Hemp oil: herbalist’s shop or online shop? Here’s how to choose the best supplier!

Hemp oil: herbalist’s shop or online shop?

Modified on: 24/04/2024


More and more people have recently discovered the wonderful properties of hemp oil (extracted from the seeds of CBD weed plants) and decided to buy it.

However, at the time of purchase, many potential buyers have a question: “Is it better to buy hemp oil in a herbalist’s shop or on the Internet?

This question encompasses both doubts about the quality and origin of the products and the convenience of the prices.

In this article, we want to help you clarify this question so that you too, can buy the best CBD hemp oil and take full advantage of its valuable benefits.

Let’s get started.

Hemp oil in herbal shops: is it a good idea?

Before we get into where to buy hemp oil, it is essential to distinguish.

Hemp oil usually refers to oil extracted from the seeds of hemp plants, which is intended for the food industry and used as a genuine supplement.

Hemp oil, i.e. CBD oil, is appreciated in the cosmetics and despite the name, is not related to catering industry. Firstly, let’s have a closer look at the oils dedicated to beauty industry and massage practices.

Hemp oil in herbal shops

Where is it best to buy it?

Until recently, it wasn’t easy to find this product. Those who wanted to try it had to search on the web.

However, hemp oil can be found in herbal shops and the most well-stocked markets.

The price has fallen due to the increased popularity of hemp oil, and you may be able to find it in your town, so you can check for yourself that the bottles are stored properly (away from light sources). Not to mention that you won’t have to wait for delivery times.

Of course, if you’re looking for hemp oil, and you realise that the price of hemp oil in herbal shops is much higher than the price of the same product on the web, you need to do some thinking.

That said, to take advantage of the best benefits of hemp oil, we recommend that you don’t go for the lowest prices but go for an organic product of proven quality.

CBD hemp oil online: lower prices and higher quality

If you are looking for cannabidiol hemp oil, that’s a different story.

CBD (or cannabidiol) is an active ingredient extracted from hemp. Although it is not considered illegal (like THC) and its purchase is permitted, it is unclear whether it can be used legally.

Italian laws are somewhat ambiguous in this respect and change frequently, so it is not always easy to find CBD oil or other hemp derivatives based on this active ingredient in herbal shops.

However, it is much more likely to find CBD oil and CBD hashish and weed in online stores that offer these products for collecting purposes (you can also find them on JustBob).

From these considerations, it is easy to see another aspect.

CBD hemp oil online: lower prices

An online shop that sells a lot of CBD oils every month will need to stock up frequently; a herbal shop that only manages to sell a few bottles will only stock up once in a while.

By purchasing the goods in larger quantities. Therefore, online shops can obtain very low purchase prices and, as a result, can offer the end customer much more competitive rates than herbalists or pharmacies.

And not only that, with so much competition, the most serious and reliable online shops try to offer the best quality products, so that satisfied customers continue to buy their products and recommend them to many other users.

On the other hand, a local herbalist shop has much less competition and often, the people who work there sell their customers the CBD oil the representatives have offered them.

Therefore, buying CBD oil online from a store like JustBob means you access top-quality products at competitive prices.

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To conclude

Considering both the prices and the quality of hemp oil, you’re almost certainly better off buying it on the web if you’re looking for a CBD product. However, if you want to buy hemp oil for food use, you’ll probably find suitable products in your local herbalist’s shop or market.

Suppose you would also like to buy CBD flowers or CBD hashish in addition to CBD oil (for collecting purposes or to scent your furniture drawers). In that case, we recommend you visit our CBD cannabis shop JustBob.ch, where you can choose from many high-quality products.

Select the products you will receive in an anonymous package rapidly and at the address of your choice.

We look forward to seeing you in our store. See you soon on Justbob.ch!