How cannabis milk is made and what the properties of this drink are

How cannabis milk is made

Modified on: 19/04/2024


The beneficial properties of marijuana have been confirmed by numerous scientific studies worldwide.

In light of this, many countries have opted for a policy of legalising cannabis (we remind you CBD weed is yet completely legal), leading cannabis enthusiasts to experiment with new combinations to benefit from the potential of this versatile plant.

One such ‘experiment’ is cannabis milk, a drink that seems very popular with consumers in countries where its consumption is legal, such as in Switzerland pre rolled joints are legal.

In this article, I explain how marijuana milk is prepared and its main properties.

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First of all, marijuana is decarboxylated

The first step in obtaining good cannabinoid-rich foods and drinks is undoubtedly the decarboxylation of cannabis.

In our article on this subject, I have already explained how the decarboxylation of marijuana is done correctly and why this step is so important.

Skipping this step means that the well-known active ingredients are not activated.

Let us now look at the benefits of a good glass of marijuana milk in countries where it is permitted by law.

So what are the properties of cannabis milk?

So what are the properties of cannabis milk?

As with all cannabis products (like the cbd buds) , the effects of flavoured milk vary depending on the type of marijuana that is used.

For example, if you use the light CBD variety, you obtain milk with relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties that also provide a widespread feeling of well-being.

By using, on the other hand, classic marijuana that also contains a certain percentage of THC, the relaxing effect will be accompanied by the well-known drugging sensation.

You may already know that those who consume edible marijuana products must wait much longer to feel the effects, which seem to be longer-lasting and more intense.

For this reason, it is advisable to avoid increasing the dose. Therefore, the first results will be more than an hour after taking it.

Furthermore, especially for newcomers to edibles, it is best not to consume alcoholic beverages before, during or after taking cannabinoids. The risk is to experience very strong and overwhelming sensations that seem to be anything but pleasant.

Let us now see how this drink with multiple properties is prepared.

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But how is cannabis milk prepared?

As I mentioned above, decarboxylation is the first step after choosing the cannabis variety to be used.

At this point, the necessary utensils are prepared: a wooden spoon, a fine-mesh strainer, a relatively large saucepan and, finally, an airtight bottle.

Now, it is time to decide which type of milk to use. Of course, this drink is also perfect for those who prefer other types of milk, but we will talk about that later.

Experts remember that cannabinoids are fat-soluble substances and, therefore, the richer the milk is in fat – animal or vegetable – the stronger the final result will be.

As for the amount of cannabis to be used, however, there is no universal indication. Everyone puts in the dose they prefer according to their tolerance and the strength of the effect they wish to achieve.

An intermediate dosage usually requires 1.5 g of inflorescence per ½ l of milk.

Now that everything is ready let’s take a closer look at how the drink is prepared.

And the recipe? Here it is.

The person who prepares the marijuana milk, after having prepared the necessary materials, proceeds as follows:

  • puts the ½ l of milk to heat in the saucepan and brings it to the stove, taking care not to let it come to the boil;
  • when it is hot, add 1.5 g of chopped and decarboxylated marijuana and cook over a very low flame for about 90 minutes, stirring regularly and avoiding bringing it to a boil, even at this stage.

At this point, the cannabis milk is strained through a sieve and squeezed well.

The colour will be a light pastel green, similar to milk and mint. The drink can be consumed while still hot or stored in a hermetically sealed glass bottle for up to a few days in the refrigerator, obviously in countries where regulations allow this.

According to its regular users, cannabis milk can be used as an ingredient for excellent smoothies or protein drinks, but it is also perfect plain with a bit of cocoa or honey.

As mentioned, those who make this drink do not necessarily use classic cow’s milk. However, even those of vegetable origin are just fine.


To the delight of vegans and vegetarians, there is a version of cannabis milk of completely vegetable origin

These days, more and more people worldwide are choosing not to consume animal products or can no longer do so due to intolerances or allergies. There is a plant-based version for all these people and anyone who prefers it.

Among the most common alternatives to cow’s milk are:

  • almond milk. This type of milk is not exceptionally high in fat. It contains only 3g per cup and consequently appears to have less potent effects than more fat-rich alternatives. However, it can be a low-calorie version for those who, for example, are following particular dietary regimes;
  • soy milk. It contains 4g of fat per cup and 7g of protein. It is why it is considered excellent to consume after training to increase amino acid levels and relax the muscles;
  • coconut milk. This type of milk is the one that seems to best enhance the properties of cannabis due to its high fat-content. Suffice it to say that it contains as much as 57g per cup!

In short, cannabis milk is a very versatile beverage that can meet the needs of many, as long as the law allows its consumption.

Finally, how is cannabis milk prepared?

Cannabis milk can be prepared in different ways, giving rise to a different result each time.

Depending on the variety of marijuana used, it can be primarily relaxing or drugging.

The choice of milk also makes a difference. For example, with coconut milk, which is rich in lipids, one obtains a drink that seems to maximise the properties of the cannabinoids, while opting for almond milk prepares low-calorie milk that is also suitable for people who, for one reason or another, prefer lower-calorie options.

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