Introducing Moonrock Ice, the CBD cannabis rock covered with precious CBD crystals

Introducing Moonrock Ice, the CBD cannabis rock

Modified on: 19/04/2024


Have you bought pretty much all cannabis strains online and now would like something different?

No problem: the world of CBD weed is continually evolving, and producers are studying hard to please CBD enthusiasts so that you can expect news at any moment!

One of the last, already proving a great success, is the Moonrock Ice, also known as Icerock.

In this in-depth study, we want to explain what this particular product is, how it is made, and why legal marijuana experts request it.

At the end of the reading, you will know everything, absolutely everything, about the Icerock!

What is Moonrock Ice marijuana, and how is it made?

In the world of cannabis, “moonrocks” are a real luxury, mostly known by true admirers of the product. They became especially famous when rapper Kurupt brought them to the people’s attention, founding his trademark Kurupt’s Moonrock.

In this case, however, we are talking about the high-THC marijuana Moonrocks, while the Moonrock Ice are totally CBD based.

These particular products were born with the advent of legal cannabis and CBD hash because the ice that the rocks are covered with is made with precious CBD crystals.

While the classic Moonrocks have a very powerful high (the so-called “high”), the Icerocks amplify the effects of CBD to the maximum, including muscle relaxation, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects and many more.

That said, you will want to know what Icerocks are and why they are so popular.

The classic high-THC Moonrocks are cannabis buds dipped in hash oil and then sprinkled with kief. Kief also called pollen, is the sticky resin that coats cannabis buds, containing cannabinoids (primarily THC) and terpenes.

Unlike high THC products, and Ice Rock is dried inflorescences of legal weed dipped in CBD oil and then coated with CBD crystals.

Watch the following video, in which we show you the IceRock in all its beauty:

Therefore, Moonrock Ice marijuana is free of THC (<1%) but extremely rich in cannabidiol, so much so that the percentages of CBD can reach 90%!

It is a truly outstanding value, making Moonrock Ice one of our Justbob cannabis CBD shop’s flagship products.

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IceRock: nicht nur CBD, sondern auch Terpene

IceRock: not only CBD but also terpenes

Contrary to what you might think, Ice Rock cannabis is not an aroma-free product, quite the opposite. The CBD buds of which the small rocks are composed is rich in terpenes as it is dried in ideal conditions for its conservation.

Terpenes are molecules responsible for the aromas (both scents and tastes) of numerous plants and animals. In legal cannabis, they are highly concentrated at the flower level to attract beneficial insects and ward off predators.

We benefit from terpenes because the different concentrations and combinations determine both the particular aromatic bouquet of each cannabis strain and the various nuances in terms of effects.

The harmony between terpenes and resin determines the effects of the different types of marijuana. It is crucial so that each variety has a scent, a taste, and a remarkable result following the intake.

Therefore the Moonrock Ice is presented as fragrant, fantastic and inviting ice rocks.

As we anticipated, the ice is due to the CBD crystals that are sprinkled with every single rock.

What are the CBD crystals that cover marijuana Ice Rocks?

CBD crystals, also called CBD isolate, are the purest form of cannabidiol that can exist globally: they contain 99% CBD and the remaining 1% terpenes. They are configured as real crystals, perfumed and ice colour (or slightly amber).

CBD extraction from the plant Cannabis sativa is carried out in different ways. Among the most popular, we find the following:

  • Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • Steam distillation
  • Solvent extraction (less used than the other two techniques)

Manufacturers further refine the extracted product to obtain an extremely pure material, namely CBD in crystalline form. CBD crystals are placed on the market ground and then packaged or, alternatively, they are used to produce different items with a high cannabidiol content, such as Moonrock Ice.

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In conclusion

Ice Rock marijuana is produced in a very particular way, so much so that it is one of the products with the highest cannabidiol content on the market.

The legal CBD flowers are dipped in CBD oil and then sprinkled with CBD crystal powder; this technique allows us to obtain a product with a very high cannabidiol content (up to 90%) with THC under the law or less than 1%.

Do you want to buy the coveted Moonrock Ice now?

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