CBD resin: where is it found, how is it used and why is it so talked about?

CBD Resin

Modified on: 19/04/2024


One of the most interesting raw materials for CBD weed enthusiasts is certainly the CBD resin, rich in cannabidiol and, therefore, with beneficial effects for the human and animal organism.

However, the informations about it are very concise and does not fully explain what CBD cannabis resin is (and why it is so renowned).

For this reason, today, we have decided to dedicate an in-depth study of this product to inform you about it thoroughly.

Are you ready? Then take 2 minutes to read, and let’s get started!

CBD resin: what is it and where is it found?

The CBD flower resin is the product secreted by the trichomes, the microscopic glands that cover the CBD flowers and, to a lesser extent, other parts of the plant, such as the leaves.This product is highly viscous, rich in terpenes (aromatic molecules) and cannabinoids (in the case of legal hemp, high percentages of CBD and THC below 1%).

Hemp resin is a compound that acts as a deterrent for pests , attracts benevolent insects and protects precious flowers from atmospheric agents, extreme temperatures and the action of UV rays.

CBD resin: what is it and where is it found?

But this is not what makes the product so attractive. According to the consumer, the resin is immensely appreciated due to its high cannabinoid content. Consequently, in the case of legal CBD resin, it offers all the effects of cannabidiol:

  • painkiller
  • antiemetic
  • relaxing
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant
  • immunomodulator
  • hypotensive
  • antispasmodic
  • anticonvulsant
  • antipsychotic

As you can imagine, these effects can quickly ease the symptoms of numerous ailments, including anxiety, chronic pain, seizures and much more.

Furthermore, the resin is an highly concentrated product (precisely, it contains all the active ingredients and even the aroma of the CBD buds). Therefore the results of its intake are superior to those of flowers.

In summary, CBD resin is present in the inflorescences and, to a lesser extent, in the legal hemp plant’s leaves. But how is it obtained?

The main methods of extracting legal hemp resin

Before reading this paragraph, you have probably imagined that CBD resin is obtained by rubbing CBD Flowers Switzerland. It is not quite the case or better. It would be the home-made method, which is the typical method for obtaining hashish and charas.

The companies that transform products derived from Hemp Sativa L., on the other hand, use another method that is much safer and capable of preserving every aroma and the beneficial effect of the compound. It involves extraction using solvents, particularly carbon dioxide in the supercritical state, butane, and propane.

An extremely sticky, dense and malleable product is obtained from this process, with a consistency similar to honey or wax. It preserves the aromatic profile of the cannabis light flowers from which it originates and boasts a pleasantly amber colour.

How is legal cannabis resin used?

If you have come to this point, you are probably wondering, “But how is CBD resin used?”.

CBD resin: what is it and where is it found?

Attention, because this product’s personal use (such as that of all legal weed Switzerland products) is not authorized. In compliance with the law, the resin could only be used as a room fragrance or a product dedicated to collecting.

Despite this, many people wanted to try this compound to test its effects, choosing the following methods of intake:

  • Combined with light hemp flowers, to enhance them
  • Dissolved in food and drinks, such as CBD oil

It is also often used industrially to produce excellent CBD hash. In this case, the producers let the sticky compound mature and turn it into balls or spheres, malleable and dark (tending to brown or greenish).

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In conclusion

CBD resin is a natural compound rich in cannabidiol and terpenes, malleable, aromatic and with concentrated effects, much more powerful than those experienced with the intake of cannabis flowers.

Not surprisingly, together with CBD oils, it is one of the most requested CBD cannabis landscape items.

Its industrial extraction allows to preserve every single quality of the resin produced by the trichomes, the precious glands of marijuana and to obtain a fragrant, pleasing to the eye and highly beneficial product.

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