How long do cannabis seeds (really) last?

How long do cannabis seeds (really) last?

Modified on: 19/04/2024


How long do cannabis seeds last?

If you have already looked at some articles on the web, you will probably have noticed some confusion and that the answers are quite different.

So, which one is the right one?

In this article, we will try to shed more light on the matter, focusing on the factors contributing to the better longevity of Cannabidiol cannabis seeds.

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Let’s cut to the chase: the (real) longevity of cannabis seeds

As with many other things related to cannabis cultivation, there is debate about the best ways to store seeds, including their longevity.

So, how do things stand?

It is common knowledge that seeds must be stored properly to prevent mould or pathogens from spoiling them, specifically in a cool, dark place.

the (real) longevity of cannabis seeds

To answer your question, let us say that the shelf life of seeds is 2 years from their packaging. However, storing them well can last up to five or even ten years while maintaining their properties.

So, you well understand that proper storage is the basis for ensuring that seeds retain their quality.

However, as a general rule, consuming your CBD cannabis seeds within the first two years of obtaining them would be advisable.

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Factors influencing the durability of marijuana seeds

Genetics is an essential factor: good quality seeds last longer than lower quality seeds because, as you can imagine, bad seeds can go bad quickly.

The way they have been handled also plays an important role: if the shop you bought them from shops the seeds correctly and mails them so that they are protected from damage, then they will last a long time.

The problem, however, is that these are aspects over which you cannot have much control, except for choosing a high-quality seed supplier.

So, what is the best way to store them?

First, let us look at the main factors that influence the longevity of cannabis seeds.

#1 Light

Light is a clear signal for seeds to start, preparing for germination.

Even if they do not germinate because the other necessary factors are not present, the chemical processes for germination can be triggered. Thus the seeds will not be able to grow later when the time comes.

So, we repeat, if you want to ensure that your seeds stay good for as long as possible, store them in a place away from light.

#2 Heat

High temperatures are also a sign of germination. It is important for CBD flowers too.

It is good to store the seeds in as cool a place as possible without them freezing. Of course, you can keep them at room temperature, but try to store them at temperatures between 6° and 8° C to maximise their lifespan.

You may ask yourself, “Can I store them in the refrigerator?”.

The answer is yes, as long as the space is used exclusively for seed storage to avoid the temperature and humidity fluctuations that occur when the door is opened.

This is why our suggestion is to buy a special mini fridge.

#3 Humidity

Humidity also signals for germination to start, not to mention that it can lead to rotting.

Seeds should be stored in a dry environment with a relative humidity of between 20% and 30%.

#4 Environmental fluctuations

Worse than all other factors are environmental fluctuations.

If you decide to store the seeds in a kitchen drawer at average room temperature and humidity, they will last for quite a while. Maybe even for a year or two. But if moisture, temperature and light levels constantly change, their lifespan will significantly reduce.

How to make cannabis seeds last longer

How to make cannabis seeds last longer

Based on the factors listed above that influence the lifespan of hemp seeds (and CBD buds seeds), we can say that keeping them in a cool, dry and dark place will help maintain their properties.

But you can do more.

Suppose you want to ensure that your marijuana seeds last longer. First, place them in a vacuum-sealed container, although they are usually shipped in specially designed packaging for better storage.

However, if you decide to open them, prefer a container that is non-porous and closes completely, removing all air. Vacuum packing is ideal but not essential, so if you don’t have a vacuum sealer, you can put them in a dark paper bag.

Next, place this packet inside a glass jar: the packet should already be dark, but it might be a good idea to wrap the pot as well to ensure complete darkness inside.

Finally, add some desiccant—such as a packet of silica gel—to ensure a low humidity level and, if you prefer, place the jar in the mini-fridge mentioned earlier.

Following these brief guidelines will keep your seeds intact for many years.

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This article shows how long cannabis seeds last and how to store them properly so they last longer.

However, the basis of good storage is choosing a good quality product, so our advice is to rely solely on certified and professional dealers consistently.

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