CBD oil vaporizers. Features of the best 10 on the market

CBD vaporizers: the best on the market

Modified on: 18/04/2024


Steaming of CBD oil VS inhalation of marijuana

Cannabis consumption is traditionally associated with inhalation through the combustion of “pre rolled joints”.

It is a method that, however, presents numerous contraindications: the acrid smoke resulting from combustion, in fact, is very recognizable in terms of density and odor, as well as negatively affecting health, leading to a degeneration of the respiratory and cardiovascular system.

For this reason, the consumption by combustion has been accompanied by another method of intake that has many advantages: the vaporization of CBD oil.

Taking CBD through vaporization, in fact, avoids contraindications for the body (including the inhalation of carcinogenic substances), better controlling the intake in order to personalize the amounts of CBD and, last but not least, optimize the metabolism and the effects of cannabidiol.

The percentage of CBD that enters the bloodstream and which, consequently, “effects” quadruples with the vaporization.

Inhalation of the smoke, in fact, is an inefficient process of absorption of CBD which, hydrophobic, needs to be filtered first in the stomach and then in the liver, resulting in percentages of bioavailability (or intake into the bloodstream) that oscillate between 14% and 15%, with timing ranging from 45 to 60 minutes.

The vaporization allows the CBD to reach percentages of bioavailability from 50% to 60%, with activation times of 30 or more minutes lower.

Moreover, the possibility of mixing the fluid for the vaporizer by yourself allows to accurately control the dose of CBD cannabis oil to be taken: on the market, there are ready-made bottles with different concentrations of cannabidiol (for example at 10, 2.5 and 5%).

Steaming of CBD

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But the advantages do not end there: the vapor emitted by the vaporizer is completely odorless, so not only is it indistinguishable from normal liquid for vaporizers, but it will also prevent the characteristic odor of cannabis from sticking to clothing.

But how to choose the CBD weed oil vaporizer?

How to choose the vaporizer: the 10 best and their characteristics

One of the first distinctions to be made regarding the purchase of a vaporizer is to determine if you are interested in a portable or table-top vaporizer.

Portable vaporizer

You can use it anywhere but it has a smaller chamber, less durable batteries and limits inhalation to the mouthpiece only.

Table-top vaporizer

It can be used only at home, but it allows a great variety of intake methods (balloons, tubes and bong extensions) that allow even more people to share the steam.

We see below the best portable and table vaporizers.

The best CBD oil vaporizers

The best CBD oil vaporizers

Here are the most popular portable vaporizers at the moment:

  1. Storm vaporizer, small in size, in the shape of a pen, is among the best vaporizers on the market below the price of 100 euro. It allows to vaporize both concentrates, such as CBD oil, and CBD flowers and non-marijuana. The battery takes about a minute to reach the desired temperature, guaranteeing a minimum autonomy of 60 minutes;
  2. Pax 3 is another vaporizer that allows both concentrates, such as CBD oil, and hemp. The device offers unprecedented power: it heats up in about 15 seconds and the battery is equipped with an internal accelerometer that regulates the energy consumption so as to minimize waste if it is not used;
  3. Firefly 2, another vaporizer for both concentrates and hemps, the Firefly stands out for its extremely practical dimensions (it can be easily held in the hand) and for the longevity and power of the battery, capable of reaching a maximum temperature of 215 °C in 5 seconds and guarantee an autonomy of 45 minutes;
  4. Fenix Vaporizer is one of the most interesting choices due to its hybrid convention and conduction system that allows a decidedly higher-quality steam and to preserve all the active ingredients. The device reaches the desired temperature, between 170 and 210 °C in 20/30 seconds;
  5. Flowermate Aura, one of the most recommended vaporizers for novice users due to its extreme practicality, the possibility of using it while charging and guaranteed autonomy of about 2 hours. Requires little maintenance;
  6. Dr. Dabber is a vaporizer designed exclusively for concentrates, such as CBD oil Sativa: it has a robust, slim and modern look and is surprising for its extraordinary quality/price ratio;
  7. TERA V3 is the latest vaporizer released by the American Boundless, made to measure for the hand without sacrificing performance to size: with two lithium batteries, the TERA V3 allows optimal temperature control from a minimum of 60 °C to a maximum of 260 °C.

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Here are the 3 best table-top vaporizers:

  1. Volcano Digit is certainly the best table-top vaporizer at the moment: the electronic regulation system allows you to set the temperature, with a margin of error of 1.5 °C, between 40 and 230 °C. Furthermore, the balloon with a valve allows to directly diffuse the steam or, by detaching it, to consume in a practical and safe way;
  2. Dr. Dabber Switch is characterized by ultra-fast heating times of around 2-3 seconds, and by a remarkable variety of functions: the appliance has a convenient self-cleaning function;
  3. Puffco Smart Rig is the first intelligent rig in the world: equipped with an automatic management system of the battery and temperature calibration such as to adapt to the uses and the quantities of steam you desire.

Now you know the most performing vaporizers on the market.

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