Do cannabis and cortisone interfere with each other? What science says

Do cannabis and cortisone interfere with each other?

Modified on: 19/04/2024


If you have decided to open this article, it means that you are one of that group of curious people who would like to know more about the interaction between cannabis (and CBD weed) and cortisone. Am I right?

Let’s face it: ignoring the side effects of a mix of the two substances could lead to severe consequences, especially if you decide to buy marijuana from a dubious dealer.

So, what happens if you take cannabis and cortisone together?

To answer this question, continue reading this article. It is definitely for you.

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Cannabis and cortisone together? The first side effect is scromiting

One of the side effects of mixing cortisone and weed is scromiting.

Wait, the ‘scrom’ what?

This is an English term for a condition in which the user experiences violent vomiting episodes that lead to screaming.

Cannabis and cortisone together?

More precisely, the medical term for vomiting caused by the combination of cortisone and cannabis is cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.

That’s right.

This syndrome was first mentioned in scientific reports in 2004. Since then, researchers have established that scromiting results from continuous and prolonged use of marijuana with high levels of THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

We now know that it is also a possible consequence of the simultaneous use of cortisone and marijuana.

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But let’s cut to the chase: how does cannabis affect cortisone?

The way the body absorbs and processes cortisone can be impacted by cannabis, making it less effective.

In particular, using significantly more marijuana and cortisone may lead to sedation and lethargy, in addition to the synergistic effects of a mixture of the two substances.

Some people may also experience increased euphoria, depression, irritability, or all three at once.

But what is this all due to?

Let’s say that two main factors influence the primary effect of cannabis.

  1. an increase in the concentration of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, present in the spinal cord and brainstem;
  2. reduction in its effect on neuronal transmitters.

Thus, when the herb is combined with cortisone, this primary effect is exacerbated, increasing the pressure on the body with unpredictable results.

But that is not all.

Cannabis and cortisone also affect dopamine levels in the brain, causing both mental and physical discomfort in the body.

In addition, it appears that taking cortisone in copious amounts increases the risk of heart failure and can affect people’s ability to form new memories.

Indeed, it is not strange that when an individual takes both cannabis (or CBD flowers) and cortisone, they may feel confused and disoriented.

Finally, studies conducted on the effects of the interaction between the two substances have shown that the potential for parasomnias – engaging in undesirable behaviour during sleep—increases dramatically.

In short, not the best.

What are the other undesirable effects of mixing cannabis and cortisone?

Marijuana and cortisone may cause different effects depending on the person taking them, so it is essential to consult your doctor to find out whether the nature of the drug may interact with cannabis consumption.

However, it is essential to mention the main side effects of taking cannabis and cortisone together, such as:

What are the other undesirable effects of mixing cannabis and cortisone?

  • loss of motor skills;
  • poor coordination;
  • lower blood pressure;
  • loss of short-term memory;
  • increased heart rate;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • anxiety;
  • paranoia.

In some rarer cases, a mixture of cortisone and marijuana can even produce hallucinations in users.

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This article has tried to give a general overview of the possible consequences of a mixture of cannabis and cortisone.

As you will have seen, the effects can lead to unpredictable consequences, which vary from person to person.

So, we repeat, our advice is to consult your doctor if you have to start a cortisone treatment and want to take CBD weed to assess whether the drug may cause unpleasant side effects.

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