Moon Rock Weed: history and characteristics of this variety

Moonrock Weed: history

Modified on: 19/04/2024


If when talking about legal cannabis or researching high CBD inflorescences you came across Moonrock Weed, chances are you were intrigued.

What would the ‘moon rocks’ of the hemp world be?

Why do they look like that?

Here you can find out all of the most interesting details, history and origins of this particular inflorescence.

Here is what you should know about Moonrock Weed.

Moonrock Weed: what it is and where it gets its name from

Moonrock Weed: what it is and where it gets its name from

If you have wondered at the name Moonrock, whether this CBD weed was grown on the moon, enriched with lunar extracts, or any other such reason, let me tell you, you are off the mark.

Moon Rock’s name is derived from its appearance and it will become clear when you look at the product photo.

Why do the buds of this type of hemp have this particular appearance?

Why do they resemble lunar craters embellished with space rocks?

It is all down to the post-harvest processing of the flowers.

Moonrock buds, instead of being marketed like all the others, are soaked in concentrated oils and then covered with a dusting of CBD pollen, called kief.

That’s why they form special, unique-looking balls.

Because of this processing, the legal Moonrock weed is one of the products with one of the highest levels of CBD (the one sold on reaches 70%).

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Origins of Moonrock weed: from high THC to CBD version

If you have wondered how Moonrock came to be in the world of CBD cannabis, it is still unclear.

What is certain for now is that Moonrock Weed originated in California and that the cannabis flowers are chosen to make it were those of the Girl Scout Cookies variety, while not much is known about who chose the name first.

As far as the spread of Moonrock is concerned, its unique composition and appearance have certainly helped its fame to spread, but its peak came in 2015 when a US rapper promoted his own line of cannabis products using this name.

At the time of its inception, Moonrock Weed was not without its psychotropic effects.

While the legal version, now produced in Europe, is characterised by a high CBD content, the ‘original’ version was rich in THC.

First, a cannabis gene with a high tetrahydrocannabinol content was used, then it was dipped in wax, a honey-like substance (with a high THC content), then kief was added, to reach a percentage of the psychotropic substance of 80% or more.

Legal moonrock cannabis, on the other hand, is made using a different protocol, so that the THC percentage does not exceed 1%, and the process is instead used to increase the cannabidiol doses.

The Moonrock buds that you can find for sale on Justbob are made according to high quality and safety standards.

The company that produces this genetics for us is from Piedmont. For the cultivation of hemp, they follow organic regulations and they avoid using fertilisers that may contain GMOs and heavy metals.

After production and before selling, these products are examined and tested in the laboratory to guarantee their legality, safety, and quality.

Legal Moonrock: effects and flavours

Because of its high cannabidiol content and intense, distinctive aromas, Moonrock weed is also called the ‘caviar of CBD‘.

Moonrock buds are characterised by intense, strong, and varied aromas, slightly fruity, but also dry (due to the pollen).

As far as effects are concerned, since they are legal products, cannabis moonrocks do not have psychotropic actions, but if taken they can be associated with CBD and its effects.

Legal Moonrock: effects and flavours

Are Moonrock and Icerock the same thing?

If you’ve heard of Moonrock as well as Icerock and wondered if they are two names for the same product, the answer is no.

Although both types of cannabis buds contain the word ‘rock’ and both are famous for having a high percentage of CBD, they are two different products.

While Moonrock is reminiscent of moon rocks, Icerock is more like mountain rocks covered in ice or snow.

The reason for this is that instead of pollen, the Icerock is covered in pure CBD crystals.

The Icerock variety sold in our cannabis light shop is also legal and has a CBD content of up to 90% due to its method of production.

In order to obtain this product, the light cannabis buds are first dipped in CBD oil and then sprinkled with pure cannabidiol crystals.

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After this in-depth study, we are sure you satisfied your curiosity concerning Moonrock weed.

However, by visiting our Justbob store you can find more details and information and you can purchase the Moonrock light herb at a very affordable price to enrich your collection of cannabis and cannabis light products.

We look forward to seeing you in our CBD online shop.

See you soon!