3 varieties of marijuana perfect for the winter season

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Modified on: 18/04/2024


Your dream is to grow CBD weed and you would like to plant outdoor hemp? Basically the ideal time for sowing is spring, but in reality, it all depends on the variety of cannabis. For example, there is winter marijuana, or rather there are different types.

Winter cannabis plants tolerate cold climates well, so they are ideal for the season in which not all plants survive.

Let’s get to the point: here are 3 auto-flowering plants for cold climates that you can grow outdoors even in winter.

Winter Marijuana White Widow light.

CBD Cannabis White Widow variety is a plant that was born in the Netherlands, therefore genetically ready for cold climates and winter temperatures.

It is one of the most appreciated varieties by connoisseurs of CBD flowers, especially due to its fruity and decidedly intense flavor. The aroma is unmistakable: also fruity, similar to the smell of a gummy candy.

The inflorescences are of small or medium size and light green color while the pistils have an orange shade. Basically the White Widow plant flowers in 60 days and its leaves, during flowering, take on a white color.

And CBD and THC?

Obviously, in the White Widow light, the THC is normal, less than 1%, while the CBD can exceed 18%.

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Winter Marijuana Northern Lights

Winter Marijuana Northern Lights

Northern Lights is another cannabis strain that resists winter.

With its intense and fruity flavor and the aroma of woods and earth, which recalls pine, this indica marijuana variety (marketed in Italy in the CBD buds version) is very famous and appreciated all over the world.

The leaves have a very dark green color, while the flowers often take purplish shades. The color of the Northern Lights is truly iridescent: it is no coincidence that its name means “aurora borealis”.

The plant is appreciated by growers not only for the wide demand from consumers but also for the rapid growth and flowering: your buds will be ready in 6 or at most 8 weeks!

Somango light winter marijuana

The name says it all: the light Somango marijuana wins over cannabis connoisseurs because of its intense taste of fruit salad, tending to mango, and its spicy aroma! Despite being a variety resistant to winter temperatures, Somango is perfect to be enjoyed on summer evenings, perhaps outdoors with friends. Cultivating it in winter will be a pleasure due to its rapid flowering, around 9/10 weeks.

Tips for winter cultivation of marijuana

Winter for cannabis plants is a decidedly heavy season due to molds, pathogens and other pests.

Generally, the ideal temperature of outdoor hemp should be around 23 °C during the day and 17 °C during the night, but some varieties (like these just mentioned) could survive even with temperatures below zero. Let’s say that, if you’re lucky, they could withstand up to the minimum temperature of -15 °C.

However, know that the cold can stop or slow down the growth of the plant, while rain, hail, snow, and frost can irreparably ruin the flowers. For these reasons, we advise you, if you can’t really grow indoor cannabis, to plant potted weed seeds outdoors. By choosing this solution you can easily move the pots in case of adverse weather conditions, avoiding damaging the crop and staying dry.

If instead, you can organize yourself to grow indoors then don’t hesitate.

Why grow indoor marijuana

Why grow indoor marijuana

By choosing indoor cultivation rather than outdoor, your plantations will be well controlled and safe.

Are you wondering why?

Then here are all the advantages of hydroponic cultivation:

  • It allows you to avoid the use of pesticides or other products (which, as you may know, are absolutely not recommended for both your health and the health of the marijuana plant).
  • It allows you to meticulously control the temperature of your dear seedlings so that they have the ideal one based on the species and time of day.
  • The inflorescences, the stem, and the leaves will not suffer damage caused by rainfall, hail, snowfall … And not even the wind can scratch your cannabis seeds. I recommend: despite this you will have to treat them as if they were daughters!

As an alternative to indoor, if you have the chance and if you plan to become a CBD flower producer, you can choose the greenhouse method. In short, you can plant marijuana in the greenhouse and use both sunlight and artificial light when necessary.

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In conclusion

Outdoor winter cultivation is recommended only with some types of marijuana, but it is always best to avoid it if you want to have a good harvest. Unless you live in a region with very mild winter temperatures and near-zero rainfall, it is preferable to choose indoor and / or greenhouse methods.

The yield will be much better!