Unearthing the world of legal weed in Europe

Unearthing the world of CBD weed in Europe

Modified on: 19/04/2024


It is fast becoming bigger and bigger with each passing day. The best part of it all is that the legalization of marijuana is going global, the Europen Union is not left out. Despite a lower explosion in European countries, the European CBD market share is touted to increase by a mammoth 400% by 2023.

That is good news, right?

It is now even better that we understand the value of using marijuana. From alleviating chronic pain, solving insomnia, and indigestion to skincare and even countering epileptic seizures, there is a tonne of therapeutic cannabis benefits.

In regards to the now unearthed value of using CBD cannabis the number of people embracing and using it is soaring in Europe. If you are interested to buy online CBD weed to try it out for the first time or using it currently, there can only be one question for you.

How well do you know about legal weed in European countries?

Legal CBD in Europe

Get this clear at first, most countries do not have a solid legal framework for CBD selling, use or even possession. This proves to be one of the major hindrances for the budding CBD market in Europe.

Individuals who have heard of the CBD benefits and are willing to explore them will be left wondering if it is legal in their countries. This should not be the case.

The better side is that some countries have in the past come out clear on the cultivation, possession, marketing, selling and using CBD products. We all know that the subject of contention for the legality of CBD is the THC composition.

If you are a greenhorn, just like anyone at first, THC and CBD are cannabinoid compounds that can be extracted from marijuana or hemp plants. The two abbreviations represent tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol respectively.

While CBD remains to be the premier ingredient for medical marijuana products, THC curves its own space as the ingredient behind uplifting brain effects for recreational use. In most cases, THC draws the line between legal and illegal marijuana. CBD use is acceptable in the EU as it does not cause any psychosis.

The cultivation, use, and possession of marijuana are accepted if the reason is scientific or medicinal. CBD flowers are legal and purely medicinal and therefore present themselves to be counted as a valuable therapy source.

The medical benefits of using CBD flowers

The medical benefits of using CBD flowers

Well, there are a plethora of them. From clinical research and anecdotal evidence exhibited online, the use of legal CBD flower has changed the lives of a huge number of people across the globe.

Here are the most common ways that you stand to benefit from CBD weed and oil.

CBD combats chronic pain and muscle tensions.

Did you know that the World Anti Doping Agency( WADA) did legalize the use of CBD by sportsmen?

Not only athletes but also every one of us encounters gruesome workdays. Muscular pain is a huge problem for most people. Bone pain like in arthritis cases is also a common phenomenon that CBD receptors in our bodies help us get relieved with.

If you go hard on your muscles during your daily activities, you are likely to experience muscle tensions. Luckily CBD is here to help.

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Clear skin conditions like acne with CBD

Acne is a skin problem that is most common in adolescents. The good news is that CBD is known to help in clearing acne for smooth, flawless and glowing skin. It is proved to stop the inflammation of oil glands that leads to the development of acne. Conversely, you can say CBD helps you to improve your self-esteem with a great look.

CBD calms down your nerves to relieve stress and anxiety

Every one of us has undergone a stressful ordeal in life. Prolonged stress and anxiety can lead to depression which is very much unhealthy. By calming the neurons in our brains, CBD helps you to clear your thoughts and focus better on what matters most.

Fight insomnia with a dose of CBD oils.

It is very hard to sleep with muscle tension, inflammation, pain or even stress and anxiety, isn’t it?

Using cannabidiol can be your heaven-sent angel as it clears all these. If you are having poor quality sleep, sleeping depth and length hampered, then you need to try out CBD.

CBD cannabis buds

CBD cannabis buds

How well do you understand the cannabis plant? How do we get legal CBD cannabis buds in the EU? Did you know that marijuana, hemp, and cannabis are all different terms with a different meaning? It is interesting how most people use these terms interchangeably to mean the same thing.

It all boils down to the CBD and THC concentrations. Here is the explanation.

Cannabis plants are the flowering genus plant in the cannabaceae family. This is the source of CBD weed buds. However, it does not end there.

What about Bubble Gum, Gorilla Glue, CBD hash what do they mean?

If you are conversant with binomial nomenclature, the conventional formula of naming plants, you will easily understand that after the family we drop down to the genus and species. Cannabis species – and therefore cannabis seeds – are mainly Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis.

So, what about marijuana and hemp? What about strains?

Marijuana is an unofficial term that refers to high THC content species of the cannabis plant, more than 1% which is the legal threshold in most countries and regions. Hemp, on the other hand, represents the mostly legal CBD cannabis buds that have less than 1% THC.

Now to strains…

Cannabis CBD strains are a representation of the variations of the three cannabis species, Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. The strains depict different effects when taken into our bodies. They can have high THC content that makes them illegal as they can cause a head high and dependency.

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The legal use of CBD can be drawn into the composition of THC in a CBD flower or CBD cannabis oil product. Selecting strains that have little to THC is the easiest way to determine the legality of CBD product. Thinking about trying a CBD bud or CBD oil? Certainly, you will have good news for your peers after your first dose.