What is the most powerful hashish in the world? A new sample arrives from the Rising Sun (or maybe not)

What is the most powerful hashish in the world?

Modified on: 19/04/2024


The consumption of cannabis products is strictly forbidden, except for those with a low THC content, classified under the label cannabis light.

But, we must admit, even if we cannot use them, the curiosity to know which ones are the most potent is always alive.

It is like watching a sports competition: who will finish first? Will a new challenger defeat the reigning champion? Did the best of them all win, or did they have to sweat for first place?

In this article, we will focus on the question ‘What is the most powerful hashish in the world?’, starting by saying why it is not the right question. Next, we will go to the other side of the world to illustrate a new variety of cannabis that could beat the competition.

Why asking what the most potent hash in the world is is not the right question

It is not easy to talk about the ‘most potent hash in the world’.

You may find numerous articles on the Internet promoting cannabis products (not talking about the CBD weed) with science fiction percentages of THC: but are these values correct? And which part of the plant are we talking about?

Between hashish and marijuana buds, there is a big difference.

the most potent hash in the world

The former is produced from the resin obtained from the plant’s inflorescences. On the other hand, the buds are nothing more than the inflorescences themselves. For this reason, there can be a big difference in cannabinoid concentration between these products, even when they come from the same plant. Take a specific variety of cannabis, examine the hash and the buds separately, and you will notice that the former always has a higher THC content than the latter.

However, the resin of a plant with a low concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol may be less potent than the inflorescence of another specimen selected to produce large quantities of cannabinoids.

In short, what matters is the variety under consideration. For this reason, the question in the title should be: “What is the most potent marijuana species in the world?”.

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The most potent cannabis in the world is found in Japan?

Some time ago, in 2016, a special report was published on German cannabis websites, which we report below.

In Japan, near Fukushima (yes, right there), the Dutch web show Ganja Hunters team discovered a new, as yet unknown, variety of cannabis. It is an indica species that grows up to one and a half metres high and forms thick, solid flowers.

However, the peculiarity that struck the visitors is another: the THC content.

During laboratory tests, it was found that the percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol in the plant was between 70 and 78%, exceeding any other variety known to date.

To be clear, previously, the highest THC content found in cannabis (apart from the case we will discuss in the next section) was just over 30%: less than half that of the Fukushima variety!

This species is located near the small village of Zasso and seems to have long been an integral part of life for the local population. A speciality of the locals is the preparation of drug mixtures using a wild cat that inhabits the surrounding area. This animal is fed fresh cannabis with a bit of honey, which, once expelled, is separated from the faeces and placed in the open air to be dried.

Here is the news that should have revolutionised the world of cannabis. But do you know the date it was published? 1 April.

That’s right. It was a blatant April Fool joke that caught many readers off guard! Suffice it to say that in Japanese, Zasso means grass (no, not the meadow grass, the other one)!

But then, where is the world’s most potent cannabis found?

The strange case of marijuana in Berlin

The strange case of marijuana in Berlin

As we explained earlier, the highest THC concentrations found in cannabis are as high as 30%: yet, according to some data, samples of marijuana containing as much as 44% tetrahydrocannabinol were tested in Berlin!

It is the result of an investigation requested by a German MP into the content of cannabis products seized by law enforcement agencies between 2007 and 2017.

Astonishingly, such a percentage has never been recorded before, not even during the World Marijuana Championships (yes, such competitions exist, and they are more numerous than one might imagine). In short, not even ‘gold medalists’ have ever reached a THC concentration of 44%.

But then, what is the secret of Berlin’s cannabis?

Some journalists decided to ask those who made the seizures and examined the narcotic products directly, i.e. the police. And in response, the press office of the German capital’s police force gave a possible explanation for this anomaly: Apparently, these values can be explained by the fact that a mixture of cannabis leaves and flowers (not CBD flowers) was examined in which the concentration of inflorescences was exceptionally high.

In addition, it was explained that it is impossible to recognise a clear difference from the results of measurements on other plants in other countries because numerical values cannot be seriously compared without a detailed description of the measuring method and the material examined.

In short, perhaps Berlin cannabis has the edge over the others. Still, it is an excellent possibility that its THC content has been calculated differently from how it is commonly measured and that these specimens are also nothing special.

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In conclusion

Before closing, we would like to emphasise that this article was written for information purposes only and remind readers that the recreational consumption of cannabis and its derivatives is strictly prohibited.

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