Marijuana butter: the recipe of the famous cannabutter!

Marijuana butter: the recipe of the famous cannabutter with CBD cannabis

Modified on: 12/05/2023


Are you looking for the cannabutter recipe, that is the CBD (and non) cannabis butter?

You have opened the right article: today we will explain to you what are the benefits of taking this product, the ingredients and the correct procedure to make it.

Let’s start now!

Legal CBD marijuana in the kitchen

CBD cannabis is increasingly present in the world’s gastronomic recipes, from the most popular ones to the dishes offered by starred chefs.

The use of cannabis light in the kitchen dates back to the dawn of time; for example, in Italy entire recipes were found written between 1200 and 1400, while it is certain that even older peoples used it to obtain various dishes.

The seeds of the CBD Bud contain the eight essential amino acids for the correct metabolism of our body: they are rich in Omega 6 linoleic acid, contain high values of vitamin E and essential mineral salts such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

What’s more, cannabis has a high protein value and contains the polyunsaturated fats Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the ratio of 5:1 which is the perfect one.

Hemp flour is very rich in vegetable protein and fiber and is gluten-free. It is therefore ideal both for those suffering from celiac disease and for vegans and vegetarians.

But now let’s move on to the real recipe of the CBD weed butter.

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Marijuana Butter Recipe (Cannabutter)

It is a tasty and easy recipe to make for anyone.

After you have produced your legal CBD Flowers, you can use it to make cakes, season or cook or simply spread it on toast.

Here are the ingredients needed to make this product.


250 grams of butter or margarine

½ liter of water

5 grams of CBD buds

How to prepare legal CBD marijuana butter

The first operation to do is to finely chop 5 grams of CBD cannabis flowers.

Once your grass is almost pulverized, all you have to do is put it in a heat-resistant glass container and put it in an oven preheated to 100 degrees for an hour.

Mix the marijuana every 15 minutes so that the cooking is uniform and does not burn on the sides most exposed to the heat.

After this phase your cannabis will look like a dark green dough. At this point let it rest.

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In the meantime, head to the stove: take a container and cook half a liter of water at 250 grams of butter (if you are vegan but want to try cannabis butter you can also use margarine).

Now you just have to melt the butter slowly without ever making it boil.

Once the butter has completely melted, add your 5 grams of cooked weed (for example our Gorilla Glue weed) in the oven and leave it on the stove for an hour on a very low heat, stirring the mixture often and always avoiding boiling.

At the end of cooking you will see that the water has almost completely evaporated.

Put all the contents in a colander, to separate the liquid obtained from cannabis remnants.

Now wait for your filtered mixture to cool and then place it in a glass container.

Initially keep it in the freezer to solidify properly; when the mixture is completely solid you can move it in the fridge and it will be ready for consumption.

Now you get your own cannabis butter. You can use it exactly like normal butter in all the recipes that require it, for example to prepare a tasty CBD Flower herbal tea, excellent biscuits or a marijuana cake.

Advice on taking cannabis butter

If you intend to use classic and not CBD weed, we remind you that once ingested, cannabis acts more slowly … But it has a much more powerful and lasting effect than the effects due to its combustion and direct inhalation.

So if you use it to produce butter or other ingredients, always pay attention to the doses and value of THC in the grass you have purchased, in order to avoid unexpected and unwanted side effects.

No side effect can instead come from CBD oil or other CBD products as the THC level is totally harmless and the entire production chain is controlled and certified.

We strongly advise against using cannabis for any type of recipe that you can buy illegally on the street or from unofficial channels.

In fact hemp coming from the black market is often cut with various substances which, being unknown, once manipulated with cooking and ingested could cause serious damage to your body.

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