CBD cannabis: can we bring legal weed on the plane?

CBD Cannabis: can we bring legal marijuana on the plane?

Modified on: 18/04/2024


The  CBD marijuana, or legal cannabis, in Switzerland have to follow the law , is now widespread in our country.

Having sealed sachets of inflorescences and containers of CBD oil, moreover, is no longer a crime, although consumption for recreational purposes could still be considered an administrative crime.

To ensure that buyers do not run into problems and police detention, the sachets of inflorescences of legal CBD cannabis carry above all the instructions for use.

The question, however, becomes much more complicated if we consider the use of means of transport, especially aeroplanes, which are subject to strict controls.

The following explanations will prevent you from incurring even serious problems. Although legal weed cannot be classified as a drug, it is always better to fully respect the Swiss and international laws on the transport of this product.

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Legal cannabis inflorescences and CBD oil on domestic flights

As for the CBD buds, being completely legal in Switzerland if contained in a sachet with the intact seal, the transportation and detention currently do not constitute a crime.

The problems, however, concern the need to carry out checks on passengers on public transport for safety reasons.

Legal cannabis inflorescences and CBD oil on domestic flights

First of all, as you can imagine, drug dogs are not trained to recognize the inflorescences of psychotropic marijuana and CBD flower! Also because, to be honest, the taste and aroma are identical.

Entering the airport in possession of inflorescences could, therefore, lead to police detention, which is why it is always recommended to have with you the receipt that testifies to the legality of the purchase.

The police blockade can in no way lead to sanctions as long as the sachet is sealed and you have the receipt. Also, because the law does not prohibit the possession and transport of the inflorescences of legal grass at all.

However, police personnel may very well stop you for further checks and investigations, causing delays even in circumstances where you cannot afford them.

Speaking of legality … Are you aware of what the Minister of the Interior says about legal cannabis?

Therefore, as long as there are no more explicit provisions, transporting CBD Flowers on domestic flights, although not a crime, is still not recommended.

The same is true in the case of therapeutic marijuana: although the medical prescription certifies the legality of possession, the problems in which you risk running are the same: thorough checks and unwanted delays.

However, as regards of cannabis oil, the discussion changes a little as far as, in principle, it is not always recommended to travel in its possession. The oil is not easily identifiable by drug dogs and, legally considered a food supplement, does not need to have the seal intact.

Furthermore, often the origin of cannabis is not explicitly indicated on the CBD oil Sativa packs, which is why the possibility that you can be stopped is even more remote.

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Inflorescences of legal weed and CBD oil on international flights

For international flights, on the other hand, possession of both inflorescences and cannabis oil is to be avoided absolutely. Among the countries where marijuana is entirely legal, even in the psychotropic version, very few are those who consider air transport to be equally legal (the only one outside of Europe is Canada).

Inflorescences of legal weed and CBD oil on international flights

Furthermore, not all countries have strong decriminalization for the possession of CBD Bud cannabis and, above all, not all have the same limits on the quantity that each individual can possess.

Travelling in possession of marijuana, moreover, in many countries can lead to severe penalties, including detention (in Croatia, for example, the possession of cannabis, both psychotropic and light, is punished with a detention period of 3 to 15 years, based on quantities).

Indeed, but these are extreme cases, in some countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, the possession of marijuana can result in the death penalty.

However, these are countries in which being discovered in possession of marijuana is the least danger to your safety. But that’s another matter!

The point is this: taking a trip abroad with inflorescences as much as CBD oil is absolutely to be avoided. Don’t even think about it.

Although it is not explicitly prohibited in some states, you may still face the same problems that you risk with domestic flights. With the substantial difference that you would find yourself abroad, in a much more delicate position, in which police stops will not always stop to check your luggage in greater detail.

They could compromise your stay in the country, punish you heavily or even stop at the power plant pending trial.

In short, you can buy CBD weed but transport it responsibly!