USA: CBD is used to support the vaccination campaign

USA: CBD is used to support the vaccination campaign

Modified on: 19/04/2024


In the past year, during the pandemic caused by the spread of the coronavirus, it seems that the purchase of CBD cannabis has increased so much worldwide.

But who would have thought that marijuana would be used to encourage people to vaccinate?

Yes, you got that right.

That’s what is happening in the United States to try to achieve herd immunity as quickly as possible.

Here we are going to tell you the story of how marijuana is being treated as a prize.

Marijuana, beers, and money: these are some of the prizes chosen to encourage the undecided to get vaccinated in the US.

The Covid-19 epidemic has not yet stopped, and vaccination campaigns of varying intensity are underway all over the world.

One case that has made the headlines is the one going on in the USA.

Marihuana, Bier und Bargeld

A large part of the US population still seems to be reluctant to be vaccinated, so other means were used during the immunisation campaign.

States and companies decided to ‘reward’ citizens and workers who would undergo the vaccine, and the rewards offered included money, discounts, and gadgets, but also beer and marijuana!

Will the choice of these ‘incentives’ really convince many undecided people to vaccinate against Covid-19 or will it just be another cause for controversy?

Is the population so determined not to vaccinate that it will have to resort to the distribution of cannabis light?

It seems that less than 50% of US citizens are in favour of the vaccine, but to stop the Covid-19 epidemic, it would be important to vaccinate at least 70% of the population, which is why it has become necessary to get to these means.

But back to the CBD herb, who proposed it? The state or a company?

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US and CBD to promote vaccines: details of the story

Having explained why it was decided to offer prizes to encourage people to vaccinate, you may now be wondering how and by whom the idea of giving cannabis as a gift came up.

In order to encourage people to get vaccinated, some states have decided to use money or other benefits, while some companies, large and small, have offered prizes.

Some giants such as McDonald’s, Dollar General, AT&T, and many others have offered extra money to employees who choose to immunise themselves, while other companies have turned to the public.

Here are some examples of the many proposals:

  • Samuel Adams with the slogan “Shot and beer” chose to pay a beer to the first one thousand users who would post a photo of the vaccine inoculation on social media;
  • Kryspy Kreme, on the other hand, chose to offer his traditional doughnut to those who show their vaccination card;
  • Greenhouse of Walled Lake, a dispensary that sells medical and recreational cannabis, is the one who, with the slogan ‘Pot for shot’, offered to give cannabis to people who got vaccinated.

The idea of the owner of the business is that the “Pot for shots” campaign could convince another segment of the population to get vaccinated. Raising awareness regarding the importance of the vaccine is key to achieving herd immunity and get back to normal as soon as possible.

The company, which supports the responsible use of CBD weed, hopes that this gesture will not only have an impact in terms of solving the pandemic but also raise awareness in the community and the state to change their stance on the use of cannabis and its derivatives (such as legal hashish and CBD oil).

USA und CBD zur Förderung von Impfstoffen

Will cannabis and other rewards be enough to achieve immunity to the virus?

While some states and companies strive to convince the population to be vaccinated, some want no part of the vaccine, and the current political situation is also very confusing.

Some aim at the vaccine passport, in order to be able to relive as soon as possible many contexts of the old life that we miss so much, and those who oppose the use of such documents (especially the democrats).

In some states, such as Philadelphia, it seems that thousands of doses of vaccine are about to expire because citizens have not joined the vaccination campaign. This is absurd when you consider that in many parts of the world, people waiting for them.

Given the country’s obvious division on this issue, it is now very difficult to see whether the premiums will make a difference in achieving herd immunity, or whether the US population will not be influenced in any way.

Whatever happens, the fact that cannabis was also proposed as a premium to vaccinated citizens will remain in history and will probably, even if only slightly, affect the fate of legal marijuana laws.

In Europe, the scenario is completely different, and under the current rules it is unthinkable that a company could distribute cannabis light to promote the vaccination campaign, but knowing that in other parts of the world it happens certainly makes one smile…

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