Hair and marijuana test: here’s how it works.

Hair and marijuana test: here’s how it works.

Modified on: 26/03/2023


Among the toxicological tests, we will talk about one of the most effective and reliable. 

In particular, the marijuana hair test can read the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol even if it is used up to a year later.

Although many people try to escape its results; however, to be negative on this test, it is not enough to cut your hair, drink a lot of water and do sports suddenly. 

If you still don’t know about this test and would like to learn more, read this article to find out how it works in detail!

How does the hair test work?

How does the hair test work? Procedure and detection of substances.

When you take drugs, alcohol or drugs of a particular type, traces of these substances remain in the body for a specific time to be detected with different tests and instruments.

Among the most popular drug and substance tests you have probably heard of urine and saliva tests, but if you want to get more accurate results and dig deeper into the past, the best test is the hair test.

If you have no idea what this is, read on below.

When a person takes a psychoactive substance, its active ingredients and metabolites circulate in the body through the bloodstream, and this is precisely how these substances reach the hair.

However, it must be said that our body tends to eliminate toxins for defence purposes, so during this process, the residual metabolites of marijuana use from inside the hair move to the cortex.

At this point, however, they encounter a barrier: the hair cuticles. These, which are difficult to overcome, act as barriers, trapping metabolites and residues of psychotropic substances even for many months.

As a result, traces of cannabis use remain trapped in the hair’s keratin structure, regardless of how much and how they are taken.

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How is this test carried out in practice?

The hair test consists of taking two or three strands of hair from different head areas, starting at the root and working upwards about 4 cm.

These hair samples are used to detect whether the person in question has taken drugs in the 3 or 4 months before the test.

In fact, on average, hair grows 1 cm each month, so if you take a 12 cm long strand, you can trace the use of marijuana over a whole year. By segmenting the hair inch by inch, you can get a detailed picture of the habits of those who have been tested.

As you can see, this is an accurate analysis, which can also provide information on the dosage of the psychotropic substances taken.

Hair and THC test: does it also detect the use of marijuana?

As you can read above, the hair test is capable of accurately detecting the presence or absence of psychotropic substances in the body of those who undergo it.

This test may be required for a variety of reasons and in many contexts, for example :

  • to perform specific jobs;
  • it is common in sport;
  • it may be required after the withdrawal of the licence;
  • sometimes it is carried out on children at the request of parents;
  • it is sometimes needed by treating physicians who treat their patients with opioids.

These are just a few examples, but the contexts in which a hair test may be required can be numerous.

This test can detect several substances:

  • amphetamines;
  • alcohol;
  • benzodiazepines;
  • opiates;
  • cannabinoids;
  • cocaine.

Of course, classic marijuana is easily detectable by this test, but contrary to popular belief, CBD cannabis could also cause a positive hair test result. Although it contains very low THC percentages, these are not entirely zero: it all depends on the number of substances consumed.

Therefore, those who regularly and immeasurably use CBD weed could test positive; for those who have only rarely used these substances, there should be no problem.

Our bodies retain even the slightest trace of cannabinoids and other substances. Therefore, by undergoing such an accurate test, positive results are imminent.

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Hair test: is there a trick to passing it?

Hair test: is there a trick to passing it?

Now that we have clarified what you see about the hair test and how it is done, it is likely that, like many people, you wonder if there is a way to test negative to this test even if you know you have taken drugs.

Before continuing, we would like to remind you that in Italy, the use of CBD weed and its derivatives is currently illegal.

Now, let’s get straight to the point.

In reality, there is no reliable data to show that there is a way to deceive the hair-test results.

Many people, who think they can get away with it, shave their hair, but this is not a solution at all, on the contrary …

Suppose the hair does not reach 3 centimetres in length. In that case, the test is carried out on the axillary hairs or pubic hairs, which have a much slower physiological growth allowing an analysis that goes back even further in time.

Therefore, cutting your hair is not a thoughtful gesture, but dyeing the hair or washing it several times cannot change the test result either.

On the web, you can find many tips on “home remedies” that try to mislead the test results, but besides not being remedies of any effectiveness, they can also be very dangerous.

Just think of those who recommend washing your head repeatedly with bleach: a practice easily recognisable by the examiner and hazardous for skin lesions. The vapours are given off, which if breathed in over a long period can lead to intoxication.

Therefore, the only way to avoid a positive test is to avoid taking medication.

In conclusion.

Now you know all about the hair test. As you may have read, it is an accurate test, very reliable and difficult to avoid.

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