Can hemp be a fuel? Here’s how things stand

Hanf als Kraftstoff: Wo kann er eingesetzt werden?

Modified on: 26/10/2023


We usually hear about cannabis and CBD weed regarding to the effects of their substances on humans, but since ancient times these plants have also been used to make products and materials for other purposes.

In addition to producing CBD oil, hashish and medicines, hemp is also cultivated to produce textiles, building materials, plastics… and hemp can also be used as a fuel.

Yes, that’s right.

Ethanol and biodiesel can also be made from this versatile plant.

Here, you can find out how these substances are produced, which engines they can be used in and the advantages of using them as a substitute for our usual fuel.

How are biofuels made from hemp?

To understand how to make ethanol and how to make biodiesel from hemp, we need to start with two different parts of the plant.

Biodiesel is made from the seeds of the cannabis plant, while ethanol is made from the juices and oils obtained from the stalks.

Ethanol, more precisely, is produced either by fermentation of the hemp or by pyrolysis, while biodiesel is produced by processing the oil from the seeds (each seed has 35% of its weight in oil).

So when you decide to grow CBD cannabis for biofuel, you can get both products from the same plantation.

But what are the advantages of producing and using these products?

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How are biofuels made from hemp?

Advantages and properties of hemp ethanol and biodiesel: what are they?

Using hemp as a fuel in the form of ethanol or biodiesel has many advantages, both from the environmental and human health points of view.

The main ones are these:

  • Absence of sulphur
  • No bad smell
  • Does not pollute
  • 3 times less flammable
  • Develops energy at lower heat levels than petroleum derivatives

So, if all means of transport today used fuels made from hemp, the changes would be considerable.

Think about the smell issue.

In how many cities have you experienced a headache-inducing, unpleasant smell of car exhaust? Surely many. The use of hemp ethanol and biodiesel would be a panacea in this respect too.

Some studies, on the other hand, claim that after just a few years, a reduction in air pollution-related diseases can be observed.

In short, the fact that hemp fuel is pollution-free has positive effects from several points of view: it respects the health of the air, and consequently of the water, the soil and humans.

But do you need special engines to use these fuels, or can they be used in any car or vehicle?

Hemp as fuel: where can it be used?

Hemp as fuel: where can it be used?

Faced with all the advantages listed in the previous paragraph, you may be wondering whether hemp biofuels can be used to power any engine or whether any modifications will need to be made before they can be used.

No modifications needed!

Hemp ethanol can be used in any engine, but what’s more, it can also deliver a higher performance than petroleum-based fuel.

So the engines on which hemp-derived ethanol and biodiesel can be used are those in ordinary cars as well as more sophisticated ones in ships and aircraft.

But that’s not all.

They can also be used to power thermo-electric power stations, generator sets and company plants.

Tests, some of which have been carried out in Europe for around 20 years, show that hemp fuels are not only perfect for use in normal engines, but also to extend their life because they have lubricating properties.

So the higher yield with the consequent reduction in fuel consumption and the need for less maintenance also make hemp biofuels a much cheaper solution!

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To conclude.

As you have read, CBD hemp biofuels are a very valuable resource that can replace the highly polluting petroleum fuels we use on a daily basis.

The abundance of hemp sativa worldwide and its easy cultivation also make it a perfect raw material to replace the oil stocks that are likely to run out around 2050 at this level of consumption.

Ethanol from hemp, just like the fuels we use today, can be produced in large quantities to create a stockpile for worldwide distribution, without any problem of deterioration.

In short, hemp fuel can be a fuel for all intents and purposes, and probably, with the scarcity of oil resources, it will no longer be a utopia, but a real solution that will be good for both the environment and mankind.

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