LED marijuana lamps: why are they used in indoor cultivation?

LED marijuana lamps

Modified on: 01/05/2024


Among the necessary equipment for cannabis cultivation are certainly marijuana lamps, the artificial light that allows the plants to receive the right amount of light.

In particular, LED lamps are a favourite among legal marijuana growers indoors, i.e. “indoor cannabis strains”, but also in greenhouses, i.e. “glasshouse cannabis strains”.

Modern LED lighting systems allow for very high yield plantations and CBD-rich flowers.

But why are these lamps considered the best for legal CBD weed cultivation? Let’s take a look below at the advantages of LED lights for industrial hemp plantations.

growers save energy compared to using other lights

By using LED marijuana lamps, growers save energy compared to using other lights.

LED lamps for indoor cultivation and greenhouse hemp light guarantee enormous energy savings compared to other lamps.

Growers who have tried to compare the use of LED lamps for automatic and regular cannabis plant flowering with the help of other lamps such as HID discharge lamps have found energy savings of around 40% when using LEDs.

Two main reasons determine this saving:

  • LED lamps consume less energy to emit light (HID lamps require about 150 watts more than LEDs due to the use of external ballast).
  • Resin or glass lenses can be integrated into the same lamps to concentrate the light emitted by the LEDs. Other types of lamps, on the other hand, require reflectors to focus the light precisely on the points (in this case, legal hemp plants). Without the use of reflectors, the light is diffused, and the energy consumption is even higher.

It should also be taken into account that LED lamps to have a much longer life than other types of light, due to the absence of the classic burning filament.

The best LED-lamps have autonomy of around 50,000 hours, while HID lamps (still the best on the market) usually switch off after a maximum of 3,000 hours of operation.

Let’s now look at the second advantage of using LED technology for the legal cultivation of marijuana.

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LEDs emit much less heat than HID and CFL lamps.

Compared to other lamps for cannabis cultivation, LED lights generate less heat.

It is a tremendous advantage for Sativa cannabis growers who do not have to worry about airing and to cool their greenhouses or grow rooms (in the case of indoor cultivation).

Wondering why a greenhouse or growing room needs cooling? Because the heat emitted by the lamps can cause fires and/or damage the plants irreparably.

If you touch a HIT lamp after several hours of operation, it usually becomes warm. It is not the case with LED lights, which emit very little heat.

Thanks to LEDs, growers can expose their plants to different emission spectra depending on the growth stage of the CBD buds.

Full-spectrum LEDs

Full-spectrum LEDs allow growers to provide cannabis plants with the most appropriate light spectrum for the different stages of growth.

The best LED-lamps are available on the market in full-spectrum configurations. By using these lamps, growers can provide the plants with the ideal wavelengths for each stage of growth.

For example, cannabis plants need the blue (cold) light spectrum during the vegetative growth phase and the red and infrared light spectrum during the flowering stage.

The wavelengths are usually not visible to the naked eye … But trust us: the plants perceive them nicely!

When cannabis receives the right light, it reacts positively by growing correctly, developing healthily and producing many CBD flowers. The light spectrum is essential for the excellent growth of hemp plants, and the best white LED lamps to enable growers to provide the plants with the colour temperature they need.

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Marijuana growers often choose to invest in LED lamps, as the technology of these lamps allows them to grow healthier plants and maintain a high CBD content of cannabis flowers legally.

Although they have an extremely high initial cost, especially compared to other types of lamps, the best LED-lamps are perfect for indoor and greenhouse cultivation.

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