THC in urine: here’s how it works.

THC in urine: here’s how it works.

Modified on: 19/04/2024


CBD weed, CBD hash and CBD oil user will not have to worry so much about it, but if you use marijuana and not the THC free CBD cannabis, you should learn about THC levels in urine.

Among the many tests used to determine whether a person is using drugs, one of the best known is the urine test.

Required in the workplace, in sport or for legal reasons, it is not clear to many people; however, whether this test can detect even the tiny THC doses in the light of cannabis.

Could CBD Bud users have a positive urine test?

In this article, we want to answer all the main questions concerning the detection of THC in the urine.

It is how it works!

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THC: it is what it is

THC: it is what it is and how it binds to our body.

Those who use cannabis or cannabis CBD, faced with the sudden news that they have to undergo a urine test, could enter a crisis without knowing what to expect.

  • How long does THC stay in our bodies?
  • Is there a way to make sure you don’t have a problem?

Could the use of legal marijuana containing a very small THC percentage lead to a positive urine test?

These are the most frequently asked questions that arise spontaneously when a urine test is imminent.

Before answering, however, it is essential to briefly introduce the behaviour of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in our bodies.

THC is a psychotropic substance, naturally produced by the inflorescences of the cannabis plant, which, if taken in large quantities, could alter the usual perception of reality or change behaviour.

It is precisely the cause that has led the vast majority of European states to “demonise” this substance. At present, the only types of legal CBD flower that can be grown and sold are those that contain a maximum percentage of THC equal to 1%.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is a fat-soluble substance which, in addition to acting directly on our central nervous system, is very easily stored in the adipose tissue of those who take it. Before being expelled from the body, this substance is distributed throughout the body through the bloodstream. It is only after filtration by the kidneys that it moves progressively through urine and sweat.

Therefore, the expulsion process of this substance is not immediate. Still, the factors that most affect this highly variable timing are the body’s metabolism and each individual’s fat mass.

Let’s now try to understand more about the test.

THC in urine: how does the test work?

The urine test is elementary to carry out, and it aims to identify the presence of metabolites produced by drug use: in the case of cannabis, THC-COOH.

Of course, THC in the urine of a chronic smoker becomes easier to detect (especially in the case of non-legal cannabis), whereas for those who take legal, and perhaps sporadically, herbal cannabis, the risks are much lower.

In practice, this test involves providing a urine sample to the doctor, then analysed in a laboratory.

The amount of THC-COOH detected in the urine, however, can vary depending on several factors:

  • type of cannabis consumed (CBD buds or hemp with a high THC content?) ;
  • how long has it been since the last time it was taken ;
  • the amount of substance used;
  • percentage of body fat of the individual being tested;
  • slow or fast metabolism;
  • habits and lifestyle.

As you can see, the variables can be numerous, and the results can be subjective: some manage to get rid of THC from the body very quickly, thanks to a fast metabolism, a low percentage of fat and a very active and healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, there are those who, even if they smoke sporadically or drink an occasional herbal tea made from CBD Flowers, find it more difficult to eliminate its metabolites from the body.

In general, however, it can be said that the chances of finding THC in the urine increase if :

  • the consumption of hemp is very recent in the test (especially if it took place half an hour earlier, the level of THC detected could be very high) ;
  • if the quantity used is high;
  • if the products are taken are illegal (thus containing a high percentage of psychotropic substances).

In fact, by taking an average of all factors, we can say that for those who use legal hemp only occasionally, the traces of THC in the urine should last for a maximum of 8 days after the last use. For those who use cannabis frequently (but not more than 4 days a week), the THC will be readable in the urine for about a month.

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If the test is imminent, what to do?

… If the test is imminent, what to do?

As you can read above, each body eliminates the residual THC metabolites at different times, as the process is closely linked to metabolism. There are those with a fast metabolism and those with a slower one, so even the times to cleanse the body of cannabis waste are very subjective.

Despite this, some people wonder if there are any tricks to speed up this process.

In addition to avoiding marijuana in the pre-test period (including CBD cannabis), if you know you have used it, you can help the process of eliminating waste from your body with a few precautions :

  • drink plenty of water ;
  • playing sports ;
  • prefer a diet rich in dietary fibre.

Of course, these are just a few tips for purifying the body, but if THC consumed is very high, they may not be enough to cleanse the body in a short time.

Conclusion about THC in urine: 

After reading this article, you should have a clearer idea of how THC acts on our body and why it is easily readable in the urine.

There are many variables, and it is not possible to provide precise and specific data about when it is detected and how much THC can be found in the urine.

The only certainty is that it would be better to avoid taking hemp and its derivatives as early as possible!

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