Buds, stems, leaves? What else can you smoke besides marijuana buds?

Buds, stems, leaves and cbd weed

Modified on: 19/04/2024


Cannabis Sativa is a plant that was smoked and inhaled in ancient times during religious and traditional ceremonies. Nowadays, cannabis is used for both recreational and therapeutic purposes.

But what do we smoke from marijuana? Do you only use the buds, i.e. the cannabis flowers, or do the leaves and stems also have the same effects as high THC marijuana (very different from high CBD and low THC marijuana)?

Read on to find out all about it!

Are cannabinoids only found on the buds or the whole cannabis Sativa plant?

As you may know, cannabinoids are the main culprits behind the effects of cannabis, whether it is traditional marijuana or legal CBD weed with very low THC content.

Cannabinoids are produced by special glands called trichomes, which are present on the whole plant except for the roots and the inner part of the branches. They are present in a very high proportion in the buds (i.e. the flowers, also known as tips) and in minimal quantities in the rest of the plant.

You can smoke the cannabis leaves.

You can smoke the cannabis leaves.

Among the main cannabinoids present in marijuana are THC and CBD. THC is psychoactive and is present in large amounts in illegal marijuana, and tiny quantities in legal CBD cannabis. Besides, CBD reduces the effects of THC and has only physical effects.

Let’s come back to our topic: trichomes, which produce cannabinoids, are found on almost the entire cannabis plant (even on CBD flowers).

Would it be useful for marijuana users to smoke the flowers, but also to smoke the stems and leaves of the cannabis plant?

Cannabis leaves: more or less frequent use.

Cannabis leaves are generally used to make hashish, as well as the buds and other parts of the plant. Production is done by grating the buds, leaves and other parts of the plant that have already been processed.

They are still fresh (the use of fresh/unharvested parts is typical for processing the valuable Charas hashish that you can find in our shop for legal CBD cannabis and JustBob CBD oil).

Cannabis leaves are also often used as fertiliser for the cannabis itself and for cooking (to make tea or herbal tea with cannabis, although fried leaves are very famous). Some even use them chopped or rolled to make mixtures with cannabis flowers.

The leaves that can be smoked must be organically grown and must not show any defects or signs of poor quality. For example, it is best to choose those that have a pleasant light colour and discard those that are damaged, yellowed or brown. Of course, it is possible to smoke dry leaves, not fresh leaves; many people use them rolled up as if they were paper.

But is it possible to smoke cannabis leaves in Switzerland? Not really, because their use is forbidden, just like that of cannabis flowers. We, therefore, recommend that you only do so if you are in a country where the ban on marijuana has been lifted.

And now we move on to the stems of the cannabis plant.

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Does it make sense to smoke the stems of the cannabis plant?

The answer is… NO. Smoking stems does not make much sense, as they do not have many positive or psychoactive effects.

Hashish is made from cannabis stems and twigs (in the case of CBD Buds, it is called CBD hash). Therefore, in countries where this is allowed, it makes sense to smoke the resin produced from cannabis stems, leaves and tips.

Burning waste from untreated stems is indeed counterproductive. Not only is it harmful to our health – because we know that inhaling burnt substances is bad for our bodies, no matter what substance we inhale – but it has virtually no effect on humans …

… Unlike when you smoke the cannabis buds or flowers.

What do marijuana buds do?

The effects of cannabis flower buds depend mainly on the amount of THC in the flowers, the frequency of consumption, the metabolism of the user and the type of marijuana.

In particular, the types of marijuana and the effects caused by inhalation depend on the concentrations of cannabinoids, the active ingredients of cannabis.

Cannabis varieties with high THC content have, among other things, strong euphoric effects and increase concentration and creativity. Traditional marijuana with balanced THC and CBD has strong relaxing and analgesic effects.

What do marijuana buds do?

What about CBD cannabis? It is a real exception because it contains less than 1% THC and a high percentage of CBD.

The effects of THC are therefore zero, so the user does not feel any psychoactive effects, whereas the effect of CBD is noticeable. For example, people who use light marijuana have the following physical symptoms :

  • relaxation of limbs
  • analgesic, antiemetic, antispasmodic and antioxidant effect
  • hypotension
  • regulation of the immune defence
  • and much more.

However, we need to pay attention to absorption methods. As we have already mentioned, smoking (anything) is strongly discouraged, as inhaling burnt substances has serious side effects on our health.

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Now you know what you smoke in marijuana and what you do with the different parts of the cannabis plant. However, we remind you that in Switzerland, it is forbidden to smoke cannabis (even CBD). We, therefore, advise you not to do so.

However, you can always buy legal cannabis in our CBD JustBob shop for collecting or cooking!

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