What are the best types of legal weed of 2024? The top 10 updated

What are the best types of legal weed of 2024?

Modified on: 19/04/2024


The CBD cannabis landscape is constantly updated, and it is not difficult to find ever new and CBD– rich Sativa hemp varieties. Of all the species on the market, which are the best types of legal weed in 2024?

Indeed, the choice is tough, and it is not easy to make the right decision for your needs. For this reason, today, we have decided to compile a top 10 of the best types of marijuana to help you choose in the shortest possible time!

Are you ready? Then get ready to discover the unmissable strains for 2024.

1. Icerock CBD: the cannabidiol-rich Icerock CBD

One of the novelties this year regarding the world of legal marijuana is the Icerock CBD which, as the name implies, is very similar to a small ice rock.

In reality, Moonrock Ice is one of the best cannabis flowers, dipped in CBD oil and then covered with powerful CBD crystals.

As you probably know, the crystals have a cannabidiol concentration of over 90%: not surprisingly, Icerock marijuana has around 89% CBD!

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The moonrock CBD

2. Moonrock CBD: the powerful Moonrock

Among the best types of legal weed of 2024, we indeed find Moonrock CBD, almost as powerful as Icerock but with a highly different appearance.

Both are dipped in CBD oil, but the Ice is covered with CBD crystals, while the classic Moonrock features a generous sprinkle of kief all over its surface!

CBD hash is, specifically, the pollen of legal hemp, rich in cannabidiol and therefore extremely requested by the product’s admirers.

Not surprisingly, Moonrock marijuana has around 70% CBD. Not to be missed!

3. California Haze CBD: a timeless marijuana classic

Originating as a high-THC weed in the 1960s, California Haze has quickly spread worldwide and made its way into the CBD weed landscape.

Its sweet, fruity, and mellow scents of legal California Haze make its a favorite of our customers – you won’t be surprised to know that every new batch is selling fast!

With around 24% CBD and very low THC percentages (<1%), this resinous cannabis is likely to become one of your favorites.

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4. Do Si Dos CBD: the sweet sound of CBD

Do Si Dos cannabis comes from the skillful cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, precious varieties that have given life to a combination rich in resin, highly aromatic, and in great demand globally.

The flowers of the legal Do Si Dos have a CBD concentration of about 22%. They are very clear due to the dense layer of trichomes and have an intense, earthy, and spicy aroma, with a delicate chestnut aftertaste.

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5. Gorilla Glue weed CBD: a great marijuana classic revisited in a CBD version

If we were asked which is the most famous marijuana strain globally, we would have no doubt: it is Gorilla Glue # 4, one of the most potent species, rich in resin and cannabinoids.

Its reinterpretation in a CBD version guarantees the same aromas as GG4 (diesel, chocolate, citrus, and forest) but with very high amounts of CBD, about 22%, and THC, according to the law.

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Master Kush: the master of CBD cannabis

6. Master Kush: the master of CBD cannabis

Winner of multiple awards, legal Master Kush is one of the most popular strains in our selection. Typical old-school aromas, with hints of Kush, pine, earth, and peppermint, characterize a flower-rich in compact resin, sticky, and rich in CBD.

Master Kush CBD flowers contains around 21% cannabidiol and less than 1% THC. Greenhouse-grown, organic, and GMO-free, you absolutely must add it to your legal hemp collection!

7. Mango CBD Boost: CBD tropical fruit straight to your home

One of the most requested species in the legal cannabis landscape is definitely the Mango CBD Boost. With hints of exotic fruit (among which the mango stands out), sweet but very delicate, this variety has instantly conquered all our customers.

The high CBD content (about 19%) and the prestigious genetics (Skunk x Haze x Northern Lights) make legal Mango Haze flowers an inevitable product in the homes of the most diligent collectors.

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8. Lemon Cheese: from the brilliant creation of Franco Loja to the prestigious CBD version

Lemon Cheese is a cannabis strain born from the brilliant idea of Franco Loja, a passionate marijuana grower who died prematurely a few years ago.

According to law, the light version recalls the precious aroma of the original (lemon in bloom, citrus fruits, and sweet cheese) but guarantees a very high CBD content, about 19%, and THC.

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9. Melon Kush CBD: fruity, sweet and unmissable!

Melon Kush marijuana comes from the prestigious cross between a classic Kush and the famous Lemon Haze. The aromas of pine and earth blend flawlessly with the flavors of ripe fruit, among which the melon stands out straightforwardly.

CBD contents of around 19% make it one of the most potent legal cannabis strains on the market; buy it now on Just bob!

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10. White Widow: a great classic of legal marijuana

White Widow CBD Buds could not be missing from our top 10 of the best types of weed.

Winner of numerous awards for its refined and intense aroma (forest, earth, pine, and exotic fruit) and CBD of around 18% is one of the most sought-after and popular strains in our selection.

To be purchased at least once in a lifetime!

In conclusion

Now you know what the best types of weed are in 2024. You can now know which ones to buy to add to your collection.

We thank you for choosing our CBD weed Switzerland shop and wish you fun shopping! See you soon!