Cannabis stores in Amsterdam

Cannabis stores in Amsterdam

Modified on: 04/05/2023


Cannabis stores in Amsterdam are entirely legal and are referred to as “coffee shops”. It is impossible not to find yourself in one of these places during your stay in the Netherlands, as they allow you to buy and consume cannabis with a high THC content while sipping a hot drink or chatting with friends.

In short, this is a different situation from the rest of Europe, where the only product that circulates within the law is CBD cannabis. In most cases, it is not intended for recreational purposes but specific technical use.

At JustBob, we are one of the few online cannabis e-Commerce companies that operate in full compliance with the legislative framework and offer our customers a wide range of legal hemp products.

But let’s take a look at the situation in Amsterdam.

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Cannabis stores Amsterdam: why are they legal?

Cannabis stores Amsterdam: why are they legal?

The first difference between Amsterdam and other European countries is that the Netherlands is a country where soft drugs are legal.

It means that you can buy and consume high-THC marijuana or hashish in cannabis shops, but there are stringent regulations.

In Dutch cannabis shops, a maximum of 5 grams of weed can be sold per person, and, of course, underage consumption is prohibited. At the same time, possession is only allowed for personal use. There although, even if it is a very tolerant in the Netherlands, there are also limits.

Accordingly, in the Netherlands, it is advisable to try CBD weed sold by pot shops, whose varieties must necessarily be tested and certified. As in other EU countries, the distribution of “light” drugs in the Netherlands is severely punished by law.

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Cannabis in Europe: a fast-growing market

Back in Europe, the situation is certainly not as liberal as in the Netherlands. Generally speaking, the controversy surrounding the use of cannabis in Europe is still ongoing, and regulation varies depending on the country in question.

As this is a growing business, CBD cannabis derivatives are many, and people’s interest in a product with very high aromatic qualities and no drugging effect is very high.

Cannabis in Europe: a fast-growing market

At Just Bob, we try to offer a comprehensive selection of everything that surrounds the world of Sativa cannabis. One of the most popular products among our customers is CBD oil for dogs – a treat for our pets.

Growing in Amsterdam: what says the law?

Although there is a policy of tolerance compared to other European countries, the government does not allow the home cultivation of marijuana.

For example, in some countries, it is permitted to grow a maximum of 5 plants per person, but only for medical purposes and with prior authorisation.

In fact, as absurd as it sounds, you are not even allowed to advertise your coffee shop and the varieties of marijuana sold. All this has been established to avoid excessive weed consumption and, therefore, is subjected to specific rules.