Monster cropping: what is it and what are the advantages of this technique?

Monster cropping: what is it and what are the advantages of this technique?

Modified on: 26/04/2024


If you have decided to open this article, it means that you would also like to know more about this new cannabis cultivation technique, CBD cannabis, right?

In fact, it is a very particular method that can improve crop yield, but only if practiced by expert hands.

Do you wonder why?

In this article, we will provide an overview of monster cropping and its main benefits.

What is monster cropping and what is it for?

Monster cropping is a cannabis growing technique (it can also be used for CBD marijuana) that has gained popularity in recent years, although it is still not as well known as other growing techniques such as ScrOG, topping, lollipopping, LST (Low Stress Training), super cropping, etc.

But what makes it different from the others?

In monster crops, cuttings are usually taken when the plant is about two to three weeks into flower, and this is considered beneficial for several reasons.

Mainly due to the fact that it is not necessary to have a separate room to grow a mother plant from which to take cuttings, since it is enough to take them from a flowering female.

In fact, when revegetating a cannabis plant, you can see that the foliage is full of buds, branches, and new flowering points.

In fact, the main goal of cannabis monster cropping is to make the plant vigorous and improve the future growth (and yield) of cuttings taken from the flowering mother plant.

At this point the question arises: to what extent does monster cropping improve returns?

Benefits of Monster Culture

As with other cannabis growing techniques, much of the benefits will depend on other factors such as:

growing conditions;
producer skill levels;

In fact, many proponents of monster cropping claim that yield gains are around 10-20%, although this varies greatly from grower to grower.

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So, is it (really) worth growing cannabis with monster cropping?

It all depends on the grower’s growing approach, grow room setup, and their yield needs. However, for many growers, the easiest way is to start with cannabis seeds (from cannabidiol that is present in pre rolled CBD, for example, or less), germinate them and grow them the “normal” way.

For other growers, however, monster cropping is an approach that suits their needs and allows you to take vigorous cuttings from a flowering plant to obtain a harvest of new plants in a simple and practical way (without planting new seeds).

It is not surprising that more and more followers of this technique love the additional yields it brings and the energetic growth of the cuttings.

Pros and cons of cannabis grown through monster cropping

As with any other cannabis growing technique, there are advantages and disadvantages that may appeal to different types of growers.

Let’s look at the ones that refer to monster cropping.

Advantages of monster cropping:

improved Yields: Improving yields depends on many variables, but among those who routinely grow cannabis in monster cropping, many insist that the yield gains are worth the effort and time;
savings on cannabis seeds: it is not necessary to use new cannabis seeds if you can obtain cuttings from a flowering female;
convenient production of clones from flowering females: if the grower wants to take cuttings from an already flowering female, he can do so without having to return her to the vegetative growth phase;
it also works well with other growing methods : anyone who has mastered the art of ScrOG can find that combining this technique with monster cropping can produce impressive results. Similarly, other growing techniques such as topping, LST, super cropping, etc. can amplify the benefits of cannabis monster cropping.

Advantages & disadvantages of Monster Cropping

Disadvantages of monster cropping

The first disadvantage of monster cropping is its complete lack of benefits when it comes to growing autoflowering seeds. If you were to take cuttings from a flowering autoflowering plant and wanted to revitalize them, it would be almost impossible.

But that is not all.

Even cannabis growers with experience with monster grows won’t be surprised to see 10-20% of their cuttings die. This cultivation technique requires a lot of time and considerable effort, so it should only be practiced by expert hands.

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In this article we have seen what monster cropping consists of and what are the advantages of this cultivation technique that is gradually gaining more and more popularity.

In short, it is a cultivation method that allows you to obtain cannabis plants from cuttings of a female in the flowering phase. This translates into greater profits and better returns, although it is a very complex practice that requires time, effort and expert hands.

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