Positive and negative effects of cannabis

Positive and negative effects of cannabis

Modified on: 22/07/2024


The consequences of marijuana use are very controversial because they can be both positive and negative depending on the case. The positive and negative effects of cannabis depend primarily on the quantity, the psychophysical state of the user and the consumption habit; Additionally, some people are more predisposed to respond well to the psychoactivity of THC, while others develop negative consequences.

Today we will examine the positive effects of cannabis, but will differentiate between highly concentrated THC and CBD marijuana.

Differences between legal and illegal cannabis

The legal cannabis cbd in Switzerland is called “industrial hemp” and is used for horticulture, the production of cosmetics and food, organic construction and many other purposes.

It is a legal product in our country because it is almost completely free of THC: it contains less than 1%. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana, so it alters the perception of reality, mood and sensations. In contrast, CBD is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid that only interacts with our body on a physical and immunological level.

Marijuana with a high THC content is instead illegal in Switzerland and many other countries around the world for a very specific reason: when we consume it, THC changes our organism on both a physical and psychological level (we will discuss this in the relevant article). paragraph in more detail).

However, psychoactive cannabis also has positive effects. It is no coincidence that medicines based on medical cannabis are obtained from hemp flowers with a high THC content.

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Benefits and side effects of marijuana

Benefits and side effects of marijuana

If you want to know about the positive and negative effects of cannabis, we imagine you’ll want to read about the benefits first.

So here are the positive effects that come with taking marijuana:

Euphoria and happiness
physical and mental relaxation
increased sensory perceptions (generally all five senses are heightened: smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch)
Chemical hunger, positive in people suffering from lack of appetite
Increased creativity
Disinhibition, an effect that introverts usually find very positive
Pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects
Improving mood

In addition, although not immediately apparent, THC has immunomodulatory effects, meaning it regulates the immune system’s response and appears to be able to speed up metabolism.

Instead, here are the possible negative effects that may be observed by those who take cannabis:

Racing heartbeat (tachycardia)
Panic attacks
Coordination problems
Red eyes
dry mouth
Difficulty concentrating
distorted reality
Memory and cognitive problems, even in the long term
slowed reflexes
habituation to the effect (i.e. the need to take increasingly larger amounts of the substance to achieve the effect observed the first time)
Dependence, especially in people who begin smoking cannabis avidly in their youth.

In addition, continued use of cannabis in predisposed individuals may promote the development of schizophrenia and/or psychosis.

Not everyone experiences these negative effects, and some, particularly anxiety, heart palpitations, and panic attacks, do not occur frequently (although they are encouraged by taking high amounts of THC).

Dependence also does not occur in all users: for example, a person who uses cannabis occasionally is very unlikely to become addicted to it later, while habitual use of the substance, especially in adolescence, is more likely to do so.

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The consequences of consuming weed with a high THC content have nothing to do with the effects of CBD weed.

CBD cannabis: benefits and side effects

As you read in the “Differences between legal and illegal cannabis” section, light weed contains insignificant levels of THC (less than 1%) and usually high levels of cannabidiol, called CBD.

It is the presence of this cannabinoid that determines the positive effects of legal marijuana and products derived from it, such as CBD oil and hashish:

CBD cannabis: benefits and side effects

Significant reduction in pain and inflammation, also in the neurological area
Muscle relaxation for people who suffer from spasticity, but also for people with sleep disorders
Reduction in the number of epileptic seizures, thanks to the anticonvulsant properties of CBD (read more about it here)
Decrease in the feeling of nausea and vomiting

In addition, even if those who use CBD products cannot see it directly, cannabidiol has immunomodulatory, antioxidant, neuroprotective properties… and it appears that it can counteract the proliferation of certain cancer cells. Studies on this have so far only been carried out on laboratory mice and in test tubes.

CBD can also have side effects. That’s them:

Fatigue caused by strong muscle relaxation
Hypotension (for some people this can be positive, for others negative)

In some special cases, for example during pregnancy and breastfeeding and in the case of cardiac and/or gastrointestinal diseases, you should consult your doctor before purchasing and taking CBD in any form.

Final conclusions

Now you know everything about the positive and negative effects of legal and illegal cannabis, but there is one more thing you need to know: in Switzerland it is not allowed to consume both strains in any way, so be careful!

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