Hemp for food use: here are the main foods based on this plant

Hemp for food use: here are the main foods based on this plant

Modified on: 13/07/2023


Browsing the shelves of supermarkets, or around the premises, it is likely that you have realized how much, recently, the proposals for foods that contain CBD weed among the ingredients have increased.

Pasta, biscuits, drinks, pesto…

There are many new hemp-based foods.

Are you curious to try some but before doing so would you like to know more?

Here we are talking about the main foods based on marijuana, why they seem to be going great and the properties of this plant in the diet.

Here are the main curiosities about hemp for food use.

Role of Cannabis in food

Cannabis in food: a novelty that is gaining a wide consensus

If you love to try unusual dishes or drinks and you like the novelties, it is likely that you have also been intrigued by the recent proposals of hemp-based foods.

Until recently in Switzerland, it was unthinkable to buy biscuits or bread that among the list of ingredients also contained the word ‘cannabis’. Today it is possible, as long as they comply with the provisions of the law on hemp for food use.

The components of the CBD cannabis plant that are used in gastronomy are the seeds, from which both oil is extracted and flour is produced.

Cannabis oil and flour have a very particular and decisive taste, vaguely reminiscent of hazelnut.

To refine its intense flavor, cannabis flour is usually mixed with wheat flour or other types characterized by a more delicate taste, while the oil is mostly used as a raw seasoning (also to keep its nutritional properties intact).

Why consume cannabis-based foods?

Without a doubt because this plant is able to flavor dishes with its unusual and peculiar taste, but also because it possesses several interesting nutritional properties.

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Hemp-based foods: here are the most appreciated

Foods based on CBD marijuana are conquering an increasingly large audience: partly because of the general curiosity and partly because the taste of flour and oil that are obtained from it seem to be appreciated by many palates.

But what are the most popular hemp-based foods?

Let’s see the main ones.

  • Hemp pizza
    One of the foods that in Switzerland could not fail to be successful is pizza with hemp flour.
    It is certainly an unusual mixture, but it seems to have convinced even the most skeptical consumers. In this case, cannabis flour is not used alone, but is mixed with wheat flour: a device that manages to embellish the pizza with a pleasant and not too intrusive aroma.
  • Hemp biscuits
    Among the foods for breakfast that are increasingly in vogue, there are bakery products based on wholemeal flours, alternative cereals, legumes and other seeds of various kinds.
    Among the many proposals, those that contain flour and hemp seeds have also been very successful. Usually characterized by a high protein intake and an unusual and particular taste (similar to hazelnuts), hemp biscuits are appreciated by many consumers.
  • Hemp seasonings
    Among the most purchased hemp products there are seasonings for pasta, bread and bruschetta. Very popular pesto based on basil and hemp seeds (produced by different companies), but also spreadable creams are finding wide use, especially in the raw and vegan cuisine sector.
  • Hemp pasta
    To finish the list of the most appreciated cannabis-based foods in beauty, we could not fail to mention pasta. An excellent alternative to the classic durum wheat pasta, the cannabis one can be found in various formats and goes well with many types of condiments. In addition to its particular taste, hemp pasta is highly appreciated because it is less caloric than the traditional one and with a high protein content: a mix that conquers numerous people!

This was a small list of the most loved foods, but there are many others and if you are curious, you just have to taste them all!

Food hemp: properties and benefits

Food hemp: properties and benefits

If hemp flour and oil have entered the list of ingredients of many foods of common consumption such as biscuits, bread, but also fruit juices and puddings, it is because of their excellent properties.

Hemp oil and flour are easily digestible, they also contain numerous substances that can contribute to the well-being of the human organism.

Let’s find out the main ones.

Let’s start by saying that hemp flour is gluten-free, so it is a food that can be consumed safely by the vast majority of the population (even by celiacs).

The main macronutrients contained in hemp flour are proteins – good news for athletes trying to limit carbohydrates – among which albumin and edhestine predominate in particular.

These proteins actively contribute to the intake of the eight main amino acids essential for humans (such as arginine and glutamic acid).

The hemp seeds from which, as we have seen, both flour and oil are produced, are also rich in polyunsaturated acids (such as linoleic acid) and have an excellent ratio between omega-6 and omega-3: good news both for the circulatory system and to limit LDL cholesterol levels.

And that’s not all.

By introducing hemp oil and flour into the diet, it is also possible to take vitamins B1 and B2, vitamin E, and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

In short, all that remains is to say: welcome hemp!

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To conclude

As you could read, CBD flower is now increasingly widespread even in the food sector.

The nutritional properties and taste of flour and oil made from cannabis are appreciated by the general public, so it is likely that over time the foods in circulation based on this plant will increase significantly.

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