What to do with cannabis leaves? 5 smart ways to re-use them to the fullest

What to do with cannabis leaves? 5 smart ways

Modified on: 19/04/2024


When you hear about CBD weed, you usually refer to inflorescences and its derivatives (such as CBD oil and hashish), but many are curious to know what you can do with cannabis leaves.

Are they to be thrown away or are they used in some contexts?

What do the canapicultors of the marijuana leaves left over from the manicure of the plant do with it?

Here are 5 curious uses of marijuana leaves.

Cannabis leaves: useful or to throw away?

When canapicultors proceed to the cutting and processing of CBD cannabis plants, they pay a lot more attention to inflorescences because they are rich in aromas, trichomes and cannabinoids of various types (including CBD).

  • What about the rest?
  • What to do with cannabis leaves?
  • Are they to be thrown away or are they used in some way?
  • Can you smoke hemp leaves?
  • Are they edible?

Lots of curiosities and questions arise from this topic, but to answer them, it is necessary to make, first of all, a distinction.

In hemp plants there are different kind of leaves: the larger and wider ones with the typical fan shape (responsible for the photosynthesis process) and the smaller ones that surround the tops, covered with resin crystals, and also called “sugar leaves“.

The first ones are usually eliminated altogether or, at most, they are used as we will tell you at item #1 of the list, while the second ones are sometimes left around the inflorescences even during the cutting phase – to favor a more natural drying – other times they are cut and used in wayother s.

However, leaves are usually not used for smoking, or only partly, as compared to the inflorescences they have a less pleasant taste and cause an annoying sensation in the throat (we remind you that in the UK like in the majority of countries worldwide,smoking cannabis and CBD buds is not allowed).

Having made this distinction, let’s find out what are the 5 main uses of marijuana leaves and legal hemp.

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Cannabis leaves: useful or to throw away?

1) Cannabis leaves to create compost for subsequent crops

The easiest way to reuse and exploit hemp leaves advanced by plant processing is to exploit them to fertilize subsequent plantations.

Whether the canapicultors are dealing with fresh, dry or curled leaves and whether they belong to the sativa, indica or ruderalis varieties, they will be able to exploit them to create an organic compost.

Creating a mixture of vegetable waste using hemp leaves as well, allows canapicultors to feed the plants in a natural way, without having to rely on chemical fertilizers.

In this case, both fan-shaped leaves (the largest leaves) and sugar leaves (the smallest leaves) can be used.

2) Cannabis butter or cannabutter

The second way to use hemp leaves is the realization of flavored butter to be used in the kitchen.

There are those who use butter of animal origin and those who use vegetable butter (such as coconut), but the process of realization is always the same.

The butter is melted, the chopped hemp leaves are inserted, the mixture is thoroughly mixed, then at some point it is filtered and the whole thing is left to solidify.

What is obtained is a particularly aromatic butter.

3) Tea or herbal tea with cannabis leaves

Among the most widespread uses of marijuana leaves there certainly are herbal teas.

The canapicultors who decide to take advantage of the waste from the processing of the plant to make infusions, in addition to leaves they can also recover the most tender twigs.

In this case, you usually let everything dry and then proceed as for the preparation of any other herbal tea, or either you let simmer leaves and twigs for about 7-8 minutes.

Same thing of course (in locations where the law allows it) can be done with CBD flowers.

4) Oleolith with marijuana leaves

4) Oleolith with marijuana leaves

If you still wonder what to do with cannabis leaves in addition to herbal tea, the most widespread uses do not end there.

One of them is the production of oleolites, which can be used both for food purposes and for skin care.

It seems, in fact, that immersing the leaves of legal hemp in vegetable oils, can not only modify the aroma, but it can also amplify or modify its properties.

Usually, the leaves are left in a glass jar full of oil for about 40 days and then proceed to use.

There are those who use olive oil (mainly for cooking), those who use almond oil (to make the skin more elastic and compact), those who prefer rice oil (perfect in combination with hemp for the most sensitive skin), and many others …

5) Flour and ingredients for milkshakes and ice creams

Once again hemp leaves are used in cooking.

There are those who mix them in bread or pizza doughs, those who use them to make milkshakes and ice creams, those who make cakes and biscuits…

In short, hemp leaves and alternative recipes seem to be an increasingly frequent pairing all over the world.

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To conclude

As you can see from hemp, nothing is thrown away and even if you hear much less about the leaves than the inflorescences and derivatives (such as legal hashish and CBD oil) in reality they are exploited!

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