THC-free cannabis: are there really 0% THC levels?

THC-free cannabis and cbd weed

Modified on: 19/04/2024


Many stories have been invented around cannabis Sativa, indica and ruderalis. Marijuana otherwise is a subject related to the plant in general, legal marijuana and the political and economic issues of our country.

We can call it marijuana or cannabis, but it is a name we need to identify the same precious plant, which offers extraordinary benefit to humanity.

If we refer to the percentages present in CBD cannabis, these figures are so tiny that we can say that there are none, since there are no psychotropic effects among other things.

Legal marijuana is a product like CBD oil and many other things, which comes from the cultivation of plants with different percentages of active ingredients; and the level is almost zero.

It can be called marijuana, weed, or CBD cannabis, so it’s the same thing!

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a psychoactive ingredient that appears as a primary component of cannabis. It is one of the dozens of chemicals (called cannabinoids) that cannabis plants produce.

Then there is CBD, which is also present in varying percentages and whose use can bring various beneficial effects to human life.

It seems that even animals can benefit from CBD. There is CBD oil sativa for dogs, a product that is used as an analgesic or anticonvulsant.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties

Numerous studies have confirmed that CBD has not only anti-inflammatory properties but also an analgesic and antipsychotic properties.

From a clinical point of view, the experiences are, unfortunately, still minimal. For many scientists, it would be interesting, with little data, to determine “the effect of an active ingredient at certain levels”, the appropriateness for specific age groups to take certain products rather than others, and of course the contraindications.

We are sure that over time, many factors will be studied in-depth, and that the “respectable” culture will change in appearance, thanks to the ever-increasing amount of information available to us.

Another interesting difference to “untangle” is related to cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

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Let’s take the example of Italy, JustBob‘s home country: When we understand that legal CBD weed is nothing more than a strain that is characterised by the selection of Sativa cannabis strains with low THC content, we know that this effectively makes it accessible for cultivation and marketing.

Cannabis used as therapy and prescribed by doctors is again the same legal marijuana we have been talking about. A local and domestically produced marijuana!

In Italy, the crops are directly dependent on the Italian state. The products are then intended for use in hospitals and clinics.

Thanks to cannabis, it is officially possible to treat specific pathologies.

Over the years, marijuana has been an excellent alternative for the treatment of various illnesses. Many patients, together with their doctors, have considered the possibility of such therapy and then followed it under control.

Some advantages of the CBD of marijuana without THC

In the field of psychophysical health and thus well-being, the fact that the CBD bud has positive effects on humans has become very popular. Numerous studies have confirmed the possibilities and properties of this substance.

Some of the many benefits that can result from the use of CBD oil and related studies are also supported by scientific evidence.

Researchers have been able to gather the results of numerous (systematically implemented) studies, which in turn are based on dozens of studies and experiments.

Research has shown that cannabis is undoubtedly an effective treatment for chronic pain in adults.

Some advantages of the CBD of marijuana without THC

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It has also been found that the use of CBD can be useful in reducing general pain and inflammation. In studies of CBD Flowers in humans and animals, they found that the cannabinoid is well tolerated and has few possible contraindications.

Besides, it appears that CBD can help people with arthritis to reduce inflammation and has therefore been shown to have a positive effect on pain.

A 2017 study examined the possibility of using CBD to relieve pain due to osteoarthritis and joint neuropathy.

Based on these results, the researchers were able to show that the cannabinoid is useful on the one hand because it serves to “protect the nerves”, and on the other hand because it helps to reduce inflammation in the joints.

In short, there is no legal cannabis with zero THC, and the THC content of a plant is used to define the difference between the various cannabis plants. Among other things, this distinction enables us to determine what is legal and what is not.

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