Marijuana bud: what is it? How to recognise it and how to know its quality?

Marijuana bud: what is it?

Modified on: 19/04/2024


The spread of CBD weed has meant that niche terms of the cannabis world have now become part of the common language. One of these is “marijuana bud”, also known as a flower or inflorescence, which means a particular part of the cannabis plant.

You are probably wondering what weed buds are, how to recognise quality ones and how to distinguish a CBD cannabis bud from high-THC cannabis but, before now, you haven’t found much information about it.

Maybe you’re puzzling what these damn buds are and why they’re so talked about, and you’re sick of pretending to understand in front of your friends!

Don’t worry: in less than 5 minutes, after you read this article, you will know everything about this topic, and you can talk about it without fear of making a wrong impression.

Sit comfortably and read on!

What is a marijuana bud?

What is a marijuana bud?

In cannabis and light weed culture, the term “marijuana bud” or “marijuana head” refers to the hemp plant’s dried and cured flower.

The buds are precisely what you find in the containers and vacuum packs of JustBob, our CBD online shop!

Going further into the subject, buds are inflorescences produced exclusively by the female marijuana plant.

If a male plant’s poll fertilises them, the flowers stop their development and start producing cannabis seeds. In contrast, if they are not fertilised, they continue to develop, grow and mature.

Once mature, cannabis buds reach the highest concentrations of cannabinoids contained in the resin that covers them. Legal cannabis flowers are rich in CBD, while “classic” marijuana flowers are rich in THC, the psychotropic cannabinoid.

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How to distinguish CBD buds from high THC weed buds?

Would you like to recognise legal weed from illegal weed? In reality, this is not possible, as the plants of the two hemp varieties are identical.

The difference is non-existent even in the marijuana buds of the two plants: it is impossible to distinguish high-THC buds from high CBD buds.

They both look like this:

  • They are composed of dozens of tiny leaflets that overlap each other more or less compactly. These give the flower its green colour, depending on the species changes from very light green to forest green.
  • They are round or slightly elongated according to the prevailing genetics (Indica or Sativa).
  • They are rich in pistils, small hairs whose colour varies according to the species. Typically, the pistils’ colour is white (when the flowers are still developing), red, orange, or brick.
  • They are covered with resin in a more or less abundant way. As you may have read, it is the resin (produced by glands called trichomes) rich in cannabinoids such as CBD and THC.

If you only want CBD bud, with THC below 1% and high in cannabidiol, you have to trust the distributor (like us at Just bob)! You can also make sure that the lot has the appropriate certifications, which certify the amount of THC present in the buds.

How to recognise quality marijuana buds?

For our customers to receive a 100% legal product, each of our batches is analysed in the laboratory. They are also accompanied by certification, which you can find at the bottom of each product sheet.

Marijuana flowers are the most fragrant parts of the plant and, when consumed (for example, by smoking, vaporising or ingesting), they are even tasty.

The more aromatic and flavourful a marijuana bud is, the more valuable it is; not surprisingly, a weed that doesn’t smell is usually too old or overdried.

But that’s not the only way to recognise a quality cannabis bud.

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How to recognise quality marijuana buds?

Everyone, except those who want to hurt themselves, wants to buy quality marijuana, and that’s not what it is.

But how do you recognise great legal or high-THC marijuana buds? We tell you! Here are the characteristics of the top-level cannabis flowers:

  • A beautiful bright-green colour, regardless of the shade. Dull-toned buds are generally not of quality.
  • Pungent, lively, pleasant aroma. Beware of the strong ammonia smell, which could indicate chemical contamination. Cannabis without odour, on the other hand, shows a low content of trichomes and, consequently, cannabinoids.
  • Covered with a thick layer of resin, which makes them shiny and sticky even when dried. The resin should be ice-cold or slightly amber: a brown resin indicates that the flowers have been harvested too late and are too mature.
  • Compact, never too airy. It is what premium marijuana flowers should look like. Those of low quality is very dense: the small leaves that compose them are distant.
  • Rich in bright-coloured pistils, which generally changes from orange to brick colour. When the pistils are white (wholly or mostly), the marijuana bud was harvested too early.
  • Free of seeds and twigs, which compromise the quality, flavour, and potency of cannabis.
  • Free from mould and parasites. Black or bug marijuana is gone. Throw it away. Your health is at stake!

The legal cannabis you find in our CBD flower shop responds to all these characteristics.

Buy it now on together with the best legal hash and the highest quality CBD oil!

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