos?

Why the stylised marijuana leaf is a highly sought-after design for tattoos?

Modified on: 19/04/2024


Thinking about a tattoo and then deciding to do it is affirming something important, sometimes it is a particular message, intended for oneself or others. Why tattoo a marijuana leaf?

It could be the statement of someone who likes this image. It could be accompanied by a text that even explains the image … the fact remains that to be able to print this Sativa hemp leaf on your skin means wanting to keep it with you for a lifetime.

Of course, tattoos can be removed or modified, but this is an even later stage. For now, we stop and think about who decides to get a tattoo, regardless of what the company, boss or family has to say.

Currently, the stereotypes linked to both hashish and legal CBD weed have not disappeared, but the legalisation of light cannabis is widespread.

Just think of the crops linked to the world of legal hemp and the sector of products derived from these crops: CBD Sativa oil and CBD Sensitiva oil, are just two examples (different, but referring to the same product) that highlight the spread of this market.

As the stigma begins to disappear, tattoo artists get to know more and more customers who are becoming “bold” by choosing to share their passion for the legal hash plant with the world.

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It leads to choosing a marijuana leaf as a tattoo.

In addition to the stylised marijuana leaf, daring customers choose between larger, slender shapes and sometimes opt for elaborate colours; some seem to be real works of art among the different designs.

Any tattoo representing marijuana or cannabis, in the form of a plant, a leaf or a bud, has a little history behind it, or a fascinating culture to discover.

For most people, the intent to get that tattoo goes beyond the fact that you are using CBD buds in your life, although this often seems implied.

Some people choose this tattoo as a form of protest. Others know the beneficial properties of the plant and would almost like to “pay tribute”. Then some have made it their reason to live and work diligently in the culture. They can’t do without always carrying a symbol with you.

Another story is Rastafarianism, a religion for which marijuana is not considered a ‘drug’, but in its natural position as a plant.

For a Rastafarian and anyone who knows this kind of culture, tattooing a marijuana leaf has an entirely different meaning.

In reality, even if cannabis use is part of their culture, it is not a requirement, and it is not certain that all Rasta people use it.

One curiosity to note is that Rastafari does not accept the recreational use of cannabis. The only way they use it is for spiritual purposes and reasons.

According to them, cannabis opens the doors to mysticism, a type of opening that is necessary when meditating or searching for a religious connection.

Therefore, for a Rastafari, tattooing a marijuana leaf can represent the desire to feel connected to this sacred plant.

Among other things, for Rastafarians, marijuana is the symbol of spiritual connection and peace and freedom of the soul. In short, a tattoo for life.

What happens in systems where the benefits of marijuana are the focus?

The marijuana plant and its leaves

At JustBob, we also believe that the cannabis plant and everything it is made of is the precious fruit of the earth.

Some believe that the plant was born near the tomb of King Solomon, symbolising strength and power. Others call it with the term ganja, referring to the plant with this name thinking it is the fruit of the Ganges (in India), another place to originate from.

In many cultures, considered a sacred plant, a gift from the gods, every part is used, without wasting anything.

We also know that the plant can be used for cooking and making drinks.

Perhaps in our region, it is not considered a sacred plant, but we know that each part can be used for different purposes.

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Cannabis leaves, in this respect, should never be thrown away, it would be a pity to throw them away as useless waste.

In addition to the larger leaves, those that appear to be fan-shaped, other leaves should not be underestimated, the famous “sweet leaves”, the small leaves found around the buds.

While the fan-shaped leaves, the ones often adopted for tattoos, are large and joined to the branch, the sugar leaves are a little hidden. Their tips are much easier to notice—another idea for a beautiful tattoo.

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