Cannabis buds & cannabis: how to recognise quality buds

Cannabis buds & cannabis: how to recognise quality buds

Modified on: 12/04/2024


Since the use of legal cannabis has become so widespread in various countries around the world, more and more people are wondering: how to recognise good quality cannabis buds from poor ones?

Is it enough to recognise them at a glance, or do many other details and nuances have to be considered?

What determines the quality of CBD weed buds?

Here you can find all the answers and clarifications you need on how to distinguish the best marijuana buds with a simple, clear and practical guide.

What are cannabis buds and how they differ in quality

If you’re not yet an expert in the world of light cannabis, but have only recently started to explore the different types of inflorescences and cannabis derivatives (such as CBD oil and hashish), it’s normal to have doubts when faced with the products in front of you.

Let’s start by saying that when you hear people talk about marijuana buds, cannabis buds or buds, they mean the same thing, they are basically the inflorescences of the cannabis plant which are harvested when mature and then dried and tanned.

Marijuana buds, which you have probably already dealt with, are produced exclusively by the female cannabis plant, and if not fertilised by pollen from the male plant, they grow and develop until they are fully mature.

It is at this stage that each cannabis bud manages to have the highest concentrations of the main cannabinoids we know today, but with a distinction:

What are cannabis buds and how they differ in quality

  • legal hemp inflorescences will be rich in CBD;
  • illegal marijuana inflorescences will be rich in THC (a psychotropic substance that is also illegal in most of Europe).

Although the vast majority of online cannabis sellers claim that their legal weed is superior to the average, it is not always the case, which is why there is a specific method of evaluation after purchase.

Cannabis buds are mainly divided into low quality, medium quality and high quality buds.

The result of the product obtained depends on the experience of the cannabis growers and the subsequent processors.

The former must know the best hemp cultivation techniques to obtain healthy, lush and fragrant plants and must be able to recognise the right moment for harvesting. The latter, on the other hand, must treat the plant before it is sold, taking care not to dry it out too much and not to ruin its aromatic properties and potential effects.

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Hemp cultivation techniques: Here’s why they make a difference

As mentioned above, the quality of the buds obtained depends very much on the experience of the hemp growers.

Many people wonder how to get huge auto-flowering buds, why the buds don’t swell, how to promote the growth of hemp flowers and so much more. The truth is that, to get quality products it is not enough to improvise, but it’s important to follow the right procedures which can make a real difference concerning the quality of the product.

It is certainly necessary to start by choosing good plant genetics, then pay attention to the type of soil chosen, and to the use of fertilisers and enzymes. The intensity, colour and constancy of the light also make a difference, and of course, the same applies to the temperature and humidity of the environment in which the hemp plants are grown.

Poor nutrition, too little, or too much light and many other factors can determine the appearance, aromas and yield of the plant.

That being said, let’s see how you should proceed in order to assess whether the legal hemp buds in front of you are top quality or whether you have some brick weed (the lowest quality) in hand.

How to recognise quality marijuana buds

You don’t have to be a connoisseur to tell the difference between quality marijuana buds and poorer ones, but it’s very easy if you take certain parameters into account.

Here is what you need to consider when determining the quality of a bud.

Appearance and consistency

A first-rate cannabis bud should be characterised by a bright, vibrant green colouration with lots of trichomes and pistils (be wary of colours that are too dull).

Pruning is also an indicator of quality; if it looks ‘manicured’, the plant has obviously been treated with care.

As far as consistency is concerned, it’s a good sign to have dense and compact buds, although some varieties of hemp are characterised by airy buds, the important thing is that you don’t find yourself dealing with buds that are too bare and open.

Also essential is a good moisture level and a sticky consistency.

How to recognise quality marijuana buds

Aroma and flavour

As well as assessing the appearance, it is also important to do an olfactory analysis of the CBD buds.

If you have quality legal marijuana buds in your hands, you should get an immediate pungent and lingering smell that smells a bit earthy, but, depending on the variety and the presence of terpenes, the smells may be more reminiscent of some fruits, the smell of diesel (yes, fuel) or flowers.

If, on the other hand, the inflorescences you have bought have a very light scent and remind you of the typical smell of hay, it means that the buds have been stored incorrectly, or have been dried too much or even grown in an unbalanced way.

If you live in a country where it is also permitted to consume CBD flowers, you will realise that the quality characteristics described above will also be matched by a rich, intense and persistent flavour with many nuances.

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As you have read, distinguishing a quality cannabis bud from a bad one is not as complicated as many people initially think. The signs that the plant gives are clear in many ways.

Now you are familiar with them, but, by purchasing from our cannabis light shop you will not find yourself in any kind of doubt.

The legal hemp that you find for sale at Justbob is tested in the laboratory (and certified) for both quality and legality.

So if you are looking for first-rate inflorescences as well as CBD-based derivatives, you will find plenty to choose from in our CBD online store.

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