The marijuana plant

The marijuana plant

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The marijuana plant: a bit of history.

The tradition of cannabis cultivation has a long history behind it. His history does not, of course, begin with CBD flower, as until the 1940s the concentration of marijuana THC was not generally condemned.

In fact, in ancient times, hemp fibers were used in the textile sector for garments, cordage and sails for the canals.

Moreover, until the early decades of the twentieth century, hemp was the main raw material for the production of paper.

The use of the psychoactive substances of cannabis was widespread mainly among the populations of the Middle and Far East. The narcotic and analgesic effect of Indica Cannabis in those areas has been associated with most religious rituals for millennia.

In particular ancient Chinese medicine recognized to the cannabis therapeutic properties today confirmed by scientific research.

The medical use of cannabis was also known in Europe: in the Naturalis Historia, Pliny the Elder mentions its therapeutic properties, while, again, Roman sources attest that cannabis was used both for rituals and ceremonies and as a medicinal plant in Celtic populations, starting from the IV and III century BC.

In modern times, the recreational use of marijuana was a practice common to most intellectual class: important writers and thinkers used it frequently and not always moderately.

The turning point in the dissemination and study of cannabis came from the 1937 law, the Marijuana Tax Act, amended in America under the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The provision was aimed in particular at hindering Mexico, the main producer of hemp in Central America.

The hostile campaign that cannabis was subject to has since spread all over the world. The United States, winners of the Second World War, favored the spread of prohibition on hemp in all NATO countries, so that even Italy, until then the largest producer of hemp in Europe, had in 1975 to amend a law that prohibited its cultivation.

But the worst outcome of prohibition was its reaction to scientific research: from the first decades of the twentieth century to the end of the nineties, in fact, scientific research on cannabis, cannabinoids and their therapeutic, industrial and agricultural uses came to a complete halt.

Only after the insistence and success of the legalization movement could we resume investigating the therapeutic properties of the two main metabolites of marijuana, CBD and THC.

Currently cannabis has become legal in some countries, including many American states (click here to find out which ones: “American states where marijuana is legal: this is where you can smoke cannabis in the US”).

As for Italy, instead, in our nation it is possible to cultivate and trade in weakened Hemp Sativa, therefore with quantities of THC lower than 1%.

This variety is called CBD weed. Let’s see together what its benefits are.

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The benefits of the CBDcannabis plant.

The benefits of the legal CBD marijuana plant.

Legal CBD marijuana, legal cannabis in Italy, is a type of cannabis with a THC content (tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive metabolite) lower than 1% and with medium-high concentrations of CBD (cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive metabolite).

Some varieties, such as the Swiss Flower Power, can reach up to the 26% of CBD. Others, such as Sweet Berry, generally exceed the 22%.

The benefits of CBD buds consumption are many. In fact it has been scientifically established that CBD is an excellent analgesic, with anxiolytic, antidepressant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant properties.

In particular due to the properties of CBD and other cannabis terpenes, the consumption of CBD cannabis is particularly indicated for those who suffer from:

  • Insomnia, as the CBD helps to relax body and mind, as well as performing a regulatory function of the heart rate and breathing. Specifically, in case of insomnia, it is strongly recommended to take legal hemp tea.
  • Epilepsy. Warning: the weakened marijuana is not a medicine, therefore it cannot under any circumstances replace the drugs prescribed by the specialist. However, especially due to the anticonvulsant properties of CBD, the intake of cannabidiol extracts (such as CBD oil) or legal weed can help to control the muscle spasms typical of this disorder.
  • Inflammations and injuries, precisely because, as an analgesic, CBD relieves pain and, as an anti-inflammatory, helps the body react positively by intervening on the regulation of the immune reaction.
  • Arthritis and other chronic pains. In fact, CBD slows down the process of degeneration of the joints and generally relaxes the muscles, relieving pressure on the affected area.

The countless uses of legal CBD cannabis are convincing more and more states about the need for its legalization.

As we told you before, in Italy the production of this product was allowed by the law of December 2, 2016, n.242, although the use for recreational purposes still constitutes an administrative crime.

To avoid problems with the Authorities it is therefore advisable to respect the uses indicated on the package of pre rolled joint of CBD weed or to use it privately at home.

In any case, regardless of the mode of employment, legal cannabis has no psychotropic effects, unlike the “classic” marijuana with a high THC content.

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Psychotropic marijuana: why and where?

Psychotropic marijuana: why and where?

Psychotropic marijuana, unlike the light version, is not selected in order to have minimal THC concentrations.

In the psychotropic variety the psychoactive metabolite, THC, is present in percentages that can reach, as in the case of Gorilla Glue, the 25/30%, verging on psychedelic effects on those who use it.

Psychotropic marijuana always presents THC and CBD, therefore it is particularly indicated for those pathologies that need to resort to strong analgesics. Here are some examples:

  • tumors
  • fibromyalgia
  • chronic inflammation
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • brain trauma
  • multiple sclerosis

Obviously marijuana for therapeutic use can only be purchased under medical prescription. Its varieties, FM-1 and FM-2, can be found in pharmacies and produced, as far as Italy is concerned, only at the Military Pharmaceutical Chemical Establishment in Florence.

Unlike therapeutic use, the recreational use of CBD flowers with high percentages of THC is, in our country, administratively sanctioned.

In other states it is completely illegal: those who use it often risk detention.